Hey everyone! Today I'm going to teach you how to play Lifeline, the support legend in Apex Legends.

I'm a professional booster here at Boosting Factory and multiple-season Apex Predator. Lifeline is one of my main legends and I'll show you how can you reach at least Master with Lifeline, and get those 20 kills and 4000 damage badges.

Without further ado, let's dig into the Lifeline guide...

Lifeline Abilities and Tips

Lifeline has an extremely useful kit altogether and below I'll show you what each ability does and how to play around it.

Passive Ability: Combat Medic

Lifeline heals 25% faster than other legends. She also has arguably one of the most useful passive abilities in Apex Legends, while she's resurrecting, in front of the knocked person (in the direction you're facing) an unbreakable frontal shield appears. Your DOC robot will resurrect the person while you can move away and resurrect another person but without the shield.

The DOC resurrect also gives your teammates more HP and shield, however, the shield will disappear after half a second so make sure to take cover. Lifeline will also unequip her weapons for a second when you press resurrect so you won't be able to fight immediately if you cancel your resurrect. The DOC can be destroyed during resurrection so be careful with the direction you're facing when resurrecting.

She also received a new passive in 2020 that allows her to find "blue" bins across the map and open an extra compartment inside which contains a couple more items. She can also open already opened blue bins to simply open the extra compartment for more items, it doesn't have to be a fresh closed one, as long as another Lifeline did not open the secret compartment.

apex legends lifeline finisher

Tactical: Drone of Compassion Heal Drone (D.O.C)

Lifeline’s tactical ability is very useful in early game situations to provide heals for your team possibly has no armors or syringes. However, it's also very useful later in the game, examples would be dropping it on top of resurrected teammate, healing behind covers, healing after a finished fight/while looting (careful with third parties!) and the list goes on.

You need to be careful with the circle because dropping the heal outside of the circle will cause it to be destroyed after 2 ticks of circle damage.

Ultimate: Care Package

For Lifeline’s ultimate ability, she drops a care package containing 3 items. This is particularly good for the chance of receiving high tier armor, helmets, backpacks, legendary weapons, and attachments. This is crucial in order to get high tier loot during low kill games where loot may not be as easy to come by. This is especially good in sweaty ranked games with not much action going around.

A few things you should be careful with though. Dropping the care package means that everyone in a fairly large distance can see it, they also know that it's not a game care package but by an enemy Lifeline player because there is no mark for the game's care package on the map. This will mean your position is revealed to other enemies. You should also not stand underneath the package while dropping because it will immediately kill you.

The package can be used late game as a cover if you're stuck in an area with no cover, especially if it's one of the last mini circles, the package can be used to zone / kill people by dropping it onto their heads (yes, that can happen) or simply as a cover in a mini circle.

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Weapon Loadout

I suggest a mid/long range weapon + one close range weapon. This would be one of the following:

Wingman / Triple Take / Sentinel / R-301 / Flatline / Volt combined with

R-99 / Any shotgun / Prowler.

You need the poke damage and mid-range damage since you are not a rush legend like Wraith or Pathfinder but rather a mid range legend, and you need something to finish people off close range because you can't stick on mid-range forever, you will have people in your face sooner or later.

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Lifeline Tips and Tricks

With the obvious out of the way let’s dive into some tips and tricks to help you make game-saving plays!

1. As previously mentioned your shield is unbreakable, and it gives the most amount of cover as a Lifeline player. A good strategy to use would be to start reviving to bring up the shield, and then turn and shoot. You will be able to shoot immediately after letting the revive button go. This could be tricky at first, but it can definitely leave your opponents off guard and give you a better opportunity for a kill.

2. Both Lifeline’s Passive ability to faster healing and heal drone allow her to heal up quickly while taking a brief cover. Unlike other legends, she does not have the best abilities to get her out of tight situations. With this in mind, it is important to make sure to play accordingly! Try to stay behind cover where you can quickly peak behind to heal up before getting back into the fight.

3. Make sure to use your Healing Drone as much as possible. The cooldown is rather long compared to other legends, but I can not tell you how underutilized it is. If positioned correctly, you can engage fights while being healed, sitting behind cover giving you a huge advantage in a gunfight.

4. Lifeline’s care package ability can be extremely useful for acquiring the loot for your team, particularly shields. Typically, the best way to get loot is by killing enemies. Lifeline allows you to be in a position to still have good loot with a couple of care packages, for games where your team does not have an abundance of kills. It also allows your team the ability to play slowly if necessary without worrying about not having a good kit for late-game situations.

5. Lifeline has one of the longest cooldowns for abilities. For this reason, it would be wise to ask your team for any Gold helmets you find since they speed up cooldowns, including ultimate. In addition to this would be the ultimate accelerants. They can be found pretty commonly and should also be pinged or held for you to use.

6. Just like you want your team to give you golden helmets, you should give the golden armor to your teammates so they can also heal up faster since you already do that and stick with the purple one.

7. You lack mobility, seriously lack it, don't overextend, don't get caught in situations where you must escape immediately because you won't be able to.

8. Golden armor is very useful on Lifeline, try to ask your team politely to leave it for you.

lifeline comic


Lifeline is a great legend and is almost essential to a winning team. Just please remember you are a support player! This means that your role is not to run around the map rushing full squads. If that is your playstyle then Lifeline might not be the legend for you. Remember to always have mid to long-range weapon. You are most effective at mid to long-range as you can quickly heal while taking cover.

Also, be sure to have a close-range backup weapon as most good enemies will realize this and try to fight you up close. Actively use your heal drone, and care packages (Making sure to be safe while doing so). Be sure to call for Ultimate Accelerants and Gold Helmets if any are around!

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