Hello! Today I’m going to speak about Bloodhound, our fast-paced recon legend that shines when it’s time to push and isolate enemies.

I am a pro Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory and I’ve been playing Bloodhound essentially since the release of the game, when he was not that good (the OGs will know), of course, I couldn’t play him into Predator, but now after many of these buffs, he is viable, often even S tier on our Apex Legends Tier List.

Without further ado, let’s dig into his abilities!

Bloodhound Abilities

I’m going to list his abilities and explain how they work below, while also adding tips and tricks on using Bloodhound abilities.

Tracker (Passive)

Bloodhound’s passive is his core. What essentially it does is that Bloodhound sees "clues" that enemy players have left such as footprints, jumps, ziplines, empty shells, and many more. They remain active for 90 seconds and can be pinged by Bloodhound so that your team also gets this info.

The second part of the passive was added in Season 16. Whenever Bloodhound is at least 180 meters away from the nearest enemy, a White Raven spawns on the floor and you can trigger it. The raven will immediately fly away and guide you towards the nearest enemy.

They will usually spawn about 50 meters away from you and once you trigger it, it will leave a trail in the world and minimap for you and your squad to follow. It also reduces your abilities cooldown by 25%.

When pinging a clue to your teammates, make sure to let them know how old the clue is because you can see it but they can’t, and knowing if an enemy has passed through here 70 seconds or 10 seconds ago is quite a big deal. You can see the age of the clue by either hovering over it with your crosshair or seeing that the youngest clues are colored in a vibrant red while the older ones are faded.

Below is an image with all the tracker clues explained.

apex legends bloodhound tracker clues explained

Eye Of The Allfather (Q)

This is Bloodhound’s main ability. It sends out a cone in the desired direction that scans through obstacles and walls and highlights enemies, traps, and clues for you and your allies. The maximum distance of the cone is 75 meters and 125° radius.

It will tell you how many enemies have been detected, and it will also tell enemies that they’ve been scanned in case they didn’t see the red cone passing through them. It takes 1.8 seconds to activate the ability, while under the ultimate, the activation time is faster and the cooldown is lower. You will also be able to see where enemies move for 3 seconds.

  • The first tip is that there is an activation time, meaning that if you cast it and someone happens to start shooting at you, you won’t be able to cancel it or fire back during the activation time. Make sure you activate it when you’re sure you won’t need to fire back.

  • The cone goes through walls, obstacles and even highlights enemies in smoke or Caustic gas. Bloodhound works great with a Bangalore or Caustic in team because of this.

  • The third tip that you should know is that you should be using the scan as much as possible, being scanned makes enemies feel vulnerable and exposed for 3 seconds, and more when you activate your ultimate. Even if you know where they are, use it, make them feel vulnerable, and turn that to your advantage.

  • Whenever moving to a new location or you’re unsure whether a building is clear even when there’s noone around, use the ability and scan it.

Beast of The Hunt (Ultimate)

Bloodhound’s ultimate transforms Bloodhound into an ultimate hunter, your sight becomes black and white but all enemies are marked red similarly to your scan ability (only for you though). You also move faster and your tactical scan ability’s cooldown is reduced to 8 seconds while the activation time is 0.9 seconds. Downing enemies also add 5 to 15 seconds to your ultimate’s duration.

On top of that, once you activate it will immediately spawn a White Raven to track the nearest enemy, and every time you down someone, an additional White Raven will spawn.

  • The ultimate also has an activation time similar to your tactical, so don’t use it while exposed. It is usually used when you’re sure that the fight is on and you’ve committed because if the fight doesn’t happen, you’ve just wasted it. It is also often used for escaping due to the speed and frequent scans that scare enemies.

  • Activation makes a loud noise, so if your goal was to approach quietly, do not activate.

  • During the ultimate, you should be strafing left and right to avoid shots, and being continuously on the move due to your increased speed which can be used for flanking, repositioning, and pushing.

  • Don’t forget to spam the tactical ability, like I told you above, it scares enemies and makes them anxious, use it non-stop when it’s off-cooldown. It’s also worth noting that the scream that Bloodhound does when popping ultimate is very loud and everyone will know you’ve popped it, they might disengage then and make you sit it out.

  • The ability can also be used if you’re running a long-range loadout and during a long-range fight. The red outline on the enemies will make your sniper look like it has the legendary thermal scope and make you land shots more easily.
  • Scanning a White Raven during ultimate will overcharge your Ult by 25% and refund the tactical charge.

Bloodhound Best Loadout

The best weapon loadout to use with Bloodhound is definitely a combination of a mid-range weapon with a close-range weapon. Such as an R-301 + EVA-8 or Flatline + Peacekeeper. Generally, an assault rifle + shotgun do wonders, your picks will depend on the current meta.

Best Legends To Play With Bloodhound

Bloodhound is a mobile aggressive pusher, that’s what we established. Therefore, he will pair best with similar legends such as Bangalore due to the smoke combo, Octane, Revenant, Wraith, Valkyrie, or Pathfinder.

Bloodhound Lore

Bloodhound is known across the Outlands as one of the greatest game hunters the Frontier has ever seen. The child of two engineers stationed at the New Dawn industrial plant on Talos, Bloodhound was taken in by their uncle Artur after a meltdown destroyed the facility and killed both their parents. Artur taught them the "Old Ways", a belief system that focuses on the glory of nature and rejects modern technology. Yet Bloodhound was constantly drawn to technological marvels, and ultimately used both new and old methods to take down a Goliath that preyed on the people of their village, forever changing their life’s path.

Bloodhound's unparalleled tracking skills are a boon to any team they join, helping them root out hidden opponents and track enemy movements. Calling on Earth's Old Norse Gods to guide them, Bloodhound believes that destiny is a path that has already been laid out, eventually carrying all to their death. But with that knowledge comes strength, because until that day comes, Bloodhound knows they can't be stopped.

Bloodhound Fun Facts

Bloodhound is actually non-binary, therefore not a he or she, however, it’s easier to say he, hence why I referred to it as he. His raven is called Artur, probably a reference to Norse mythology. Some of the words Bloodhound says such as “slátra” means Slaughter in Old Norse. “Andskoti” means “Devil” and “Félagi Fighter” means “Companion”.

Bloodhound Voice Actress

Bloodhound’s voice actor is Allegra Clark. She also gave voice to Olga Sergeyevna Kalinina in the Left Alive, Hilda Henriquez in God Eater 3, Josephine Montilyet in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and more.


Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my Bloodhound guide! I hope you learned something new and that you will now increase your RP with Bloodhound.

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