Hey guys! Today I’m going to provide you with the best tips for Valorant ranked that will help you climb the ranks faster than ever before.

I’m a pro Valorant player and part of the Valorant boosters squad. It’s my job to climb ranks as fast as possible, this is why I can share some of my secrets with you. Many of my clients ask me how can they rank up fast and what are the best tips for ranking up.

I completely understand the frustration and ELO hell in Valorant is a real thing. Whether you want to rank up from Bronze, Silver, Gold or even higher ranks such as Diamond or Ascendant, this guide will surely help you. So without further ado, lets find out how to rank up faster in Valorant than ever before.

Without further ado, let’s start with tip number one.

1. Try to find good teammates

Since there doesn't seem to be a separate ranked wait for Solo, Duo, or 5 stack, it's important to find people you like to play with who also want to play the game competitively so you can play it the way it was meant to be played.

Good friends of any rank know how to find the meta, communicate in a healthy, useful, and resourceful way, and win rounds. These are the things you should look for when looking for players to team up with to win games.

If you're serious about gridning, you'll want to find a group of players whose plans overlap before, during, and after your usual play times, in case you log on earlier or decide to play a little later. You will need the backup and extra players. Trust me.

valorant agents on the beach

2. When picking, account for the team composition

When looking for people to group with, you should also think about what agents they are good with and how your agent pool can help the team.

If you play the same agents, and you can only play dueling-type agents, the team makeup could start to suffer from a lack of support.

In games like Valorant, heavy fraggers aren't always the best friends, but a team full of support players won't work either.

You'll have to find the right mix by getting to know the heroes and playing to your skills.

3. Focus on a smaller pool of agents

When you first start out in Valorant, try to build a small pool of agents. Don't play all the agents at the beginning because that will keep you from getting good at one way to play.

Don't try to focus in just one or two agents either, because other players might pick them.

I only picked Jett when I first started playing Valorant. But when someone else got her, I had trouble because he didn't know how to play any other agent.

I suggest you build a pool of 3 or 4 agents and learn them well.

4. Win most of your 20 unrated matches

This tip is also for players who just started out. I think that your first 20 unrated games will help the game figure out how to rank you when you first play ranked.

Before playing their five placement matches, players have to play 20 unrated matches. The placement matches are used to figure out a player's skill level and place them in the right rank.

I did well in his unrated matches, and after I finished all five of his placement matches, I was placed quite high already. Of course, if you need help with this, my colleagues or I can help you. Just visit our Valorant unrated games boosting service and we'll help you.

5. Play Deathmatch for warm up

A lot of people jump into the Competitive queue without warming up first. So, they never do well enough in games and end up losing.

To get warmed up, every player should play at least one Deathmatch. It will help them do better on the field, which will increase their chances of winning in the long run.

6. Mid lane is the key

Most maps are being made with a strong focus on the middle lane, which is the key to winning for both teams. Find angles and creative ways to use your smoke abilities to force movement and rotations into good spots for your pre-aim or to help a partner combo.

7. Work on your aim

The best players of Valorant spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing. If you are just starting out on Valorant, you can speed up your progress by using an aim training. This provides a synergy that helps most players move through the game faster and see K/D gains a lot faster.

This is because the aim trainer gives you a controlled environment where you can spend 99% of the time training, looting, waiting in queues, looking for the next enemy, and so on. Once you've gotten better at the game's core rules, start putting more effort into your game sense, your weapons, your character's skills, and all the other important things you need to do to win on Valorant.

Feel free to check out our free Valorant aim guide.

valorant jett ultimate

8. Learn the lineups for your agents

In this game, being good at aiming won't be enough. You should not only know the lineups for the Agent you are playing, but also the rosters of the team you are playing against. Then you need to think of ways to beat all of these popular meta teams. You don't have to be so perfect, but that's how it should look in an ideal world.

We know that practicing lines for hours without any competition could be boring. And to be honest, some of you won't be able to make it up this hard climb because you aren't disciplined enough to learn lineups and test tactics. We know that practicing lines for hours without any competition could be boring. Still, that's how it is with every competitive game or sport. Some parts are really boring, but people who want to get better do them too.

You can find some good lineups on our TikTok such as the Brimstone one below:

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9. Don't be toxic

Even if you aren't trying to rank up quickly, this is a given.

But to those in the back: DON'T. BE. TOXIC. Let me explain why if you don't understand. A toxic partner is one who doesn't help. Bad players tend to play worse when they start shouting, and your good players may find you annoying, which can also hurt their performance.

Even worse, if you get into a "beef" with another player on your team, you almost certainly will lose. As you both try to mess up the other's game in any way you can, even if that means killing teammates.

If your friends let you down, remember that a supportive word will always work better in the long run than an angry scolding.

10. Placement games are important

The ranked system in Valorant is set up so that your rank at the beginning of the Act will be your rank rate for the rest of the Act. So, if you think you're better than you are and end up in Iron, it might be hard to move up the ranks quickly.

Even the MMR method shouldn't be forgotten. Can MMR have a lot of effect on rank? Yes, it can, because your whole rank number is based on how you start out and how well you do as you go along.

Of course, we can also help you with placements, just head to our Valorant placement games boosting service page and we'll hook you with a pro right away.

11. How to get a double rank up in Valorant

When a player's individual performance in a match is very good, their personal matchmaking rating (MMR) goes up more than normal. This is called a "double rank up." Here are three ways that this could happen:

First way is by creating a smurf account and just blasting through the matches if you're for example a Diamond or higher player. The second way is if you get lucky basically, you get on a huge winning streak that's not natural but it happened and the game thinks you deserve a double rank up.

The third way is to buy Valorant rank boosting from us here and one of our Radiant pros will get on a huge winning streak for you and possibly get a double rank up.

12. Watch the pros play

Even though you can't watch our pros unless they're working on your order for obvious privacy reasons, you can still watch the public pro players and learn from them.

You can improve your game by copying some of their moves.

Many people only watch professional games to learn about the teams and find out who is the best in the world. But doing this is one of the best ways to get better at playing.

The pros are known for making very calculated and fixed moves, since there is almost no room for mistake in their games.

You can learn a lot by watching how professionals play. You can learn about different types of plays, how to place yourself on the sites, and a lot more.

13. Economy is super important

Aside from team comp, economy is the most important thing to think about at any tier, but especially at the higher competitive tiers (Diamond, Immoral, and Radiant).

Depending on how useful your team is on each map, you'll be able to keep going even when you lose rounds and, finally, games. If the people on your team can work together efficiently, you'll have more money to buy things to fill in any holes.

We also have a more in-depth Valorant economy guide for you.

14. Focus on your weak spots

You don't need to waste time on things you're already really good at, because you've already mastered them. Instead, figure out what you can do better (or "where you are bad") and work on those things. It won't be easy, because first you have to admit out loud that you are bad at something. No one wants that.

It doesn't matter if you're good at talking, shooting, moving, or controlling your feelings. You are bad at something, and there is always a way to get better. So, think about what you do well and what you could do better, and don't be afraid to put in the work to get better.

valorant viper fan art

15. Set up your in-game settings right

It's also important to make sure your choices in the game are correct. You want them to give you the best way to play and, by extension, the best place to get better. On any level, the Settings tab is where you can really get a competitive edge.

But it's also important to remember that there is no right setting. In the end, it all depends on what you like. But here's why you might want to look at some of our tips to Valorant settings to get ideas:

Top 10 Pro Crosshair Settings in Valorant You Need To Try

The Best Valorant Settings For Max FPS and Performance

Valorant Crosshair - The Best Crosshair Settings Pros Use

16. Learn to take breaks

During your grind, it's also important to keep your thought calm and on mission. A bitter losing streak can be caused by a big ego and strong feelings like anger and frustration. Take breaks when you think you might need them. Working hard when you're feeling stressed can cause burnout, which will ruin your climb.

Sometimes, taking a two-day break, like on the weekend, can really boost your motivation and make you more effective than just clicking "Play" without thinking. Take care of yourself, king.

17. Track the Valorant tier lists

Valorant agents get buffed and nerfed with major and minor patches. What happens if your main agents are nerfed and are not viable anymore? While it does makes sense to play them since they're your comfort picks, it is also wise to learn new ones that are now meta.

Make sure to track Valorant tier lists to see what's good these days and try to learn those agents.

18. Armor vs weapons buying

Also, here's a very important tip from me: DON'T BUY FULL ARMOR IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE PROPER ECONOMY FOR IT.

In Valorant, it is a waste to give up weapons to get full armor. If you play this way, you'll always be on your back. Most of the time in Valorant, 125hp is more than enough, and the extra 25hp isn't always worth the 600 credits.

19. Memorize enemy agent positions

Many players will simply play the same position for the entire half, this is what you should be memorizing in order to gain an advantage. For instance, if you know that Viper and Sova are defending B, you can tell your team that there are 2 people on B and a coordinated push with 3 or more agents could be a good idea to take the site.

The same works in reverse, if the same people are pushing you while you’re defending over and over, you can allocate more agents to that site in order to negate the push.

Going even further, many players won’t even move from the same spot when defending or going with the same route when attacking. You can memorize that as well and play it to your advantage. Use their habits against them.

20. Work on holding off-angles and peeking

Off-angles are something that low ELO players tend not to do. At this point, players should be able to consistently clear all the common angles, but it's much harder to clear angles that aren't expected.

When you're on defense, it's especially helpful to keep off-angles with agents like Jett, Reyna, and Chamber who can move. If you do this, you should always be able to get a pick and leave, giving your team a numerical edge and increasing your chances of winning the round.

Check our guide on How to peek and check corners in Valorant.

21. Focus the enemies with no creds

When you press tab you can see your team’s credits and enemy’s credits in one of the columns. If you see that certain enemies are low in credits, you can use that to your advantage and focus the push on those enemies because you simply outgun them.

However, if the other enemy players are high in credits, there’s a chance that they had a weapon bought for them and that will make this tip invalid. So you will need to check all enemy credits, and if some barely have their own full buy, they clearly can’t buy a full buy for their teammates.

22. Focus the weakest player

Following up on tip number two. Apart from picking on the players without creds, try to avoid the best players in their team. If you continuously lose to that same guy who is probably #1 on the leaderboard, just don’t play there anymore, or avoid dueling him.

Focus on the weaker players and kill them first, and then finish the best ones with your team. This is not a sign of weakness, you won’t improve enough in 1 match to beat the guy that’s better than you, so rather go for the win and you will improve with every match.

Read more: Best Valorant Economy Guide

valorant viper fan art

23. Personal performance matters greatly

This may seem like common sense to many players already, but, in case you didn’t know, Valorant values personal performance. Meaning that winning the game isn’t enough to gain a significant rating, you also need to get kills and assists.

If you win a game and have performed poorly with a bad KD, it will take a lot of those poor wins to rank up a division. On top of that, if you win by a tight margin, let's say 13-11, there will be less rating gained as the game thinks the game wasn’t easy enough for you to rank up. Always do your best to win as hard as possible.

24. Play the most crucial locations

There are certain points on each map which are crucial to hold as a defender or controlling them as an attacker. For instance, the mid areas on the map on Split and Ascent are crucial because whoever controls that has easy access to other sites. That’s why you want to play those locations in order to make sure they are well handled.

On Haven, you want to play B because of the same reason, and on Bind, you want the A short, once again the same reason.

25. Rushing as attacker is not the answer

Many teams do not want to strategize and push tactically, but rather call for 5 man rushes on A site, if that doesn’t work out, they just say let’s try it on B etc.

This mindless rushing sometimes does actually work, but it needs precision, coordination, and an enemy team to lack abilities/snipers and so on. Otherwise, the enemy team can cut you off easily with Sage’s slows, molotovs, smokes, and so on.

It’s ok to surprise the enemy team with a rush now and then, but it cannot be a constant strategy.

26. Pushing on defense won’t work either

As a defender you need to keep good angles on-site or chokepoints where enemies are trying to push, defenders have an advantage, and wasting that advantage with pushing is just nonsense.

Most of the time, if the attackers are playing as they should be, not rushing, splitting strategically, you will just end up getting picked off and allowing them to reach your site.

Just like rushing on the attack, pushing can be done sparingly now and then to surprise them, but cannot be something you always do.

27. You must rotate efficiently

For instance, if the A site has spotted 3 or more enemies, and you’re defending B site, you should be rotating immediately, however, you must keep an eye on where they came from and keep your angles in check during rotation not to get picked while rotating.

You should not be rotating if a site has spotted one or two enemies, they could be just faking it, or pushing the site with only two, which leaves 3 more possibly going for your site.

It’s worth noting that even when the site has spotted 3 or more enemies, they could easily turn around and rotate to your site, you need to learn the game sense and stay in touch with your team so they can tell you if the push is happening or not. If it’s a fake, you can easily go back to your site.

28. Looking at the minimap is crucial

You need to watch the minimap every couple of seconds. You must be aware where the enemies are, who is alive, who is dead, where they could be going, where were enemies last spotted and so on.

I’ve said it multiple times, this is a tactical shooter, not a deathmatch. You need to pay attention if your team is holding all the crucial chokepoints, if not, you should warn them to take their position.

When an enemy is spotted, for instance when you hear gunshots, you will usually see the question mark on the minimap, when someone dies you will see an X. And when a spike carrier dies, and the spike hasn’t been picked up, you will see it’s location on the minimap. You should be taking control of chokepoints around the spike at that time in order to pick off anyone who tries to reach the spike.

29. After you die you still need to “play”

When you die, you are still part of the team and an important one. You need to call where you died, how many were there, was an Operator used, and so on.

On top of that, when you’re spectating and not playing, your insights to the player and the team could be very useful because you’re not playing and you’re not as focused on the crosshair, angles and so on, you have a more broadened perspective and you can use that to help your team and the player you’re spectating.

30. Consider Valorant coaching

Just like famous sport players have coaches, why wouldn't you? Valorant is a high skill ceiling game and getting a coach could be a good idea.

Check our Valorant coaching section and find the one that works for you, you won't regret it.

valorant raze fan art

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Final words

Thank you for reading my top Valorant tips that will help you climb ranks faster and finally get out of Bronze, Silver, or Gold in Valorant. I truly hope you learned something!

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