Hey, my name is Moh and I'm a part of the Apex Legends boosting squad here at Boosting Factory. Today I'm going to show you how to become an Apex Predator Crypto.

Since it's my job to perform at the highest level, I needed to master Crypto in order to know how to play as Crypto and how to play against Crypto, his strengths and weaknesses. Without further ado, let's dig in and start with the hitbox.

Crypto Hitbox

Crypto is fairly tall and slim, his hitbox is around the middle of the spectrum. He does not have an increased or decreased damage factor, like Gibraltar or Wraith. I believe he fits somewhere between Mirage and Pathfinder.

apex legends character hitboxes

Crypto Abilities

I will now talk about Crypto's abilities and how to utilize them properly for maximum effect, let's start with his passive.

Neurolink (Passive)

Crypto's passive ability uses Crypto's drone in order to detect and highlight enemies, care packages, doors, supply bins, and traps up to a 30 meter uninterrupted direct line of sight. Crypto can also use the survey beacons to determine the next ring location.

Neurolink Tips

  • The drone will not detect things if theres an obstacle between such as a wall, but will work if it's a glass obstacle.

  • The drone will detect legends even if you're not piloting it at the moment but you have left it on standby in the air.
  • After your drone detects an enemy, they will be informed on their HUD of it. So, if you don't want them to know you saw them, fly the drone high above and don't enter the 30 meter range, then you will see them with your own eyes but not via the automatic 30 meter detection system, you can then ping them instead of drone doing it and allowing the enemy team to know you saw them.

Surveillance Drone

Following up with Crypto's tactical ability, the surveillance drone allows you to deploy a drone that you control from the place you've deployed it from. Its primary goal is to allow you to scout for enemy legends. It's directly linked with your passive Neurolink.

  • If your drone is destroyed, it will take 40 seconds for it to recharge

  • The drone has 50 HP.

  • The drone makes a sound and while being small, it is fairly visible to enemies.

  • There's a delay when you first deploy the drone, it's not instant. However, you can still move during the deployment, after it's deployed you cannot move.

  • I suggest you try placing your drone high enough so that the enemies don't see it without looking up, but still within 30 meters of vertical range.

  • The drone cannot see through Bangalore's smoke or Caustic's gas.

  • In specific situations, you can run down the hill > slide > activate drone and you will still be sliding down the hill even when controlling it. You might need to get a nice ult against the chasing enemies, leave the drone and resume sliding or escaping.

  • You can leave the drone anywhere and it will act as a parked "ward" if you've played League of Legends, meaning it will remain there on standby but still reveal enemies

  • You can open doors, open loot crates, pick up banners of dead allies, use Survey Beacons, respawn teammates and even open the Vault on World's Edge if you have a key.

  • The drone has a range highlighted on your screen, when you get out of range it will stop moving and you will need to recall it or move closer to it.

  • Practice moving in unpredictable ways like if you were Jackie Chan with your drone just as you would with your legend during a fight in order to avoid having it destroyed.

  • Don't be that guy who stands in the open or even behind covers that are quite visible and get killed during drone flights. Let your team know to cover you or hide.

  • If you're in a house with 2 doors and you're trying to block enemies out of the house, use the body to block one door, and use the drone to close the door on the enemies trying to get in. This is again highly specific but you should know that it might come in handy in a game or two.

  • Drone can block single door doors.

  • When you launch the drone, your weapons will automatically reload at normal speed.

  • You know the big banners displaying the best teams in the game or the champion squad? Take your drone close to them and it will tell you how many enemy squads are near Crypto's location. You can even leave the drone there to check back and forth for more info.

Apex Legends Crypto Operating a Drone

Drone EMP

EMP is shortened from Electro-Magnetic Pulse. You've probably seen it in a ton of movies and now you can do your own!

Crypto's drone will unleash a blast (360 degrees) that covers a significant area, enemies caught in a blast will take 50 shield damage (2 bars) and become slowed. It also destroys traps such as Wattson's fence and Caustic's barrel.

  • EMP will also slow down your allies but it will not damage them.

  • EMP does damage to shields only, for example, if your enemies have 0 shields, it won't do damage to them.

  • EMP is fairly loud and your drone is most vulnerable while it's channeling the blast due to a lot of animations and sound.

  • The EMP isn't stopped by walls, natural cover or doors.

  • While it's ideal to get an EMP off at 3 or more enemies, don't hesitate to use it on one person if it will possibly decide a fight. Many players won't even expect you to EMP just one enemy.

Crypto Weapon Loadout

You definitely need a mid to long-range weapon since you're by definition - a scouting legend. Whether it's a Wingman, Flatline, R-301, Triple Take and so on... You will spend a lot of time on the range and you want to abuse that with a proper weapon.

The secondary weapon should be a close-range weapon since this is a shooter and people will be in your face sooner or later, this means R-99, Prowler, Peacekeeper, Eva, etc.

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Top Legends To Play With Crypto

  • Pathfinder: He gives you great mobility with his Zipline to engage when you've detected an enemy or decided to 3rd party after scouting with a drone.

  • Gibraltar: The big guy is able to protect you with the dome in case you get shot at while operating the drone

  • Wraith can offer you safe passage through her portals because you might be left behind when operating a drone. She can also phase out of your EMP so she doesn't get slowed.

  • Bangalore: She can smoke on top of you if needed while you're operating a drone

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Best Crypto Strategy


You're not good at just rushing and shooting at people like Wraith or Bangalore is. Crypto shines with a pre-planned strategy and team coordination.

Scouting the area, 3rd partying enemy fights with your incredible information from the drone, and strategically deciding where will you strike. Communicate with your team and make sure they're aware that rushing is a no-go with Crypto in the team.

You Are a Drone and a Legend at the Same Time

Imagine that you're playing 2 different legends at the same time. That's what Crypto is, learn how to swap between drone and legend fast and effective. Learn where to position the drone, where to fly it, how to pass undetected.


After you've got a plan, and you've got great mechanical skills with the drone and Crypto himself. It's time to capitalize on it, detect your enemies, find out where they are and where could they possibly go. If your team is close to them, engage with an EMP and start rushing them.

Try to scout for 2 teams already fighting and watch them from above, 3rd party them as soon as a couple of them are killed or low and get all the loot and kills.

Final Words

COMMUNICATE. Crypto is a very complex legend and probably the most innovative in Apex Legends so far. But without communication, preferably voice communication, what good is the info you provide with the drones?

You may be out of the 30-meter range with the drone but still see enemies on your screen, while your team won't. Communicate it to your teammates. Let them know where you're flying the drone and when will you EMP.

If you're struggling or have no time to increase your RP as Crypto, get that sweet 4K and 20 Kills badge, check out our Apex Legends boosting services and customize your perfect order, our Apex Predator professionals will help you out in no time, completely safe and anonymously.

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