Hey guys everyone! In Valorant, the crosshair is one of the most important factors, at least when it comes to crosshair placement and crosshair settings. However, once you’re used to the basic crosshair that we recommend in the guide above, it’s time to find the one you truly like.

This is why I’ve gathered up the top 10 pro-player crosshairs in order to help you find the one you like and want to keep using, depending on your personal preference and playstyle. Our Valorant boosters also have their special crosshairs, but for this guide, I will only list the ones from the pro players that you probably know.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Top 10 Valorant Crosshair Types

The first one we’ll do is the TenZ crosshair.

TenZ Crosshair

You probably know TenZ from the Sentinels, currently one of the best teams in the world. TenZ uses a simplistic but beautiful crosshair that you will surely like.

His Inner Lines settings are at 1-4-2-2 and everything else is off. His color of preference is cyan but you can also use white. It then turns out to be a small crosshair in the form of a +. It doesn’t distract much while being clearly visible.

Even though he is a proponent of the Phantom, he prefers to use the Vandal because it’s more fun.

Valorant Crosshair TenZ

Subroza Crosshair

Subroza’s crosshair is not much different from the TenZ crosshair but with a little extra. This is why his Inner Lines are 1-4-2-3, Outlines at a capacity of 1 and Thickness also at 1. He prefers three colors, which would be Cyan, Green, and Red.

This way you get the TenZ crosshair but a little thicker for players who struggle to see the small one by TenZ.

Valorant Subroza Crosshair

ScreaM Crosshair

Even though Team Liquid hasn’t been performing the best lately, ScreaM is still on the top of the EU ladders. He uses a little different crosshair, to be precise (pun intended), the dot crosshair.

In order to achieve this next level of minimalism, he shuts down the inner and outer lines, sets the center dot on with opacity 1 and thickness 3, along with outlines at 1 and thickness 1.

While it’s not the most beautiful, it gives you a little more precision, there’s this one dot that you need to shoot through. However, it can backfire at you on a really long-range where the dot will just cover the super small enemy and confuse you, while the + won’t do that due to the gap in between the four lines. A couple of players from our Valorant boosting squad do use it. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.

valorant scream crosshair

Asuna Crosshair

Asuna uses his Inner Lines at 1-2-1-3 while his Outlines are at 1-1 with a white colorway. This results in an even smaller crosshair than the TenZ’s. Pro players and Valorant boosters enjoy these small crosshairs because they don’t really use them as the main guidance when shooting. It’s just a tiny reference point for them that doesn’t distract much.

Since Asuna is an aggressive player with a higher than average sensitivity, this small crosshair suits him and any player with a similar playstyle. He needs to flick a lot and having a distracting crosshair just won’t work.

Valorant Asuna Crosshair

yay Crosshair

Yay has been performing extremely well recently, he is currently playing for the team Envy. Yay is also an aggressive player like Asuna and loves to play duelists, therefore, he also has a super small crosshair.

Yay’s Inner Lines are at 1-3-2-2 and the color red. Red is an underrated color because it’s bright, but not too bright to get lost in the environment. It’s also smaller than Tenz’s crosshair, but in the end they’re quite similar and will boil down to personal preference.

valorant yay crosshair

Lakia Crosshair

Now that we’ve done the + and dot, this is probably the most unusual crosshair you’ll see today. The box crosshair. Currently used by Lakia from Vision Strikers. In order to achieve the box crosshair, set your Inner Lines to 1-1-5-2. (1-1-6-3 if you prefer the bigger version). To be fair, it’s not technically a box, it has slightly rounded edges, but the box describes it the best.

It’s clearly a combination of the + and the dot. You may remember that with the dot you could have issues with long-range where the dot blocks the enemy’s head and confuses you. The + doesn’t have that, however, it’s bigger than the dot. Therefore, the box has a gap in the middle to prevent blocking, and it’s not as big as the +.

Valorant Lakia Crosshair

SicK Crosshair

Now onto the medium-sized crosshair for those who don’t prefer the small ones like pro players and Valorant boost squad uses.

Pro player SicK uses Inner Lines 0.8-3-2-5 with Outlines ON and green color. You will immediately notice how it’s much more spacious and better for new Valorant players specifically.

Valorant SicK Crosshair

ShahZam Crosshair

Shahzam’s crosshair is a slightly bigger version of the Subroza’s crosshair. Shahzam is a jack of all trades player. In order to achieve his crosshair set your Inner Lines to 0.754-5-2-3 with Outlines at 0.5-1 and a green colorway.

This one stands out and is once again more suitable for newer players or players who simply don’t prefer the tiny crosshairs from the start of this guide.

Shahzam Crosshair Valorant

Hiko Crosshair

While Hiko changes his crosshair often, this one is one of the most used. You achieve it with the Inner Lines at 1-5-2-0, color Green and everything else OFF.

While this is a + shaped crosshair, it doesn’t have the gap in the middle like the others from the guide. This means that it has the same issue as the dot crosshair, and might not be the best for newer players who still don’t have it in their muscle memory when it comes to knowing the exact middle of the screen.

Valorant Hiko Crosshair

nAts Crosshair

nATs from Gambit is one of the best sentinel players, so if you are a sentinel player try this crosshair. His Inner Lines are at 1-2-1-2 and green color. This slightly smaller version of the Asuna’s crosshair might be the one for you.

nats valorant crosshair


Thank you for reading my crosshair guide and I hope you found a new crosshair for yourself! I would also like to tell you about our Valorant rank boosting services where we can get you to any rank you want in Valorant.

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Happy hunting!

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