The Best Valorant New Player Tips - 25 Tips I Wish I Knew Hey everyone! Today I’m going to give a lot of tips for new Valorant players that I wish I knew when I was starting Valorant. You might even find some you didn’t know even if you’re not a new player so stick around and go through the list.

I’m a professional Valorant player and member of Boosting Factory’s Valorant boosting team, apart from boosting clients as high as Radiants, I sometimes do coaching too. Today I’m going to write this post completely free for you!

Let’s dig in!

25 Tips for Beginner Valorant Players

1. Phoenix healing

Phoenix can heal himself by standing in the molotov he threw on the floor, but can also heal himself by standing in the fire wall. You can also combine both if you’re very low HP and need to get healed ASAP for the imminent fight.

2. Viper cloud

Viper can actually pick up the poison cloud from the floor and place it somewhere else, once you throw it, it’s not gone, you just need to come close enough to the center where the device is and pick it up. Refer to our Viper guide for more Viper tips.

3. Viper’s toxic screen throw

Viper can throw the Toxic screen off the map in order to make it longer, but it can get caught on rooftops for example, and not place itself properly, so be cautious when performing this one.

You can also throw it across the map for example on another site to help your team if they’re getting pushed on that site. Use your minimap to help you align it well.

4. Sage boost

Sage can lift up herself and her team with her wall if everyone who wants to be boosted stands on the place where her wall will rise up. This is useful to reach higher spots, have a better position, maybe cross the enemy Sage’s wall and so on. Possibilities are endless.

5. Sage can heal herself

With right-click you can actually heal yourself while left-click heals the allies. Note that Sage heals for 60 HP at the time of writing this, healing herself is slower and heals over 10 seconds, while healing allies is faster and heals over 5 seconds. So in case you’re up for a fight soon, always heal allies so they can heal up for the whole 60 HP faster than you would since damage interrupts healing.

6. Abilities persist on death

Buying abilities is rarely a bad idea, once you die, you don’t lose your unused abilities for the next round unless it's half-time.

7. Your teammates get damaged by your abilities

It’s important to know that even though you can’t hurt your allies with your gunfire, you can hurt them with your abilities, you can also flash them with your abilities with agents such as Kayo, Skye and others.

8. Use your ultimates before half-time and overtime

You cannot carry anything into half-time or overtime, therefore, make sure to use your abilities and ultimates in the last round before half-time or before you go into overtime, whether how silly it might be, try to make use of it since it’s gone soon.

9. The bomb radius is big

Once you realize the bomb will explode and there’s nothing else to do, you will probably try to run away to save your weapon and life, however, the blast radius is pretty significant and with time you will learn it, however, if you’re new you might be getting caught in the blast so make sure to get away to a hefty distance.

10. Basic info on shields

You can buy light and a heavy shield for 400 and 1000 credits, that much was clear probably. It’s worth nothing that you can’t heal up shields, once they’re gone they’re gone for the round. Secondly, when you take damage, both your shields and HP goes down simultaneously, shields more but a little of HP too. Thirdly, don’t forget to rebuy shields once the new round is here if yours is damaged significantly, since you do carry over shields into new rounds but they won’t repair themselves if they were damaged.

11. Valorant or Vandal

The two assault rifles are the main weapons in the game and have been since the start. There were countless debates on which one is better, and sometimes, one is slightly better than the other depending on the meta.

The main difference is that the Vandal is “the one tapper”, meaning that it insta kills with a headshot no matter the distance, therefore each bullet does more damage but the fire rate is slower, this rewards extremely precise players who are used to slower but more precise firing type.

Phantom does not insta headshot to the head a heavy armored target like Vandal does, however, it has a larger magazine size and faster rate of fire. It’s more suited for close combat and players who don’t aim for the head as much.

Therefore, for beginners, Phantom would be a more optimal choice, however, if you want to become the one tapper, start with Vandal even though you will underperform early, it’s good to make a habit from the start.

12. Spike detonation time

The spike takes 45 seconds to detonate after planting, this is enough time to rotate the whole team across the map, so don’t rush like headless chicken, however, don’t go like snails too.

13. Spike has a halfway checkpoint when defusing

The spike can be defused to half, then stopped for example to shoot or move, and resume defusing by any player starting at 50%. This is extremely valuable when you’re short with time or the enemy is behind the corner, so you grab the 50%, kill him, and manage barely on time due to the 50% checkpoint.

14. Firing delay after certain abilities

Any agents that have a dash, teleport, or resurrect ability (the person getting resurrected) have a delay on when you can fire your guns again after using them. For example Omen has two of these abilities and he cannot fire for a short duration after using them, making him a vulnerable target for someone waiting on the other end. The same goes for when you get resurrected by Sage or you dash using Jett. Therefore, be careful when using these abilities.

15. Aim down sights is not that good

Most professional players like my colleagues and I from the Valorant boosting team simply don’t use the ADS much or at all. It reduces your fire rate and your flicks are slower which is something you don’t want in this game. Don’t get used to using it, hipfire only. Except for snipers, of course.

16. Enemy Omen’s teleport clue

When enemy Omen uses his ultimate to teleport anywhere on the map, your map will start burning and you will hear the loud global voiceline. That’s how you know he’s teleporting with his ultimate. You will also hear some witch voices when he’s teleporting near you and a fading scream when he cancels the ultimate, and no scream if he channeled the ultimate.

17. You need to stand to shoot

If you’re coming from other FPS games such as Overwatch or Apex Legends, you might be used to running and gunning people, however, in Valorant, you need to actually stand still while shooting in order for your bullets to land. Except for when using Shotguns, you can run and gun with them.

18. Cypher can trigger his cage through obstacles

As Cypher, if you’ve planted the cage already on a passage where enemies usually go through, and you want to finally activate when you hear them, you don’t have to peek, you can do it safely through the wall.

19. Breach can use abilities through walls

All of Breach’s abilities can be used through walls and obstacles across the map if the range allows it. This is what makes him good. You don’t have to peek in order to use your abilities.

20. You can throw abilities into the teleporters

You can throw various abilities usefully through teleporters such as Sova’s arrows, Raze grenades or ultimates, Sage’s slow and so on if you happen to know they’re on the other side and you want to kill them, damage them or just zone them.

21. Sound distance on the minimap

When running you can find a little smaller circle around your avatar when running that tells you in which radius can the enemies hear you, therefore when rotating you know when you need to shift and start being quiet. You need to find the balance of running and walking in order to efficiently rotate.

22. Sova lineups

What I mean by this, is that if you’re playing Sova, YouTube some “Sova Arrow Lineups” to efficiently shoot arrows across the map or just bounce them around the site to get exposure to enemies without being exposed yourself.

23. Jett can float

Jett will float instead of just falling down when falling from a higher elevation allowing you to make some good shotgun plays and avoid fall damage.

24. Refunds

You can get a full refund on any items you accidentally purchased during this buy phase (not next one). Just right-click it to get a full refund and buy whatever you wanted.

25. Rebuying shields

Rebuying shields that are damaged just one point or nearly completely will cost the same price to rebuy them, so don’t rebuy a shield that is barely damaged if you’re short on cash.

Closing words

Thank you for checking out my guide for new Valorant players! I hope you learned something today. I would also like to tell you about our Valorant rank boosting service where my colleagues or I can help you get any rank in Valorant, starting today. We will play with you, or you will let us play on your account, completely safely handled by professional players. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to hear more.

Happy hunting!

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