Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about Apex Legends’ Fuse. Fuse was added in Season 8 of Apex Legends.

First I will review Fuse’s abilities and then add some more tips and strategies for Fuse. Since I am a professional Apex Legends booster, I will share my knowledge about Fuse with you today. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

Fuse’s Abilities

I will start off with the passive and move on to other abilities then.

Passive: Grenadier

This ability allows Fuse to carry two grenades per inventory slot instead of one like other legends. He also throws grenades further, faster, and more precisely. In Arenas, Fuse can hold up to 6 grenades instead of 3.

Tactical: Knuckle Cluster

This ability allows Fuse to shoot a grenade that explodes and then continuously shoots little bombs in the targeted area. The cooldown is 20 seconds. You can also stick the enemy with it. It’s very useful to destroy traps, decoys, and more.

Ultimate: Motherlode

Similar to his Tactical, Fuse shoots a grenade that explodes and creates a ring of fire around a large area dealing damage to anyone that goes through the fire and slows them similar to Bangalore’s ultimate. It will also slow your teammates but not damage them.

It will deal 35 base damage and then 8 for each burn (5 ticks) which is a total of 75 damage. If they stand in the fire instead of moving out, they will get an additional 12 per tick. This ability is not that useful in small spaces but more outdoors similar to Gibraltar.

Fuse Tips

  • Always stack up on grenades, never run out grenades.

  • Use grenades to force enemies out of covers and houses since you can launch them really far. If they’re behind a rock, throw a couple left and right in order to pick up some damage when they predictably run out.

  • Use your tactical to destroy Rampart’s barriers, Mirage decoys, Wattson fences, Revenant’s totem, or Loba’s Black Market.

  • You can’t destroy Caustic barrels (only trigger them), Octane pads and Wattson pylon will still absorb your tactical.

  • Use your tactical to get enemies from behind covers as you do with the grenades, sometimes it's better for them to just stay behind and take the damage

  • You can also stick your tactical to a door and destroy it, picking up kills on enemies behind the door

  • Your ultimate is more useful when used as a zoning tool instead of a damage tool, place it around a house and throw grenades in it, or place it on mountain passages while enemies try to go through with a circle behind their back

  • Avoid using the ultimate in tight areas and buildings. Also, avoid using it on areas with a change of height such as boxes or hills because enemies can often just jump out of it.

  • When your enemies are inside your ring of fire, throw grenades at them in all directions and make them panic.

  • Pair Fuse with teammates with AoE abilities such as Caustic, Gibraltar, Bangalore, Horizon… Those legends can pair your ultimate with theirs.
  • You can use the ultimate to set chokepoints on fire while escaping from enemies to secure your escape.

Final words

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