Hey everyone! Today I’m going to cover Valkyrie, the legend added with Season 9 and a super fun kit to play with.

I’m a professional Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory, therefore, it’s my job to know Valkyrie inside out in order to efficiently boost with her or against her all the way up to Apex Predator.

Now, I’m going to try and teach you how to reach Apex Predator with Valkyrie. Pay attention.

Valkyrie Overview and Abilities

Valkyrie is a high mobility legend with a new kit (flying) that no other legends possess. She is good at controlling enemies with her tactical and escaping or relocating with her passive and ultimate.

Passive: VTOL Jets

Valkyrie, unlike some other legends like Crypto, has three passives. Yes, you’ve heard me right, three passives. Her first one is Recon, just like Bloodhound and Pathfinder, she can scan the survey beacons around the map to reveal the next ring location.

Her second passive is that when Skydiving, she has this cool HUD that highlights the enemies in line of sight for her and her team so you know where to or not to land.

Her final and most important passive are the VTOL jets. Once you jump in the air with Valkyrie you will activate the VTOL jets and fly up, you can move left-right forward and backwards, essentially, all directions.

VTOL Jets Tips

It consumes fuel that regenerates once you’re on land. Every activation consumes a significant amount of fuel and then slowly burns if you’re continuously flying.

The downsides of this great ability are that you can’t really strafe fast and expect not to get hit, you’re an easy target in the air and strafing is actually really slow. The jets are also very loud so you can’t sneak up on people, you will be heard. And most importantly, you can’t shoot while using the VTOL jets. You can fire after a short delay after cancelling the VTOL jets, so yeah, in theory you could do some insane mid air shots but they’re not that likely.

However, there is a way to counter the poor strafing mechanic but it consumes fuel, essentially, if you want to move fast in a different direction, cancel the VTOL jet mid air, quickly turn to that direction and turn them on again to make a quick boost in that direction. This opens up some creative possibilities for good players such as fast turns around corners while pushing or dodging bullets.

You can treat the jets like a double jump, quick short bursts to reach some roof of a building for example or just trying to avoid shots while escaping. Each burst gives you a nice speed boost but consumes 12.5% total fuel, therefore 8 total jumps is what you got from a full tank.

You can also change the flying from toggle to hold in settings in order to open up these creative possibilities with your jetpack such as bunny-hopping. Another worthy tip is that when you’re dropping from the larghe height after you cancel your flight, you can reactivate it when sufficiently near the ground, pull up your weapon and therefore cancel the “stun” animation that legends have when dropping from a large height.

There are also two modes of flying, one called Direct and one Horizontal, with direct you can fly up and down but also move left and right with a little less control, horizontal will allow you only left and right but more control. You will mostly use direct as that’s the more optimal one.

When using the jets aggressively you usually want to fly behind a cover so you can pull out your weapon and then start shooting, and when escaping, your first goal is also to find a line of sight cover first before flying further away or reconsidering your strategy, don’t forget you’re a really easy target mid air.

Tactical: Missile Swarm

Valkyrie’s tactical allows you to fire 12 missiles in a grid-like formation similar to Bangalore’s ultimate, after a short duration they activate row by row dealing 25 to 40 damage to anyone inside and disoriented like if you hit them with an Arc star but a little weaker.

Missile Swarm Tips

You can shoot it whether you’re flying or on land, however, better results will be done if you’re in air because you have a better overview of where to launch, especially if there are obstacles between you and the enemy. Also, the higher you are in the air, the bigger range you got on the tactical.

You can also use it on the ground like I said but it’s really clumsy, I reckon a good usage would be for example when someone is in a corner, behind an obstacle or even Rampart’s wall and you use it to pull him out.

One more little tip that could get fixed, if you aim your Missile Swarm in the air while flying with jetpacks, your fuel consumption will drop allowing you to stay in air a little longer if needed.

Ultimate: Skyward Dive

After a short delay, Valkyrie and any teammates that choose to join her shoot up in the sky and start a skydive in order to reposition. You need to do it somewhere safe because if they shoot at you during the short charge up, the ultimate will cancel and you lose the charge.

It can also be used simply as a recon tool, you fly up, scan if any enemies are around and land down where you started at. You can also cancel the ultimate and get 75% back, even if the enemy cancels you.

Valkyrie Loadout Best Weapons

Valkyrie is not a defensive nor offensive legend, she's in the middle, therefore she will benefit the most from the standard mid-range weapon combined with a short range such as a shotgun. If you're good at aiming go with the Wingman + R-99 / Prowler / Shotgun. Otherwise go with for example R-301, Rampage, Triple Take + Shotgun.

Valkyrie Team Composition

Once again, Valkyrie matches with everyone, but for example you don't need Pathfinder, or Wraith to reposition you because Valkyrie has an ult that does that.


Valkyrie is definitely a fun hero and another addition to the “vertical meta” on top of Horizon. I hope this guide helped you and that these little hidden tips will make your Valkyrie games easier.

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