Hey everyone! Today I’m going to keep it short and sweet and let you know everything we know about the new Valorant agent Fade. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

When is Fade Release Date?

Fade is confirmed to be released with Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 on 27th April 2022.

Who is Fade?

Fade is a Turkish female agent. Once an important person in her life went missing, she suspected that Valorant protocol is behind it. She then contacted Brimstone and threatened to expose them unless their innocence is proven. She then proceeded to do the same to all Valorant agents.

Valorant strike team tracked her down in Istanbul but she fled and used her radiant powers to stall the ground squad, however, KAYO took her down. Brimstone and Cypher interrogated her while she kept using her Radiant powers during interrogation. She ended up being recruited as a 20th agent.

Fade Abilities

E - Haunt - Fade is able to equip a black entity in form of an orb. She can throw the orb and once that orb hits an obstacle, it drops to the ground and forms a demon in the air that reveals anyone in its line of sight. It can be destroyed by enemies as well. And, Fade can re-use the ability to drop it mid-flight instead of waiting for it to hit an obstacle or a wall.

Q - Seize - Fade can equip another orb that she can throw and once it hits an obstacle it creates an area effect like a molly, anyone caught in the zone can not escape the zone by normal means. She can also use the orb mid flight instead of waiting to hit an obstacle.

C - Prowler - Fade can equip a Prowler which is a creature that can be sent out in a straight line. It will lock onto any enemies or trails in front of the Prowler and chase them while near-sighting them if they get caught. Similar to Raze’s boombot but near sight instead of damage. However, Fade can also hold a fire button to steer the Prowler.

X - Nightfall - Fade can fire and send a wave of nightmare energy that goes through walls and covers a large area such as a whole site. The energy creates a trail to the opponent and deafens and decays them.

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