Hey everyone! We finally got a reveal of the new Apex Legends legend called Seer. It’s a male legend and I will regularly update this post with all the info possible as soon as it comes out.

What’s confirmed is that Seer is coming with Season 10 called Emergence in August. His kit seems to be revolving around his cursed eyes that can take down empires. Whether he’ll be that OP in-game, there’s only one way to find out. Season 10 will also bring us a new LMG called Rampage, a World’s Edge update, and long-awaited ranked arenas.

When is Seer release date in Apex Legends?

Seer will be released on August 3rd, 2021 with Season 10 of Apex Legends.

Who is Seer?

From the Outlands video above tells us how a prophecy foretold the birth of a child that is cursed with the mark of the moth. When someone looks at him, that person is drawn to the flame, metaphorically. One glance at him will reduce a mountain to dust, a king to a beggar, and ocean to a desert. Everything he touches will be changed and he cannot be unseen.

We also have voice lines from other legends referring to him.

  • Caustic: “subterfuge and misdirection, tools of the coward”

  • Loba: “new guy has sense of style”

  • Wattson: “his mother was a moon, and his father, a moth”

  • Rampart: “my boy’s coming, game’s ready to be kicked up a notch”

  • Bangalore: “they say the new guy can assemble shotguns faster than I can”

  • Lifeline: “I hear this guy’s made of moths”

  • Pathfinder: "hello swarm of new friends"

  • Revenant: “another skinbag, at least I hear this one’s cursed”

Seer Abilities

I will now list the Seer's abilities here and here is the full Seer guide by our pro player.

Passive (Heartseeker): Allows Seer to visualize locations of enemies and hear heartbeats in the area when nearby. Seer can pick up on where enemies are without revealing his location. When he aims-down-sights in weapons, Seer will be able to hear the heartbeat of his enemies.

Tactical (Focus of Attention): Sends out Seer’s microdrones that will scan and collapse on enemies and interrupt whatever the enemy’s actions are at the time. For example, if an enemy is using a healing item, Seer’s Tactical will interrupt the heal and the enemy will have to start it again. The Focus of Attention will also allow Seer and his teammates to see the marked enemy’s health bar, making Seer the first Legend to reveal such important information. This scan will last 8 seconds.

Ultimate (Exhibit): Deploys a sphere of microdrones that detects enemies within it who are firing weapons or moving quickly in the dome. If you crouch-walk inside the dome you will not be detected, but you can also shoot the heart chamber that deploys the Ultimate and get rid of it (think Horizon’s Black Hole which can be destroyed). Enemies detected in the dome will be revealed to Seer and his teammates.

Final words

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