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Today our Overwatch boosting team shares with you a guide on Lucio, a hero coming hot from the Overwatch Beta.

As you all know, since Blizzard decided not to release any Overwatch Beta Keys, it’s hard for many of you to have detailed information about the heroes and the general Overwatch gameplay. That’s why we are providing these articles about our favourite heroes while we wait for the official Overwatch release date. Be sure to check our incoming Overwatch tier lists to see how your favorite heroes are placed during the Overwatch Beta.

Name: Lùcio Correia dos Santos
Age: 26
Origin: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation: DJ / Freedom Fighter
Role: Support
Health: 200
Catchphrase: "Come on, let's bring it together"


Lùcio grew up in Rio de Janeiro within a crowded and poor favela. The Omnic Crisis hit Rio de Janeiro hard, creating a massive financial upheaval. In an attempt to uplift his community, Lùcio turned to music, becoming a street performer in order to bring a brief moment of joy into the lives of those who would listen as means to escape their woes.

Under the guise of wanting to help rebuild Rio de Janeiro to its former glory, the Vishkar Corporation secured a contract to redevelop Lùcio's community. Rather than help the people, the Vishkar Corporation imposed tyrannic rules on the residents: curfews, enforcing harsh penalties on "lawless behavior," and exploiting the populace as a source of cheap labor.

The corporation's rules were enforced by the use of the sonic technology they developed that instilled enough fear in the people not to step out of line. Appalled by the treatment of his people, Lùcio stole the Vishkar Corporation's sonic technology and used their very own tools of repression to inspire Rio de Janeiro to fight back. The Vishkar Corporation was driven out of the city, and Lùcio was heralded as a hero and became an international superstar in music.


Sonic Amplifier: Lùcio shots many projectiles dealing damage. If he fires from close range, he will knock back and damage the enemies with a blast of sound.

Crossfade: This ability changes depending on Lucio’s song. It can be a heal or an Area of Effect movement speed buff.

Amp it Up: Lucio empowers his sound abilities.

Sound Barrier: Lùcio creates a shield for his team for a short amount of time.


  • Good mobility
  • Decent damage for a support
  • His kit has many ccs


  • Really squishy
  • Only one damaging ability
  • He can’t fight more than one enemy at once


Winston is a great ally for Lucio because our favorite monkey really benefits from Lucio’s speed up. Working together they can catch squishy high mobility enemies (hello Tracer) and burst them down quickly. The movement speed buff has also great synergy with his ability to slide on walls, giving him an incredible chasing potential.

Hanzo and Lucio are great together because of their unique mobility: they both have the passive ability to slide on walls without being separated like other heroes. This means that they can chase their prey at the same speed and over every terrain or obstacle. If you add Lucio’s heal and Hanzo’s insane damage, you have a really frightening combination

Tracer is the fastest hero in the game, Lucio is the second. This makes him the best support for Tracer since he can follow her pretty easily, securing kills together and bringing heals and crowd controls to the table. It’s common to see this combination dominate in matches because many players realized its potential.


According to our Overwatch Boost Team, Junkrat is the ultimate counter to Lucio. His ultimate, RIP Tire, deals an absurd amount of area of effect damage instantly, making Lucio’s heal and shield useless. Junkrat can also create disruption in Lucio’s team with his knock back, making Lucio’s ultimate not really effective: Lucio’s skills really require perfect positioning to be useful.

Zarya is another great counter pick. She doesn’t have high damage but compensates with her tankiness. Zarya can stick to Lucio and make his shield almost useless with her ultimate, Graviton Surge. This ability can pull enemies in a close range, incapacitate them while dealing damage. Since Lucio’s team will probably try to group in the same spot to get the most out of the shield, Zarya’s ultimate will be very effective. TL DR: if you are playing versus Zarya, don’t stand on the same pixel!

Lastly we have Reaper. We have already seen how much damage this hero can bring during the preview of the Overwatch gameplay with his ultimate, Death Blossom. Well, similarly to Zarya, this spell is incredibly effective versus enemies stacked in the same spot, because it deals an insane amount of aoe damage in a short time. This means that Lucio’s team can’t really use Lucio’s heals and shield effectively without the fear of getting smashed by Reaper.

Quick tips

Lucio’s playstyle depends on his songs. The key to using his Crossfade ability is to make the right choice between the heal and the movement speed. Consider your options and choose wisely Try to communicate with your team to maximize the effectiveness of your ultimate.

Always focus the right ally with your heals and shields. When defending, try to protect your damage dealers. When attacking, try to protect your tanks.

How To Counter Lucio

Lucio’s spells require his team to be stacked in the same place: this means that area of effect abilities are a great counter to Lucio If you can’t out damage his heal with AoE damage, it’s better to use crowd controls and disruption abilities to isolate Lucio’s allies from him.

This ends our Lucio’s introduction. Remember to check our site in the next days for more articles, news about the official Overwatch release date, guides and our exclusive Overwatch tier lists.

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