Hey guys! Today I’m going to provide you with the best tips for Valorant ranked that will help you climb the ranks faster than ever before.

I’m a pro Valorant player and part of the Valorant boosters squad. It’s my job to climb ranks as fast as possible, this is why I can share some of my secrets with you.

Without further ado, let’s start with tip number one.

1. Memorize enemy agent positions

Many players will simply play the same position for the entire half, this is what you should be memorizing in order to gain an advantage. For instance, if you know that Viper and Sova are defending B, you can tell your team that there are 2 people on B and a coordinated push with 3 or more agents could be a good idea to take the site.

The same works in reverse, if the same people are pushing you while you’re defending over and over, you can allocate more agents to that site in order to negate the push.

Going even further, many players won’t even move from the same spot when defending or going with the same route when attacking. You can memorize that as well and play it to your advantage. Use their habits against them.

2. Focus the enemies with no creds

When you press tab you can see your team’s credits and enemy’s credits in one of the columns. If you see that certain enemies are low in credits, you can use that to your advantage and focus the push on those enemies because you simply outgun them.

However, if the other enemy players are high in credits, there’s a chance that they had a weapon bought for them and that will make this tip invalid. So you will need to check all enemy credits, and if some barely have their own full buy, they clearly can’t buy a full buy for their teammates.

3. Focus the weakest player

Following up on tip number two. Apart from picking on the players without creds, try to avoid the best players in their team. If you continuously lose to that same guy who is probably #1 on the leaderboard, just don’t play there anymore, or avoid dueling him.

Focus on the weaker players and kill them first, and then finish the best ones with your team. This is not a sign of weakness, you won’t improve enough in 1 match to beat the guy that’s better than you, so rather go for the win and you will improve with every match.

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4. Personal performance matters greatly

This may seem like common sense to many players already, but, in case you didn’t know, Valorant values personal performance. Meaning that winning the game isn’t enough to gain a significant rating, you also need to get kills and assists.

If you win a game and have performed poorly with a bad KD, it will take a lot of those poor wins to rank up a division. On top of that, if you win by a tight margin, let's say 13-11, there will be less rating gained as the game thinks the game wasn’t easy enough for you to rank up. Always do your best to win as hard as possible.

5. Play the most crucial locations

There are certain points on each map which are crucial to hold as a defender or controlling them as an attacker. For instance, the mid areas on the map on Split and Ascent are crucial because whoever controls that has easy access to other sites. That’s why you want to play those locations in order to make sure they are well handled.

On Haven, you want to play B because of the same reason, and on Bind, you want the A short, once again the same reason.

6. Rushing as attacker is not the answer

Many teams do not want to strategize and push tactically, but rather call for 5 man rushes on A site, if that doesn’t work out, they just say let’s try it on B etc.

This mindless rushing sometimes does actually work, but it needs precision, coordination, and an enemy team to lack abilities/snipers and so on. Otherwise, the enemy team can cut you off easily with Sage’s slows, molotovs, smokes, and so on.

It’s ok to surprise the enemy team with a rush now and then, but it cannot be a constant strategy.

7. Pushing on defense won’t work either

As a defender you need to keep good angles on-site or chokepoints where enemies are trying to push, defenders have an advantage, and wasting that advantage with pushing is just nonsense.

Most of the time, if the attackers are playing as they should be, not rushing, splitting strategically, you will just end up getting picked off and allowing them to reach your site.

Just like rushing on the attack, pushing can be done sparingly now and then to surprise them, but cannot be something you always do.

8. You must rotate efficiently

For instance, if the A site has spotted 3 or more enemies, and you’re defending B site, you should be rotating immediately, however, you must keep an eye on where they came from and keep your angles in check during rotation not to get picked while rotating.

You should not be rotating if a site has spotted one or two enemies, they could be just faking it, or pushing the site with only two, which leaves 3 more possibly going for your site.

It’s worth noting that even when the site has spotted 3 or more enemies, they could easily turn around and rotate to your site, you need to learn the game sense and stay in touch with your team so they can tell you if the push is happening or not. If it’s a fake, you can easily go back to your site.

9. Looking at the minimap is crucial

You need to watch the minimap every couple of seconds. You must be aware where the enemies are, who is alive, who is dead, where they could be going, where were enemies last spotted and so on.

I’ve said it multiple times, this is a tactical shooter, not a deathmatch. You need to pay attention if your team is holding all the crucial chokepoints, if not, you should warn them to take their position.

When an enemy is spotted, for instance when you hear gunshots, you will usually see the question mark on the minimap, when someone dies you will see an X. And when a spike carrier dies, and the spike hasn’t been picked up, you will see it’s location on the minimap. You should be taking control of chokepoints around the spike at that time in order to pick off anyone who tries to reach the spike.

10. After you die you still need to “play”

When you die, you are still part of the team and an important one. You need to call where you died, how many were there, was an Operator used, and so on.

On top of that, when you’re spectating and not playing, your insights to the player and the team could be very useful because you’re not playing and you’re not as focused on the crosshair, angles and so on, you have a more broadened perspective and you can use that to help your team and the player you’re spectating.

Final words

Thank you for reading my top 10 Valorant tips that will help you climb ranks faster. I hope you learned something!

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