Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you the Valorant gun tier list and rank all the weapons in Valorant to form a tier list that you can use when buying the guns.

To be clear, this weapon tier list is mostly precise, but some weapons might vary a tier higher or lower, depending on which ranks you are playing in, your comfortability with a given weapon, and so on.

All Valorant boosters are using this gun tier list and we will keep updating it together for you every time a new balance patch comes out. Make sure to bookmark the tier list! Now, let’s dig in.

Valorant Best Guns Tier List Cheatsheet

I will drop the cheatsheet here in case you’re in a hurry and just want to check the best guns in Valorant. Below the cheat sheet, I will explain why each weapon is in a certain tier.

Valorant Best Gun Tier List

S Tier


The infamous Operator. You surely hate playing against it, and you’re right to do so. One-shot anywhere except legs will one tap a target. The range is pretty much unlimited, you can shoot anywhere on the map.

However, the unscoped precision is brutally bad, it’s pretty much random and you shouldn't rely on it, also, you can’t defend from an aggressive push so it’s probably a good idea to head back if you don’t stop the push by killing one or two immediately.


Vandal is probably the best and most versatile weapon in the game. This is because it one taps people in the head, and doing headshots is what you should be striving for in Valorant.


Phantom is like a little brother of Vandal. It’s more consistent with a better fire rate, but cannot one tap enemies in the head. If you’re a new player, maybe go with Phantom instead of Vandal, but as soon as you get comfortable it’s time to move onto Vandal and practice headshotting.

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A Tier


Spectre is an SMG with a much higher fire rate than Vandal and Phantom but obviously weaker damage. It’s a great choice for when you’re not fully buying but rather half buying.


Similar to Spectre, you buy Bulldog only when you don't have enough for Vandal or Phantom, but enough to buy it for 2100 and still have the economy under control.

It doesn’t one tap with a headshot as expected but still punches fairly decently, past 10 bullets the recoil gets really hard.


Ghost is an amazing pistol and pretty much the best choice for pistol or eco rounds. 15 bullets per magazine and 105 damage for a close-range headshot which means one tap on pistol rounds if enemies don’t have shields.

It’s even a great choice on the start of the half instead of going for light shields with the classic. Personal preference.


Odin is a weapon that’s actually pretty good, has high penetration so it’s great for drilling through walls when needed.

Has a ridiculous 100 bullet magazine, fire rate, and takes 2 headshots to kill. It’s more expensive than Vandal and Phantom so I would buy this only when I’m trying to piss off enemies and win in the psychological battle, or when I’m sitting on a huge pile of cash because if I die it won’t hurt the economy so much.


Sheriff one taps people in the head but not on longer ranges, if that were the case Sheriff would be much much better. For now, it’s a personal preference, good for players who play a lot of McCree in Overwatch or Deagle in CS:GO.

B Tier


Our first Shotgun on the list. While Shotguns are not that great in Valorant at the moment, Bucky can be a decent 900 credit pick because it can one-shot people at 15 meters or less with the right-click.

You could sometimes buy it on defense in half buy rounds while holding a nasty angle and waiting for people to walk in.


Marshall, unlike Operator, doesn’t one tap people in the body, it does in the head. It’s a decent sniper for defense when holding a site in an eco or half buy round.


Simply not that great of a gun, rather go for a Spectre or proper pistol eco.


Guardian one taps people in the head but is simply still too expensive, it’s a decent buy if you’re at the end of the half and trying to get rid of all cash.

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C Tier


A cheap SMG with a high fire rate with a pretty bad spray and works only on closer ranges.


Only useful on closer ranges and too expensive.


2 bullet mag cheap shotgun which is good only after losing the first round and trying to pick up some close range kills around the angle.


Only good on close ranges for players who can control the extremely fast fire rate, recoil, and only 10 bullets in the mag. This is once again for cheesing, you can buy Frenzy + Light shield on eco round when with Ghost you cannot get the light shield as well. I’d still go with the Ghost and abilities though.

Wrapping up the gun tier list

I hope you enjoyed my best guns tier list in Valorant, bookmark the post because I will update it shortly after a balance patch comes out!

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