Hello, hello! Today I'm going to talk about Wattson and how can you play her to reach Apex Predator just like me and Boosting Factory's Apex Legends boosting squad.

I'm a high-rank Apex Predator player and Wattson is often one of my picks when my squad wants serious points, sweaty games, and not headless aggressive games. Below, I'll teach you how to utilize Wattson to her fullest potential.

Without further ado, let's dig into Wattson and her kit...

Who is Wattson?

Natalie "Wattson" Paquette is a slow-paced, defensive legend that isn't interested in rushing and going for high kill games. Her goal is to capture favorable positions such as houses in the circle and play around her fence bunker. With the latest changes to the ranked where placement is more favorable than kills, defensive legends like Wattson shine.

Wattson Abilities

Passive Ability: Spark of Genius

With Wattson’s passive ability, ultimate accelerants will fully charge your ultimate ability. While standing near Pylons, your tactical ability will also begin to charge at a faster rate. She also recharges 1 shield health per 2 seconds after avoiding damage for 6 seconds (stacks with Pylon shield recharge increase).

Immediately here, you notice that starting with her passive, her objective is to "stand", not rush around and try to grab risky kills. You will find out more below why. Always carry an accelerant or two in your bags and ask your team to ping it for you, it's crucial to enter the late game with at least 2 accelerants in your bag.

Wattson gives relief to an alternative pick, Lifeline. She will be able to repair shields with his ultimate ability that will likely be constantly charged with ultimate accelerants. As both legends seemingly hog these items and both are considered "support" legends, it's advised never to have both in the same team.

Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security

Properly named, Wattson’s Tactical Ability is used to connect nodes that will create an energy fence. This will slow and slightly damage enemies that attempt to pass through.

  • Up to 12 nodes can be placed down at one time while she can hold up to 4 charges of the ability while one charge's cooldown is 15 seconds.

  • Staying near the Pylon (Ultimate Ability) will increase the rate at which the Perimeter Security is charged. This can essentially create a fortress around your Pylon making it harder for enemies to destroy, and for your squad to be flanked.

  • Fences will be briefly powered down if your teammates run through it, if an enemy runs through it they will be pinged, slowed for 3 seconds and each tick of the fence does 30 damage, and your squadmates will be alerted.

  • You can pick up the nodes that you've put down in case you need a node immediately to reposition it.

  • They are easily destroyed with a few bullets, therefore, put them in the corners behind natural cover where enemies can't reach them from long range.

  • In the early game, or even later in the game, when the enemy has passed through the node and wants to get out, you can quickly punch him back into the node for more damage and keeping him perma slowed for a kill.

  • Fences can even be used on a non-house territory such as corridors between mountains, even when escaping, every second you can get is valuable.

  • On effective fence places, you can create a triangle out of fences so enemies have to pass twice to exit the triangle, for example on the top of vertical ziplines.

  • If you play with Wraith or Ash in a team, place your fences on the exit of the portal so enemies that pass through get slowed.

  • When playing with Wraith a neat trick is to fence the portal on one side and bait enemies to come in and get destroyed while you're camping the portal.

How to make electric traps with Wattson from r/apexlegends

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Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon

Wattson’s Ultimate Ability places down an electrified Pylon device. This device will destroy all incoming projectiles (except bullets), bombs, arc stars, Gibraltar's ultimate, Bangalore's ultimate and so on. However, it will not do so if it doesn't have a clear line of sight of the item it needs to destroy. For example Mad Maggie's drill won't be destroyed if its on the other side of the wall and Pylon can't see it.

It will also repair weakened body shields when standing in range. You can have only 1 pylon active.

  • Positioning around your Pylon is key in order to regain your tactical ability quicker. A good strategy is to pair with a Pathfinder. A pathfinder will be able to quickly position your team around the high ground.

  • Placing a Pylon behind natural cover is what you should be doing as it can also be destroyed, takes more damage than fences but it can be destroyed.

  • Another good pairing with Wattson would be Wraith. Wraith would have the ability to place down a Wraith Portal to nearby enemies. It is possible to fight them until low health, and then quickly come back to safety in your Pylons. As they will regenerate your shields, it makes for a quick way to deal damage without wasting many shield cells.

Strategy when playing Wattson

Below, I will cover a bit what kind of weapons, team compositions, and strategy you should be running, let's start with weapon loadout.

Weapon Loadout

As I said, Wattson is more of a static hero rather than a rush hero like Octane. Therefore, we want a mid to long-range weapon + a close-range weapon for punishing.

An ideal combination is a Wingman + Flatline, Wingman + Peacekeeper, Wingman + Prowler. However, Flatline + Peacekeeper or even a sniper of your preference + Flatline/Peacekeeper/R-99 isn't a bad idea. As long as you have a mid and close-range weapon.

Team Compositions

Wattson shines with Pathfinder and Wraith in composition. Or Wraith + Gibraltar + Wattson, or Pathfinder + Gibby + Wattson, Or Gibraltar, Caustic, and Wattson. This way you have the mobility that you need and the ability to reach high ground and fortify there.

Pathfinder can easily scout for the next area and can reach high grounds which can be combined with Pylons and Perimeter Security. Your Wraith can set down portals for mobility when it comes to moving from one bunker to another, especially during late game.

Gibraltar offers further protection for your "static" oriented squad with his dome, faster resurrection and an airstrike for more area denial. Some players like to play with Caustic for an even stronger bunker but I wouldn't advise it when you can pick one of the other three suggested.

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apex legends wattson trailer

More Wattson Tips

  • Be sure you are playing to your strengths. You should not look to chase down kills with Wattson as you benefit when the fight is brought to you and your squad. Be diligent to establish good positioning, securing flanks, and supporting your squadmates. If this does not appeal to your playstyle, Wattson may not be the legend for you.

  • It is also important to pay attention to where the enemies may be coming from in order to establish a secure position. Paying attention to things like hot drops, enemy drops or listening for gunshots can tell you where the enemies may be coming from. This can be extremely helpful when deciding which direction or area to play down your fences or Pylons, respectively.

  • You should also make sure the ultimate is placed in an area where your team is in a favorable position. This can be high ground, behind cover, or through your own cover with a chain of fences to secure safety so your ultimate is not destroyed.

Closing Words

To recap, Wattson is a legend meant to be played passively. She does not do well with rushing, however, she is very strong in allowing your squadmates to set up in a favorable position. Wattson is very effective as the only legend to be able to repair ally shields. She does this by using her ultimate ability near allies.

Due to Wattson’s passive ability, ultimate accelerants will automatically restore the full ultimate charge. It is important that you take advantage of this and store these for later use. Wattson is great for late-game scenarios and should be paired with Pathfinder because of her ability to get high ground for the team.

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How to play Wattson in 45 seconds from r/apexlegends

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