In the ninth competitive season of Overwatch 2, players can now get their hands on a fresh weapon variant called Jade weapons. These weapons provide a new reward option for players who've been around the Overwatch block and are looking for something different from the usual Golden weapons.

Unlike the Golden ones, Jade weapons can't be bought with old competitive points, now called Legacy points. Instead, you'll need to earn points starting from season nine to snag these unique additions to your arsenal.

unlocking jade weapons

How To Unlock Jade Weapons in Overwatch 2

You can unlock Jade weapons in the Hero Gallery for any hero you like, but they come with a price tag of 3,000 competitive points per hero. When you spend those credits, you'll get the Jade version of every weapon that hero uses. For example, if you get the Jade weapon for Venturehis gun will turn to green.

It's important to note that Golden weapons and Jade weapons use different currencies. Golden weapons are bought with legacy competitive points earned from past seasons, while Jade weapons require current competitive points.

To gather enough points for Jade weapons, you'll need to win or tie plenty of competitive Overwatch 2 matches. This means these weapons are a symbol of skill and dedication among players.

How To Get Competitive Points in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, you earn competitive points by winning or tying Competitive Play games. Before season nine, you couldn't get points if you lost, but that's changed now.

Starting from season nine, there's a big shake-up in how competitive points work. In the past, you could save up your points indefinitely and use them whenever you wanted to buy Golden weapons. But now, the points you earned before season nine will become legacy competitive points.

Legacy points are only for buying old Golden weapons, while the points you earn from season nine onward can only be used to buy Jade weapons.

Also, now your competitive points won't stick around forever. They'll expire at the end of the year, so you can't hoard them anymore. This means you'll want to aim for current rewards like Jade Weapons since you can't get those with legacy points. But don't worry, if your points expire, they'll just turn into legacy points at the end of 2024.

How To Get Competitive Points Fast

Sadly, there's no magic bullet here except - play competitive and win as many games as you can. As I said above, you get CP for both winning and losing, let me explain.

If you win you get 10 CP and if you draw, you get 5 CP. However, there's a Competitive Progression bar that fills up. You get 3 progress points for wins, while draws and losses give you 1 point. Therefore, you also grind, slowly, but still grind CPs with losses too. After you fill the bar up with 30 progress points, you get 100 CP and you can repeat this process over and over.

Note that in order for Competitive Progression system to work, you must have less than 3000 CPs acquired, therefore, make sure to spend them everytime you reach 3000. You can still acquire more than 3000 but only through regular 10 per win and 5 per draw. That's in case you want to save them.

After doing some math that I won't bother you with, on average you need around 250 games per 1 Jade Weapon. Wow!

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