Hey everyone! Season 10 has been confirmed and I’ll summarize all the important stuff for you so you don’t have to look elsewhere. Season 10 is called Emergence.

When Does Apex Legends Season 10 Start?

Apex Legends Season 10 starts on August 3rd, 2021.

When Does Apex Legends Season 10 End?

The first split of Season 10 ends on September 21st, 2021, while the second split and Season 10 ends on November 9th, 2021.

Season 10 Changes

New weapon: Rampage and other weapon changes

Rampage is a new LMG built by Rampart, however, usable by any legends, this is just lore stuff. It's a heavy ammo weapon with a slower fire rate and is suitable for medium to long-range firing. What's interesting is that it uses the same mechanic as Sentinel where you can charge up the weapon for an additional effect, in this case, with a thermite grenade which increases its fire rate making it better for close-quarter engagements.

Spitfire has been removed from normal loot and added as a care-package weapon, it's been reverted to the pre-nerf state. This means that the Prowler is now back as normal loot but without autofire, only burst mode. The alternator is now also a care-package loot with Disruptor hop up that deals extra damage against shielded targets.

Quickdraw and Anvil Receiver are being removed while pistols will get some of the quickdraw benefit to them. A new hop up called Boosted Loader is being added and it can be used on Wingman and Hemlok which reloads your weapon faster and gives you extra ammo in the mag if you time the reload well while you're almost out of ammo.

L-Star will now be able to use mags and barrels. EVA-8 will get nerfed fire rate. Stocks will now grant reload speed. 30-30 Repeater and G7 will now utilize sniper stocks.

Legend Changes

Revenant is getting a sound effect on his ultimate. When the shadow form is about to expire, a sound will play that will alert the player and everyone around that the timer is near expiring which will offer interesting play-making situations.

Horizon is getting a bit buffed, Fuse's Knuckle Cluster ability is now doubled and his ultimate also highlights enemies that are caught inside the circle, this will also apply to enemies that are inside a building that's inside the actual circle if they try to hide.

Caustic is also getting some love, his gas won't damage everyone with 5 damage per tick but will rather increase by 1 damage every other tick, and so on. His ultimate now also has a 5 second lower cooldown.

Apex Ranked Arenas Explained

Arenas are finally getting a ranked mode, of course, separate from the normal ranked mode while keeping tiers such as Bronze, Silver, and so on the same. Ranked Arenas will feature a 10 placement matches system that will determine your initial MMR and ranking. Ranked arenas also won't have demotion protection, for example, you can drop from Gold 4 to Silver 1. There will also be no seasonal split but rather one season throughout the main normal season.

World's Edge Update

World's Edge is getting an update. The Harvester has destroyed more of the planet and Hammond is trying to fix it. Sorting Factory, Train Yard, and Refinery are replaced by bigger areas that will ensure better rotations throughout the map. Gondolas have been added to certain locations to ensure more dynamic gameplay.

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Final words

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