Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about Valorant's economy because the economy is crucial to winning games, below you will find out why. You will also learn when and what to buy. I’m a professional Valorant player in Boosting Factory’s Valorant boosting team and hopefully I will pass some of my knowledge today to you, completely free.

Without further ado, sit back, and let’s begin.

Economy basics - How does money work in Valorant

There are numerous ways of getting credits in Valorant, such as:

  • Planting a spike = 300 creds

  • Kill = 200 creds

  • Winning a round = 3000 creds

  • First lost round = 1900 creds

  • Second lost round = 2400 creds

  • Third round lost (maximum) = 2900 creds

It’s worth noting that after you win around, the lost round bonus resets and the next lost round will once again award 1900 creds.

First three rounds

A full buy is around 4500 or a minimum of 3900 for the assault rifle and heavy armor. 4500 will get most of the agents an assault rifle + heavy armor + abilities.

In the first round I suggest you buy only Ghost and abilities, or light armor and abilities that you need.

Afterward, if a first round is lost, you want to save. Because, if you lose a second round as well, you will get 2400 from the 2nd lost round bonus in order to spend in the third round, where you definitely want a full buy.

If you won a first round, saving is still an option unless agreed otherwise with the team and you go for Spectre / Bulldog / Shotgun / Marshall buys. How much you save depends on the creds you will have guaranteed on the third round.

In the third round, it’s recommended that at least 3 players in the team are fully bought, and the other two can do the same, or keep the weapons from the second round that you either had or picked up from someone that died.

This is where the little feature called “Minimum next round” comes extremely useful, on the buy screen, on the top left under your character you can see the calculation for the minimum next round. I always use it and so should you, save yourself from calculating!

Buying needs to be done in synergy with the team

It’s not much use to apply the strategy mentioned above if your team isn’t doing the same.

This is where you need communication with the team as mentioned in our Top 10 Tips for winning Valorant placements guide. Use the voice chat to signal when you want to save and when you want a full buy.

If you really can’t use the mic, on the left top corner where you see the minimum creds next round, there are 3 buttons that will make your character say whether you’re buying, saving, or you have extra creds to buy an item for someone.

Remain calm, friendly, don’t yell at people and call them names!

Eco rounds

An eco round is around when your team simply doesn’t have enough cash to do a full buy (3 or more players don’t have enough). At that point, you have three options.

1. Not buying anything

Simply not buying anything, accepting that you are probably going to lose this one (but still doing your best!) and saving the creds for the next round where you hopefully have enough for a full buy.

2. Half buy

Half buy is where you get the armor and possibly a weapon, and still have enough for a full buy next round. Such as getting light or heavy armor, maybe an upgraded weapon and abilities.

The odds of winning this round are higher than in option one, of course.

3. Force buy

This is where you buy as much as you can, and you definitely know you won’t have enough creds for the next round full buy.

Forcing is usually done at the end of the half or the match where you want to spend all the cash because you lose it next round anyway or the game is over. Another scenario is where you want at least 3 of the 5 players having enough cash to get a decent weapon and armor and try to win the round, ideally, all five should be able to force a decent loadout.

Forcing when not at the end of half or game is a high-risk move because if you lose, you’re even further back than where you were before forcing.

Buying each other items

Like I mentioned many times throughout the guide, it’s important that everyone in the team has a similar gear, you want the team equalized on the saving and buying rhythm.

Therefore, if you have enough cash, don’t hesitate to buy for a teammate that hasn’t got and you guys have decided that it’s a buy round. Works in reverse, don’t hesitate to request a weapon if you need one.

Requesting or buying an item is very simple, right-click the item on the buy screen to request, or buy it for someone who has requested it by pressing Buy on that teammate’s profile on the left on your buy screen.

However, if that teammate is performing terribly, trolls, or AFKs, it might be wise not to buy for him and just save it because you have more chances of carrying yourself next round, than just wasting money on a bad player.

It’s worth noting that if you have a decent weapon from the previous round, you need to drop it first before buying a new one just in case someone else needs it, if you buy on top of an old weapon, it will just overwrite it and you won’t get the cash for the previous weapon.

Saving a round

If you haven’t already known, saving is a term where a player that has a decent loadout doesn’t attempt to fight the enemy team and win the round when the odds are low and he wants to save the items for the next round. For example, trying a 1v4 or 1v5 is just foolish, you need to play the odds and think long-term.

Another example is where you aren’t 1v5, but there’s very little time to defuse or plant a spike, with the time you will learn this game sense and know when to save and when not to.

Risky saving

Risky saving is when you attempt to actually save, but pick up a kill or two, damaging the enemies’ economy and increasing the odds of winning the match.

Another thing that you can do is to hunt saving enemy players, they will usually try to run away from the fighting point and that’s when you can catch them, pick up a kill and damage their economy.

This kind of moves should only be done when you’re in a good economic state.

Ability saving

You can also save abilities, obviously. Wasting abilities is a bad idea if you’re winning hard or… just simply don’t need the ability because you know how the game is going to turn out. Every cred is important, don’t waste it.

That was all and I hope you learned about Valorant’s economy. In case you’re struggling with increasing your division or placement matches, check out our Valorant rank boosting and Valorant placements boosting where our professional players will help you increase your division or win placements for you, or by playing with you.

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