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October 2015

Overwatch – First Impression – Is It Worth It?

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overwatch beta impressions
Today our Overwatch boost team will share with you their first impressions of the game. Yesterday the Overwatch beta started: despite Blizzard not giving any Overwatch key, some of our boosters got an invite. They really enjoyed their first hours of playing, and in the end we were forced to use violence to stop them from playing. This game is kinda addicting.Anyway, in this post we will cover the general Overwatch gameplay and the maps, but expect more content in the next few days, especially the first tier list for Overwatch!
Let’s start with some general impressions about the game.

First Impression of Overwatch Beta

Matches are pretty fast, usually they last for ten minutes or even less, and are pretty exciting! Blizzard decided to follow the same mentality adopted for its famous MOBA Heroes of the Storm, favouring short, fast and exciting matches over longer games. Of course this depends on the game genre as well: Overwatch is a dynamic FPS (First Person Shooter), so games are of course shorter.
Every player can choose from a pool of 18 heroes, with potentially more to come, categorized in healers/supports, tanks, offense and defense. You can switch between heroes during the match to counter the enemies and to create the perfect team composition cooperating with your allies: be sure to check out our upcoming Overwatch tier list to pick the best heroes!
The first step to play the game is to go through the tutorial: if you have played an FPS at least once in your life, you won’t learn anything new, as it covers literally the basics, like “how to move”. This is a clear sign that Blizzard wants to focus on those who are totally new to the FPS thanks to Overwatch pretty fast and dynamic play style, just like HotS was the first MOBA for many players and Hearthstone the first TCG for a lot of folks (not for me, since I spent a long part of my adolescence playing Magic with my friends). Anyway we appreciate Blizzard’s approach and hope that it will increase their player base.

Every hero is different and has an unique set of ability, usually two weapons, a movement tool, a special attack and an ultimate. However some champions have different ranges, more movement speed and in general unique features: Overwatch’s strong point is in the game diversity.
In this game, you can’t switch between weapons, but you can switch between heroes: changing your composition in the middle of a game is always possible, so the game is really dynamic and reacting to the enemies choices is a priority. Every hero is different and has different weapons, strengths and weaknesses, and a different role. Keep in mind that there is no hero leveling system, so you are not penalized for playing a new hero for the first time (as long as you don’t miss every shot!).
Game modes are fairly similar to each other, and they are based on the typical “defend and capture” model. However game maps are pretty interesting and keep the game fresh.
If you want to know about the playstyle of the “offense” heroes McCree, Pharah, Reaper, Tracer, Soldier 76, Hanzo, or of the “supports” like Lucio, Zenyatta, Mercy and Symmetra, check our previous post and keep waiting for our upcoming Overwatch tier list. Right now, we want to talk about the game maps.

Overwatch Maps

overwatch hanamura
Currently Overwatch features seven maps: every battleground is different and pretty small, since they are designed to contain only twelve heroes at once. Every map has bright colors and a cartoonish style; and every map has unique sounds as well.


Dorado is a beautiful map that offers a great view of the Spanish nights. Dorado has a lot of places to hide, many covers and a lot of interesting locations for ambush: as you walk in these beautiful and colorful streets, be careful, because there may be an hidden Reaper waiting for you.


Hanamura offers a spectacular contrast between the traditional Japanese architecture and the modern buildings of that we see nowadays in Tokyo. This map is played mostly on the streets, but there are also small skirmishes in some buildings.

King’s Row

King’s Row brings a little of England in the Overwatch world. This map is played during the night, and has a lot of places to hide and cover, despite being mostly played outdoor like Hanamura. However this map offers a great advantage to short range fighters, because snipers will have a hard time finding a clean shots: obstacles are everywhere. Consider this difficulty before picking your hero in this map!


On the other hand, Numbani is the perfect map for snipers. We have already seen this battleground on the Lucio preview, and now that we played it we are more impressed. This dystopic desert doesn’t really fit the hyper technological theme of Overwatch, but it’s gorgeous. It is played during daytime and offers a lot of perfect sniping spots, and a lot of opportunities for heroes with high vertical mobility and jumps to take advantage of their abilities.

Temple of Anubis

Temple of Anubis is another map with a lot of vertical action, and is played mostly outdoor. If Numbani is inspired by the MIddle East architecture, the Temple of Anubis is surely a reference to the Egyptian culture. It offers a lot of starts, making it perfect for small skirmishes and really fun if you are playing an hero with decent vertical mobility.

Volskaya Industries

This map features a wide open space, set in a factory: it’s perfect for short ranged fights, and even better for large team fights instead of 1 versus 1 combat, because there aren’t a lot of choke points. Instead this map has many large areas to fight relentlessly: our Overwatch boost team recommends you to choose tanky heroes on this battlegrounds over squishies, because they will be more useful in large team fights. Probably the tier list for this Overwatch map will be slightly different to reflect the major strength of tanks.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Gibraltar is the exact opposite of Volskaya Industries: here you won’t see large fights but many small skirmishes in choke points and small spaces. There are a lot of opportunities to hide and set up an ambush, and as many chances to get blown up while trying to do so. Heroes like Zenyatta and Symmetra really shine here: if you can place Symmetra’s turrets properly, nobody will be able to stop you.

Is the game worth it? Hell yes. We cheer that you all get your invites and enjoy the game.

This last map preview ends our post. However, for your safety, our Overwatch boost team reminds you that Blizzard won’t be using Overwatch beta keys because of safety reasons, so the only way to get in the Overwatch beta is to receive an official beta invite from Blizzard. Stay safe, don’t buy keys and don’t get scammed!

Overwatch Beta – Heroes Preview – Pharah, Zarya and more… – Part 3

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overwatch beta widowmaker
Hey there guys! Today our Overwatch boost team completed the final part of the heroes preview: Blizzard released a few short videos showing us a preview of the Overwatch gameplay and of some heroes. If you missed the previous posts (Part 1 & Part 2) with informations about Tracer, Hanzo, McCree, Lucio, Mercy and Zenyatta, Reaper, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Reinhardt and our favourite ape Winston, check it out right now, because the Overwatch release date is getting closer and closer: be sure to know everything about the game before Overwatch beta is released! To boost your performance, check our upcoming Overwatch tier list to always pick the best hero.
Now let’s get back to the previews!


Pharah’s preview video was played on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a brand new map where Pharah excels: during the game she reaches an incredible 37 kills streak! Surely the player was really good and had godly mechanics, but it’s an impressive results. According to our Overwatch boost team, Pharah got so many kills because she really shines on this map, that has a lot of wide vertical spaces. She has an incredible mobility with her Jump Jet skill, as long as she has enough space to use it, and in this map that’s not a problem.
We see her abusing her Jump Jet to escape messy situations, create havoc in the enemy team and to catch enemies out of position for quick kills. As you may imagine, this hero is pretty hard to play, not only for the jump but also her main source of damage, a rocket attack, it’s really difficult to hit consistently: but this high skill cap only makes the hero more fun!
Pharah’s ultimate skill doesn’t really fit her theme of an hypermobile damage dealer, because Pharah is rooted for the whole duration. Sure, the extra damage is nice, but it’s not enough to justify the danger: the enemy team get also notified of this ultimate by a distinct sound. In the video we see how the enemy take advantage of her Barrage ultimate to end her streak. Even if you feel safe, positioning is important to make a good use of her ultimate.
Her model is really cool and her kit is really unique: she will be a pretty fun hero to play with high mobility and damage, and we will definitely see her in an high spot in the upcoming Overwatch tier list.


This hero was announced at Pax, and now we can see her in action. We already knew that she was a tank and her model too- her distinctive pink hair will be easily spotted on every map! Her model is pretty unique: she is a badass bodybuilder with pink hair. If she gets in melee range, she will sometime stop using her gun to simply punch people. Yeah, who needs a bow or a hammer after all when you have your bare hands?
She is a tank with really high utility: in the short video we see her saving his allies multiple times with her shields, especially in the beginning where she protects an overaggressive Tracer from a certain death. Her kit has a cool interaction: her Particle Barrier shield gets charged by taking shots, and it charges her Particle Cannon, a nice damaging ability.
Her ultimate is surely game changing: in the video she uses the crowd control from Graviton Surge to set up the perfect Particle Cannon for an impressive area of effect damage. This combo is hard to pull off, but very rewarding.
If you enjoy high utility tanks that rely on comboing their ability to be effective, or if you just like her pink hair, be sure to pick this hero up – I will surely do it.


This hero was already announced some time ago, and now we can finally see a little of her game play.. only a little, because she appears only on the second half of the preview, and we really want some more Widowmaker action. Take a look at her model:
She is quite scary, isn’t she?
As you may have noticed, her main weapon is a sniper rifle: she excels at long range shooting, but has also a couple of tricks to survive in close range combat and an escape tool. However in the start of the preview we see how not to play her: she gets greedy for kills, trying to exploit many sniping spots. However she gets caught and is forced into short range combat, where a sniper rifle isn’t really effective: instead of running or changing weapon, she tries to fight with her sniping rifle, with terrible results.
As the preview goes on, the Widowmaker player makes a better use of her kit, taking advantage of her secondary weapon, an assault rifle, that is surely more suited for fights in choke points. She finally gets rolling and does it with style, being a constant threat to the enemy team sniping enemies from safety, and providing a good fight for her life when she gets caught, thanks to the assault rifle for damage and her hook for escapes. As we see in the video, it’s crucial to always observe your surroundings when playing this deadly sniper, not only to catch enemies off guard but also to find secure spots to hide.
The biggest difficulty of playing Widowmaker is surely to find the right balance between sniping and defense: if you spend too much time scoping, you will be meat for the enemies. Especially if there is a skilled Tracer or McCree player like in the preview video!
Lastly we add a final note: Widowmaker isn’t a pure, selfish dps hero as we expected, but also has a nice utility tool for her team thanks to her termal vision: this ability applies to all her team, granting superior vision for a limited amount of time. Capitalizing on this window is essential to master the Widowmaker (no pun intended).


Bastion is the last hero in this list, but he is one of the most interesting.This cool robot is mainly played as a defensive hero, but his damage output can be insane.
For example, on a payload map his stationary turret can deal a massive amount of damage to the enemies when firing from a favorable spot, creating havoc in the enemy team and effectively zoning them off.
Zone control is Bastion’s main strength. Tracer has more mobility, Reaper can deal more damage, but nobody controls priority zones like Bastion. If he sits on an objective with his stationary turret, no one can get close without being severely hurt. Maybe it isn’t the flashiest play style, but is surely rewarding!
Our Overwatch Boost team was really impressed by Bastion zone control and survivability. We thought that the obvious counterplay to this monster was to sneak behind him and burst him down, taking advantage of his low mobility. Well, the enemies thought the same, but failed in the execution, because Bastion’s ultimate makes him a great duelist with incredible tankiness and damage: his transformation can turn the tides of a fight. And if you fail to bust him down in a short time, Bastion can hide away and heal most of the damage done, basically wasting the enemies’ time. He really looks like a dominant pick and will probably be on a very high spot in our upcoming Overwatch tier list: in this video he led his team to victory in less than seven minutes!

This last preview ends our post. However, for your safety, our Overwatch boost team reminds you that Blizzard won’t be using Overwatch beta keys because of safety reasons, so the only way to get in the Overwatch beta is to receive an official beta invite from Blizzard. Stay safe, don’t buy keys and don’t get scammed!

Overwatch Beta – Heroes Preview – Symmetra, Reaper and more… – Part 2

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Overwatch Beta Symmetra
Hey there guys! Today our Overwatch boost team completed the second part of the heroes preview: Blizzard released a few short videos showing us a preview of the Overwatch gameplay and of some heroes. If you missed the part 1 with informations about Tracer, Hanzo, McCree, Lucio, Mercy and Zenyatta, check it out right now, because the Overwatch release date is getting closer and closer: be sure to know everything about the game before its release! To boost your performance, check our upcoming Overwatch tier list to always pick the best hero. Also don’t miss the last part of our previews: it will be available soon on our site.
Without further ado, let’s get started: we have a lot of cool stuff to show you!


Symmetra is another support hero: she is an hyper-technological version of the Engineer class that is pretty popular in FPS games. Her primary focus isn’t to do damage, but to support her team. She isn’t as pretty straight forward to play as your average “kill everything that moves” hero, but she has a more tactical usage. She isn’t even similar to healing supports like Mercy, but has an unique play style. Let’s take a closer look at her kit: like every Engineer, she can place turrets that slow passing enemies. Turrets placement can be pretty tricky for new Symmetra players, as you need to take advantage of choke points and highly trafficked areas to get the most out of her turrets, either for a retreat or to cover for her allies. However turrets can also be used offensively to help her allies focusing down the enemies. Symmetra damage output is low, so she needs her teammates help to finish kills.
Another cool ability lets Symmetra place down a teleport on the map. Her allies can teleport to this point as soon as they spawn, but they are vulnerable to enemy fire when they exit from the portal: so again take care of its positioning! Don’t make it too easy for the enemies to spot it and especially place it in a safe area that you need to defend. If your exit point is under attack, you will get notified by the game.
She can still do some damage, but isn’t really tanky as expected: in the preview video we see her getting killed many times by Tracer, so she is well suited for a safe play style focusing on helping teammates instead of running around killing enemies. She is surely a challenging hero!


Oh boy, Reaper’s preview video is surely the most exciting we have seen so far. In the game played on the Giza Plateau map, the whole team comp was built around Reaper with Tracer, Torbjorn, Zenyatta and Symmetra supporting this scary damage dealer known as the Angel of Death.
Reaper was constantly buffed, healed and buffed: all of this teams energy was focused on him. The results? He got on a 11 kills streak, tearing apart his enemies until they were able to finally isolate him from his allies and shut him down. He uses a deadly dual shotgun dealing an absurd amount of damage during the fights, constantly firing and taking advantage of every little opportunity to reload.
Reaper is a pretty squishy hero and lacks real defensive mechanics, but he is really a threat with enough support: with the proper composition, I’m sure he will be a major force on the battleground. Our Overwatch boost team will surely remember the havoc in his preview video when considering his placement in the Overwatch tier lists.
However we need to talk about the map too: we finally saw a team playing offensively, moving around the battleground to try and conquer points. There are two locations: Point A and Point B (maybe names are just placeholder). Point A is really hard to defend, and we saw Reaper destroying every enemy on his way around Point A. On the other hand, Point B surely is harder to conquer, and it’s almost impossible to challenge if you don’t already have Point A. In the video we saw the Angel of Death having a lot of troubles there.


Just like Symmetra, Torbjorn looks really similar to the Team Fortress 2 class Engineer, because his gameplay is mostly based on his turrets. However he has a pretty offensive play style: for example, he tosses armor packs for his teammates and needs to kill enemies to actually get the materials to build his deadly turrets.
His hero preview video was played on the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map, on the defense. Let’s take a closer look at his play style!
As you may expect from a turret based hero, turrets deal most of the damage here. He is surely a strong hero and in the video he goes on a great kill streak, but he is never on the front line. Most of the difficulty of playing Torbjorn is in placing turrets. As a matter of facts, I just feel that he is the one supporting the turrets, not vice versa! At least according to our Overwatch boost team, his play style is almost boring. He just runs around the map placing turrets and giving armor packs to his allies: it’s hard to see how much damage the turrets are doing. However, judging from his ultimate cooldown, that decreases according to damage and healing done, and to the post game statistics, turrets dps is insanely high, considering that he still has some supporting tricks on top of the damage.
In the end, we can say that he will be surely a viable hero, but maybe it’s not a good choice if you prefer a front line combat instead of an hide and nuke game.


If you never saw a melee hero in a FPS; there is a first time for everything. Reinhard his a giant dude wearing a mechanic armor, bringing a weird weapon to the party: a hammer. We already thought that Hanzo’s bow was pretty.. antique compared to turrets, laser rifles and other hyper technological stuff, but Reinhard’s hammer is even stranger, since it’s not a ranged weapon.
But don’t worry: despite being a melee hero, Reinhardt looks really, really strong, thanks to his insane mobility and survivability. And let’s not forget about how badass he looks!
His playstyle is totally unique: he is a melee tank with a shield, a charge and a ranged attack, that focuses on absorbing damage with his shield, charging in the middle of the fight causing havoc and mayhem, and knocking down the enemies. You could think that a giant melee tank gets bursted down as soon as he enters a fight, but you can’t be more wrong: he can avoid getting kited thanks to his mobilities and support his team with his abilities, while also absorbing damage. If you really like being THE front line, be sure to pick up this hero.


We were joking about how is strange to see a bowman and a giant guy with a hammer in a gunfight. Well, Blizzard gave us something even more unusual: a freaking monkey!
For the sake of clarity, Winston is an ape, not a monkey. And he brings a really cool armor to the party, and a few electrical guns with low range. If you happen to spot this monk…, ahem, ape on the battleground, you can’t do anything but miring how awesome he looks, and dying shortly after if he is on the enemy team.
He is definitely the first hero I’m going to main during Overwatch beta: he is a short range tank with awesome mobility. As a matter of fact, he can avoid getting into close range until he is ready to use his devastating ultimate, tearing his enemies apart. He has also some nice jump tricks, as expected from an ape!
If you like switching from a defensive to a very offensive play style many times during the fight, Winston is the perfect choice for you. Fear the monkey!

For your safety, our Overwatch boost team reminds you that Blizzard won’t be using Overwatch beta keys because of safety reasons, so the only way to get in the Overwatch beta is to receive an official beta invite from Blizzard. Stay safe, don’t buy keys and don’t get scammed!

Remember to check our site tomorrow for the third part of the Overwatch heroes preview!

Overwatch Beta – Heroes Preview – Lucio, McCree and more… – Part 1

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Overwatch Beta Tracer
We already announced our Overwatch boost team: as soon as the beta starts, be sure to use our service to reach the rank you deserve in this brand new Blizzard game. Be aware that Blizzard will not be using keys, because of many scams and key selling the past: so there is no way to get an Overwatch beta key, except getting a beta invite from Blizzard itself.
To be ready for Overwatch release date, we are releasing a few short articles about the hero previews: we gathered information from videos and posts around the web to show you the gameplay and the character you will be playing as in Overwatch. Be sure to check our sites in the following days for the next previews and for the best Overwatch tier lists as soon as the game is released.


The first hero we want to introduce is Lucio: let’s be honest, he looks really cool!

He was showcased in a very short video on a new map, Numbani (in South Africa), and it really offers a few unique features. As we already told you in a previous post, sound plays a big role in the Overwatch gameplay, but especially for this hero, who is a crazy dancer. Lucio can switch between two songs: he has a “healing” and a “damaging” song. The first is represented in yellow, the damaging song in green. Moreover even his ultimate changes the song, but it’s hard to understand its real impact because the video was too short and chaotic. However we assure you that it’s a really innovative feature.
We aren’t sure about how the enemies will hear the song, and mainly we don’t know if they can give Lucio’s position away or not. If that is the case, they will be surely used to play mind games on your opponent and to create more outplaying opportunities. If you wonder how well Lucio will perform, be sure to check our incoming Overwatch tier list!

Mercy and Zenyatta

Our Overwatch boost team was really fascinated by this new hero, Mercy. She is a traditional support with a “twist”: she specializes in healing through her beam weapon (additionally it also seems to buff her allies, but the preview was really short and we can’t be totally sure), but she has a secondary weapon that focuses on damage. The perfect Mercy player will need to find the perfect balance between healing and dealing damage. We can compare her to the Medic in Team Fortress, but her play style may be slightly different, because it is more damage oriented; however it’s hard not to think of the Medic when we see her healing weapon.
What really impressed us is her model: she has a pretty cool cybernetic angel theme, something unique in the game that it’s easy to notice. Her glowing wings are the perfect final touch to an already interesting hero.
I don’t know why, but after seeing her preview I had an urge to play Devil May Cry.

In the same video Zenyatta was showcased as well, but it’s hard to understand her mechanics as the preview focuses on Mercy. We can see that both are supports, but Zenyatta has a more peculiar play style and will probably be harder to master.


McCree will surely look familiar: he is the typical man with a gun. His weapon really defines him, it’s his signature mark, just like Hanzo’s bow. He isn’t as unique and innovative as the robot angel Mercy, but his model is amazing. His play style is pretty straight forward: he specializes in ranged damage, both single target and area of effect thanks to his devastating ultimate.
He has obvious weaknesses: despite his high damage, he is pretty vulnerable in melee range and relies a lot on his healers and on positioning to survive. If you like a “shoot everything you see” play style, our Overwatch Boost team recommends you to pick up this hero. Of course he is simple to play, but this doesn’t mean that he is not effective: as we saw from the preview video, his weapon can be deadly.. not to mention his badass appearance.


In a game full of high-technologic weapons, laser rifles and mechanical angels, we thought that McCree was crazy bringing only a simple gun to the party. Well, what if we told you that Hanzo uses a simple bow?
In his short preview video we saw how that bow can be game changing: Hanzo is surely able to fight evenly with his hyper powered enemies, despite his… antique weapon.
His abilities are really unique: he is a long range damage dealer that hunts down his prey climbing on walls, tracking them with his arrows and lastly shooting them through walls and other obstacles. Yeah, you read it correctly: he has the ability to damage any coward that hides behind a wall. You can’t escape our favourite so easily, silly.
Of course this hero has a really high skill cap, as he really depends on positioning and having a clean sight of his enemy to chase them and finish them off. He is a real beast with his bow, and has a great mobility on top of that, adding a lot of outplay opportunities despite his squishiness and lack of other defenses. It’s almost an unwritten rule that the character with the most outdated weapon is the deadliest, and Hanzo knows that for sure.


So we already descripted two “old school” heroes: a bowman and a gunman. Now we will show you something more futuristic and cyberpunk: Tracer, the time bender.
This woman is the perfect assassin: she has an insane damage output, but her strength is in her mobility. Sure, her burst pistols are cool, her Pulse Bomb is terrifying (at the very least), and her damage in fights is insane, but what really defines her is the “time traveler” theme. She has the ability to teleport many yards away from her position, making outplays almost too easy. She can re position quickly after killing an enemy, or just try to create as much chaos as possible in the enemy team while staying safe thanks to her swiftness.
If you are familiar with League of Legends, her Recall talent will surely remind you of Ekko’s ultimate. With this special ability Tracer is able to travel back in time, going back to the position where she was a few seconds before, healing for a part of the damage received and even getting some ammo back in the process. A good Tracer player can really be creative with this ability, overextending on purpose to bait the enemies just to Recall to safety; but this ability has also a great defensive use.
Her kit is really unique and fun to play and seems the perfect balance of swiftness, damage and survivability, offering a complete set of abilities with the potential of really cool plays. Sure, she looks really hard to master, but that’s the fun part, isn’t it?

Be sure to check our site in the next days for more heroes preview, and to find more news about this upcoming Blizzard game, including Overwatch release date and more gameplay in general.

Click for Part 2.

Overwatch – Beta Information, Release Date, Voice chat

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For our first Overwatch Blog post, we would like to announce that we are already forming an Overwatch boost team, a team of professionals dedicated to assist you with ranking up. We already provide similar services, League of Legends Boosting and Heroes of the Storm Boosting.
overwatch beta

Overwatch Beta Keys

Blizzard stated that they will not be using keys because of many scams and phishing attempts, also because of key selling. So make sure not to get tricked into buying a key. Overwatch also tweeted that “beta invites haven’t gone out yet”.
Overwatch Beta Tweet

Since we are still a couple of days away from the beta release, today we will show you what we saw on 15th October preview stream. If you happened to miss it, now you can have a preview of the Overwatch gameplay.
The stream lasted for two hours, on the channels of HayliNic and Ellohime. We saw many things worth mentioning: a new map, “Dorado”; two heroes, Roadhog and Junkrat, and many previews of the UI. The game is surely already at a great point, as we all expected since Overwatch beta release is scheduled for 27 October.

Overwatch Beta Preview

Personally we really liked the new character select lobby: in the new UI there are tips about how to optimize your team composition, a really useful tool for new players. For example, let’s say that your team has too many tanks but lacks damage: the system will suggest you to pick more assassins to balance the team composition. Of course Blizzard didn’t want to enforce the meta too much, and you are free to ignore these tips and follow your heart. Remember to always check our Overwatch tier list, that you will soon find on our site: you can change characters during the game, so if you are having troubles winning a game, check our tier list and choose the best character!

Developers were active in the Twitch chat as well during the stream, and explained us a really cool mechanic. We saw a “on fire” bar right under your HP. This bar fills up as you score kills and go on a “killing streak”: the best performing player will get a flaming animation around their icon: a nice indicator for the strongest performance according to the bar.
The developers also gave us a little insight on more features that are being “currently explored”: mainly a reward system giving cosmetic items, but who knows? Maybe there will be more! Another cool feature was spotted in the post game lobby: the four best achievement of the friendly team are displayed as cards, for example most kills, most damage done and so on. Every team member can “vote” for the most worthy achievement at the end of the game: another feature that rewards the most impactful players. But as we said, these aren’t official features yet, so they may be subject to changes during the Overwatch beta.

Lastly, if you like muting the sound of the game and listen to your own music, I have bad news for you. Sound is a major part of Overwatch gameplay: if you are careful, you can listen to your enemies footsteps to anticipate them, and many abilities have their own sound. If you watched the stream, you know how scary the sound of Riptire, Junkrat’s ability, can be. Don’t underestimate the mental effects and try to find different ways to mind game your opponents exploiting the sound.

Overwatch Voice Chat

Keep in mind that Overwatch will also feature a voice chat! This is a huge innovation that will surely improve the communication, a crucial element in every game. Of course this feature is still in development, but you can try it during the Overwatch beta. Blizzard was really cryptic about it, but maybe we can expect to see the voice chat added also to other Blizzard games, namely Heroes of the Storm.

However the stream didn’t gave us any information about other new heroes or prices. Be sure to check our site in the next few days, because our Overwatch boost team will make sure to update you with latest news
From what we saw, Overwatch looks like a really fun game, and the beta starts in a few days: everything we saw on the streams will be available on 27 October, so don’t miss it! Good luck with getting beta access soon.


Boosting Factory’s Overwatch Boost team.

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