Hey everyone! Today I’m going to give you guys the top 10 tips for new players that I wish I knew when I was starting the game for the first time. Even if you’re not a new player, I suggest you scroll through the list, I’m positive you will learn at least something.

I’m a professional Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory, Apex Predator every season and my job is to play the game as best as I can. Since I also do some coaching on the side, I write a guide like this now and then to help you guys too, completely free.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

1. Get used to carrying and using grenades

Many players have either healing or ammo anxiety, which means that they like to stock up on a lot of ammo, medkits, syringes, shield cells, and shield batteries. Which is completely human and I don’t blame you if you do.

However, you need to start working on that anxiety and stacking up grenades, lose some of that ammo and healing kits. You don’t need 12 syringes and 12 cells and 300+ light ammo, trust me. You will either pick it up from the next squad you kill or you’ll die before even getting close to burning through all that.

Make yourself a little rule, if you don’t have at least one grenade in your backpack, get rid of something and get it, and that’s just the bare minimum, try to carry more. When it comes to selecting the best ones, Arc Stars are the best hands down, then Grenades, and then Thermites.

Arc Stars are too versatile, can be used to stick enemies, and can be thrown precisely where you want it to either kill someone or get him to move out and then kill him with your guns. Grenades can do the zoning too but can be bounced off walls which many times comes in handy. Lastly, Thermites can do the same but they deal a lot less damage and can be dodged more easily.

2. Increase your Field of View

Find this setting and increase it to 100 or more if possible. I’m saying if possible because this makes it harder for the PC if you’re a PC player and you could lose significant FPS, it’s not worth sacrificing FPS for Field of View, however, if you can handle it, do it. For console players, awesome, ramp it up.

Field of View increases your… well, field of view, making you see more content on the sides of your screen, giving you an advantage because you can see more. The downside is that the more you increase FoV, the smaller things on the screen will be, meaning enemies too, making it a bit harder to aim, therefore, don’t go overboard.

3. Low Profile and Fortified legends

Low profile legends are those whose hitboxes are too small so they actually take 5% more damage than what a regular legend would take. It used to be Wattson, Wraith, Lifeline and Revenant. However, this was removed from the game and there are no more legends who take 5% more damage.

Fortified legends take 15% less damage because they’re too big and those are still in the game, currently applied to Gibraltar and Caustic. Not only do they take less damage, they are also immune to the small slowing effects after you get shot. All legends get slowed a little after they get shot, Fortified don’t.

4. Learn how to drop optimally

This is something you intuitively know by now, however, it’s still worth repeating it, or maybe even teaching you depending on your level of knowledge. It’s natural that landing as fast as you can in a Battle Royale game is crucial, you want to get to the loot faster than the others, but in order to do that, you need to first pick a good location, and then fly as fast as you can to it.

In order to achieve that, you need to be traveling to your drop location at at least 140 speed at all times (speed can be found on the middle of your screen, vertical left bar). Going at a 45-degree angle will handle that, however, if the location is too far away, you will need to combine a 45 degree or sharper drop, with a fully straight drop, meaning that your speed will go through cycles of max speed to low speed, but on average you want to maintain 140.

5. Practice inventory management

This is sort of a follow up to tip #1, you should not only have grenades in your inventory, but you should also aim not to have two light weapons, or a combination of light and energy weapon, or even two rifles such as a heavy and a light rifle. Those will eat a lot of ammo and take a lot of your inventory. Strive to have weapon combinations such as Rifle + Shotgun.

6. Start with an easy loadout

Even though most weapons in Apex are viable, there are exceptions, and they change every patch or two with buffs and nerfs, so you’ll need to google for a weapon tier list to track that. However, you should stick with a Rifle + Shotgun combination until you get better.

For example, R301/Flatline/Havoc + Eva 8/Mastiff/Peacekeeper. Later on, you can play with Wingman, Snipers, Bocek, or something similar, however, one of these three rifles + one of the shotguns will do you best.

7. Don't throw away Ultimate Accelerants

If your legend has a good ultimate and your ult is not charged, don’t throw away accelerants, just use them. If your ult is charged and you have a lot of space, carry one or two if you know you’ll use your ultimate sometime soon. This boils down to experience, so my tip is pretty much, pay attention to accelerants.

8. Sliding, running without a weapon, strafing

These are all the pillars of movement techniques in Apex Legends, I suggest you youtube them if you don’t know what they mean. You need to practice each one of them, sliding for maximum speed and even slide shooting. Running without a weapon to close gaps whenever possible and strafing during fights to avoid bullets.

9. Finishers

Finishers will recharge your shield to the full if completed fully, however, you are a sitting duck during finishers and you need to pick the moment when and when not to use a finisher. Usually, during early game fights when shield cells are scarce, a finisher if you know you can’t get killed is a good idea, however, late game it becomes increasingly harder and more useless since you have the batteries and cells in your pack. Practice when and when not to use finishers.

10. Armor swapping

In case you don’t know what armor swapping is, it’s literally what it says. During or after a fight, you swap your armor for the one in a death box of an enemy that recently died since it’s now full, this will save your life many many times. You can and will many times swap for a lower quality shield since 50 or 75 armor is better than zero on you during an intense fight.

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