Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about how you should choose your main hero in Overwatch 2. There are multiple reasons and tips for choosing your main so bear with me.

I’m a professional Overwatch 2 booster working for Boosting Factory and I’ve played with numerous clients who kept making the mistakes I will be displaying here so you don’t do them as well. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

1. Work on specializing

Many players don’t wish to put in the work and specialize but rather try and play all roles, and even all heroes within those roles. Whether that’s because they’re trying to find what they like, or thinking that the hero they play is a problem. To make sure it’s not your hero, track our Overwatch 2 Tier List here which we update frequently.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re new to Overwatch 2, while leveling up your account you should be trying ALL heroes. In order to fight enemies playing them, you need to know the abilities of the heroes, naturally. However, once you start playing ranked, you need to dial it down and start specializing.

Imagine trying to go pro in football, you won’t see pro football players playing and practicing a new sport every day, that would make no sense. They specialize in their sport apart from periodic recreational activities of different kinds.

However, do not go to extremes. Being a one-trick makes zero sense. However, playing similar heroes is a great thing. Specializing within 3-4 viable heroes is an optimal strategy. For example if you want to tank, specialize in Reinhardt, Zarya and Winston.

2. There are only main tanks in OW 2

Compared to Overwatch 1, there are no more off tanks roles in Overwatch 2. Those who specialized in off-tanking are going to need to adapt to the new main tanking style where the main tank actually needs to create space for the team and not just flank or peel. Main tanks in Overwatch 2 are needed as brawlers on the front line and space creators.

In OW 2 if you for example pick Zarya who was off tanking before, using her bubbles to protect and peel, while using high-tracking skills to pull damage. But now when she’s picked as a main tank she will need to front line, while doing the off tank mechanics in form of bubble and DPS. It’s going to feel strange and very hybridish until you get used to it.

3. What do tanks need to do in Overwatch 2?

As mentioned in Tip #2, creating space is going to be the tank’s primary role. It’s going to be easier than before because two healers are going to be healing you exclusively. Overwatch 2 buffs to tanks also make knockbacks applied to you last shorter, and enemies will charge their ult slower while damaging you in order to incentivize tanks to go to the front line, and lastly, when healing the tank, healers will generate less ult charge too.

Duo tank pairing is now gone, as I mentioned. For example, the Rein and Zarya duo was incredibly powerful if coordinated well and now that’s gone. You will feel a lot more pressure than before, you’re doing the job of two tanks now.

Tanks will be causing a lot more wins and losses now. Understand the importance of specialization yet?

If you’re a good tank and you play vs a bad tank, it’s going to make a lot more difference than in Overwatch 1 and vice versa. Period. For some, this will be good news, for some it won’t. If you specialize in tanks hard enough, you will have a lot more space to shine and carry games.

4. Supports in Overwatch 2

Considering that DPS roles are getting a passive buff in form of a movement speed bonus, and the off tanks that would peel you are gone. It’s going to be harder for supports in Overwatch 2 because dive DPS will be able to get you more easily than in Overwatch 1.

Your positioning will be more important than ever before, act accordingly. Supports get a passive buff that automatically heals you after taking no damage for a period of time. For example, Ana will greatly benefit from this since she keeps all her abilities and now gets auto-healing when she’s not taking damage.

A good thing is that you now only have one tank to heal, making it quite a bit easier than having to balance heals between the main and an off-tank.

5. DPS in Overwatch 2

As mentioned earlier, DPS are getting faster reloading during the 2.5 seconds after they get a kill.

We will certainly see Genji and Tracer shine, who are not affected by the CC reduction on tanks, greatly benefit from reload buff and greatly benefit from removal of off-tank peelers.

All in all, in DPS there won’t be many changes. You will require more mechanical skill in any role in Overwatch 2 and fewer tactician skills, which for some will be a good and for some a bad thing.

Thanks for reading my guide! Oh and, regarding Overwatch 2 boosting, we will be indeed boosting in OW 2 just like we were in Overwatch 1. We can get you to any SR, play your placements or even get you to Top 500. Don’t hesitate and get in touch today. Peace out.

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