Overwatch 2 Season 9 introduces the thrilling Cosmic Crisis, a PvE event packed with exciting rewards for players to earn. This event marks a significant addition to Blizzard's Hero shooter, alongside notable Competitive adjustments and a Pharah rework.

Cosmic Crisis offers a unique blend of co-op gameplay with a PvP twist, adding an exciting dynamic to the Overwatch 2 experience. Players can expect fresh challenges and opportunities to unlock exclusive rewards throughout the event.

From the end date to the rewards up for grabs, here's everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis event and how it all works.

When Does Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis End?

The Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis event will end on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. This means players have approximately a month to participate in the event and unlock all the rewards. The event launched alongside the Season 9 update on February 13.

What is Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis Event?

Introducing Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis, a fresh co-op mode where players band together to thwart a threat lurking beneath Antarctica. In this non-canon adventure, you and up to three friends can tackle the challenge, with four difficulty levels from Normal to Legendary.

Blizzard revealed that replaying the story is encouraged as new Mission Modifiers will be introduced weekly throughout the event. The first, Death from Above, rains airstrikes across the map, challenging teams to evade them.

Although Cosmic Crisis is primarily a cooperative endeavor, it also features a PvP twist. In each session, one player will be contacted by the Ravager. Should they accept, they embark on a mission to take down their former teammates.

Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis Rewards

Cosmic Ravager (Name Card)
Challenge: Complete 12 Cosmic Crisis challenges

Cosmic Ravager (Player Title)
Challenge: Win all Cosmic Crisis Modifiers

Cosmic Ravager (Spray)
Challenge: Win Cosmic Crisis on any difficulty

Cosmic Ravager (Player Icon)
Challenge: Win Cosmic Crisis on Hard difficulty

Mysteries of Creation (Moira Voice Line)
Challenge: Win Cosmic Crisis on Expert difficulty

Crisis Survivor (Player Title)
Challenge: Win Cosmic Crisis on Legendary difficulty

Cosmic Snack (Spray)
Challenge: Win Cosmic Crisis: Death from Above

Stop Rocking the Boat (Torbjorn Voice Line)
Challenge: Win Cosmic Crisis: Molten Cores

So Strange! (Mei Voice Line)
Challenge: Win Cosmic Crisis: Thunderstorm

Crash Site (Spray)
Challenge: Escape Antarctica without the dropship taking damage

Cold and Dark (Sigma Voice Line)
Challenge: Give in to the Cosmic Ravager and win Cosmic Crisis

The Dark (Ana Voice Line)
Challenge: Defy the Cosmic Ravager and win Cosmic Crisis

Wandering Off (Illari Voice Line)
Challenge: Win Cosmic Crisis after a teammate betrays you

Gross (Roadhog Voice Line)
Challenge: Dismember three limbs on a Charger before destroying it

2,500 Battle Pass XP (x3)
Challenge: Complete 10, 20, and 30 games respectively

Ravager Sushi (Weapon Charm)
Challenge: Complete 40 games. Wins grant double progress

Cosmic Crisis Modifiers

As usual with these types of events, modifiers for the missions launch later. Here are the dates.

Feb. 20: Death from Above (Adds deadly artillery strikes)
Feb. 27: Molten Core (Drops lava on the battlefield after bots are destroyed)
March 5: Thunderstorm (Damages players who get too close)

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