Valorant can be challenging for a beginner because of its fast-paced gameplay. At first glance, things seem exciting, but once you start playing, you realize you must take care of your aim, weapons, strategy & much more. The game has a learning curve.

To help you with this learning curve, I will share below not 1 or 2 but 30 tips to get better at Valorant.

1. Get the game settings right

No matter how good your game skills are, if the game isn’t running lag-free, you will be at a disadvantage. Therefore, start by optimizing the settings first. FPS should be at least double the monitor refresh rate.

If you do not want to go into the details, simply stick to the settings below:

  • Experimental Sharpening: Off

  • Anti-Aliasing: 1x

  • Bloom: Off

  • Material quality: Low

  • UI quality: Low

  • Vignette: Off

  • Anisotropic Filtering: Off

  • Texture quality: Low

  • Improve Clarity: Off

  • Vsync: None

  • Detail quality: Low

  • Distortion: Off

  • Cast Shadows: Off

Besides these settings, choose fullscreen under Display Mode in the settings menu. The settings above ensure the game utilizes the lowest possible resources from your PC, resulting in better lag-free performance.

You can read more about this in our: The Best Valorant Settings For Max FPS and Performance

2. Peek before moving into the open

Better awareness of surroundings helps you improve your gameplay. The best way to become more aware of your surroundings is to jump-peek. But how to do that?

Step 1: Choose a knife over a weapon since it increases your speed. For the peek, ensure you approach at 45 degrees.

Step 2: Peeking beyond the edge, involves jumping when you are near the edge and then pressing the W button to move forward.

Step 3: When you move forward, glance towards the left (if peeking right). Press the keys A and S to get back behind the wall or obstacles.

This maneuver helps you peek and then get back to cover. Such a simple move enables you to know about the surroundings without risking exposure.

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3. Improve your communication

Communication plays a very crucial role in Valorant. Proper callouts are necessary to synchronize your moves with your teammates. If you aren’t familiar with the map, there is a simple way to learn more about it.

Select the map under the custom game option and use the M key to expand the minimap and see different areas. Since the map is labeled, knowing about other regions and remembering them when playing with your teammates is easy.

4. Watch pros play

Whether trying to learn Valorant or any other game, watching professional players play is the best way to learn the game. Simply head over to youtube or Twitch and watch professional players play. A few traits to watch out for include:

  • Mechanical skills

  • Sleek movement

  • Weapon usage

  • Teamplay

  • Merely watching them play for 20 to 30 minutes daily will help you improve your gameplay drastically.

    Read more in our guide: Top 10 Pro Crosshair Settings in Valorant You Need To Try where you can see what kind of crosshairs do pros use.

    5. Choose the right crosshair

    After mentioning crosshairs above, lets talk about them further.

    In any shooting game, the crosshair settings play a vital role. The good news is that Valorant allows you to customize crosshair. When changing crosshair settings, remember a few things:

  • The color of the crosshair shouldn’t blend with the surrounding.

  • Crosshair size should be easy to view on the screen.

  • Besides the crosshair settings, its positioning matters a lot as well. Ideally, you should position it near head level. It means were an enemy to appear at that spot; the crosshair would be near the head of the enemy. That helps you get the headshot and a quick kill.

    Read more in our: Top 10 Pro Crosshair Settings in Valorant You Need To Try

    6. Do not spray bullets

    Anyone who has played even a single game of Valorant knows that most guns have recoil. Therefore, spraying bullets when you see an enemy will likely mean you don’t hit the target because of recoil.

    A better approach is to use Phantom or Vandal and opt for burst firing. Small bursts help you handle recoil better and hit the target. Once the recoil effect disappears, go for another burst. It provides a better opportunity to kill the opponent than spraying and praying.

    Read more about aiming with Vandal in our: Top 8 Pro Tips For Perfect Aim With Vandal In Valorant

    7. Use the practice mode

    Did you know Valorant has a practice mode?

    Choose the agent you want, experiment with their abilities, and familiarize yourself with their movement. A hint of realism is added since you can play against the AI. If you wish to learn more about crosshair placement, gun recoil, or jump peeking, the practice mode will teach you about all this and more.

    Valorant offers four different practice modes, which are:

  • Open Range

  • Shooting test

  • Spike Planting

  • Spike defuse

  • You can choose the aspect of the game you want to perfect and get more than enough practice to hone your skills. Since most other players do not like to spend time in practice mode, this is your chance to get better than them.

    8. Master a few agents

    valorant characters
    Curiosity gets the better of most players when choosing an agent in Valorant. Therefore, they experiment with different agents. However, mastering a few agents is the best way to gain an edge over the competition.

    Sure enough, your team might require you to fill in a role, but do that only if you are well acquainted with that agent.

    Practice mode can come to your rescue in this regard. Try out different agents to find which one is most suited for you, and in the match, choose agents accordingly.

    Remember, you can do more for your team when you choose an agent you are familiar with rather than one your team wants you to choose.

    However, not every agent is viable at any given time. Check our Valorant Tier List to see which agents are currently meta and can be used to their fullest potential.

    9. Spend Carefully

    Like most other games online, Valorant also requires you to spend the in-game currency (Valorant Points or VP) to purchase resources like sprays, characters, unique items, upgrade weapons, etc. Out of these weapon purchases are the most crucial.

    Rather than spending all your points in a single round to purchase substandard weapons, it is best to play a round with a pistol and go for a full buy in the next round. Such an approach can help you manage your points better and improve your winning odds.

    Read more about this in our Valorant Economy Guide.

    10. Stay still while firing

    Yes, Valorant is a fast-paced game. However, in certain situations, it makes sense to stay still. The primary among them is while firing.

    There are numerous reasons for this like:

  • Staying still while firing allows you to use cover and protect yourself.

  • Staying still helps you handle recoil better.

  • Staying still improves your shooting accuracy.

  • Therefore, instead of mindlessly moving around and trying to spray the enemy simply, take cover, stay still, and fire around the head height. That will do you more good.

    11. Keep the aim at head level as much as you can

    Seasoned FPS players might be aware of this tip, but it will be useful for beginners. When moving to a new map area, always keep the weapon aim at head level. It will help you hit the enemy in no time if they are present in the area you are entering. Since you already have the crosshair near them, that split-second advantage will help you fire sooner and finish them off. Instead of getting caught by surprise, such an approach will help you catch the enemy off guard.

    12. Familiarize yourself with the weapons

    In any FPS game, including Valorant, your familiarity with the weapons plays an important role in your success.

    Valorant offers you 17 weapon options. These weapons vary in different attributes like:

  • Spray pattern

  • Recoil

  • Class

  • Types of weapons can also vary from SMGs to pistols to sniper rifles. Some guns like Vandal have high recoil, whereas others like Phantom have little recoil making it a favorite among pros.

    This is where the practice mode can once again save you. Try out different weapons in the practice mode to better understand which suits you the best.

    13. Use the In-Game minimap

    valorant minimap
    Valorant, similar to other FPS games, has a minimap. The map is visible on the screen at most times. It provides you with tons of information like:

  • Position of friendly agents

  • Position of your agent

  • Names of various map areas

  • Ability to set location markers

  • Beginners might be wondering how that can improve the player's skills.

    The answer is that these features can improve your teamplay skills. Additionally, you can enable visual cones through Minimap settings; it also lets you know which direction an agent is facing. All these help save crucial time in collaboration. In any FPS game, such time-saving provides an edge over the competition.

    14. Record & watch your gameplay again

    You can’t improve if you don’t know where you are lacking. Therefore, record your gameplay and watch it again. While it is not easy to see your character getting killed repeatedly, it will help you understand how to avoid the same mistake in the future. It might seem like a simple tip, but it will consistently help you improve your valorant skills.

    Our Valorant coaching service will also help with this surely.

    15. Play more

    Repetitions can help you pick up most skills, including Valorant gaming skills. Simply put, the more rank matches you compete in, the more you familiarize yourself with:

  • Agents

  • Map

  • Playstyles

  • Weapons

  • Etc

  • The more familiar you are with them, the better you can handle them. Therefore, if you get owned in valorant in your first few matches, rather than ditching the game, play more instead.

    16. Avoid scoping-in at all times

    valorant scope
    Taking control of various areas of the map is a sure-shot way to win the game. However, taking control doesn’t mean you have to stay scoped in. Sure enough, it might save you a few seconds, but it also comes with its disadvantages.

    Namely, staying scoped-in limits your situational awareness. While you will be fully focused on a certain spot, an enemy can easily sneak in from another direction. Before you detect their sound, they might kill your agent.

    So, what's the best way to hold a spot?

    It is to scope in and out. That way, you can hold the spot, defend an area, and maintain situational awareness.

    17. Change position after every kill

    So, let's say you have picked the perfect spot to get cover and kill the enemy agent. You are successful as well, but what happens after that?

    Most beginners would stay put, hoping to get another kill. But it is a mistake. The player who got killed would have likely conveyed your position to his/her teammate. Therefore, if you stay put in the same place, you are the one who will be killed next.

    To have the upper hand, change positions after every kill. That way, even if the enemy knows your older position, you can take them by surprise when they reach your spot. Such unpredictability will work to your advantage in Valorant.

    18. Do not be afraid to shoot in the blind

    Wait, above I said do not spray and pray, and now I am saying shoot in the blind, so what’s going on?

    Well, both these things are different.

    Spray and pray means not to go shooting around when you spot an enemy.

    Shooting in the blind means shooting whenever the enemy smokes a spot. Most seasoned players smoke when they want to move through that area. Chances are, right after smoking an area, they will pass through it. Therefore if you shoot in the blind at that time, the chances of getting a kill are pretty high. Moreover, while passing through smoke, most players let their guard down, thinking they are safe. It further increases the probability of getting a kill.

    19. Choose guns according to your aiming skills

    Weapons should always be chosen according to your skill level.

    Let’s say you don’t have great aim, then go with guns like the Phantom, Spectre, or a Shotgun. All these have less recoil and, therefore, will help you aim better.

    Have you worked on your aim?

    If yes, go with Sheriff or Vandal, which might have higher recoil, but with proper aiming skills, you can get one-shot headshot and get those coveted kills.

    The point is to know your limitations and strengths before choosing a weapon to fare better in the game.

    20. Invest in a headset

    Improving your Valorant skills isn’t just dependent on the digital aspects of the game. The situational awareness I spoke about above almost depends entirely on your ability to hear and pick up sounds. While you might be completely aware of the game, but if your headset isn’t up to the mark, there is nothing you can do about it.

    Therefore, get a headset that offers 7.1 surround sound, to detect different sounds accurately. Such sounds can be the difference between an enemy sneaking up on you undetected or you knowing about the enemy agent in advance and catching him/her off guard.

    I personally use Steelseries Arctis Pro.

    21. Learn the location names

    Do B long, mid, and A site mean anything to you?

    If you are a seasoned valorant player, you would know what these mean. For beginners, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different zones of every map to communicate with team players swiftly.

    The best way to know more about the map is to opt for a custom game (all by yourself), select the map you want to learn about, and press the “M” button to enlarge the minimap. Once enlarged, it is easy to go through the map zones and learn more about them.

    Another option is to search for the maps online and go through the zones.

    Calling out the right map areas makes communicating and moving swiftly during the game easy.

    22. Do not forget to ping the bomb site

    Sooner than later, it might happen that after planting the spike, your agent might die. It is important to convey to your team members that the spike has been planted. Failing to do so will make it difficult to win the game.

    Therefore, the simplest way to use your skills is to ping the bomb site so your team players can easily defend it.

    23. Be aware of your team members

    Valorant is a game that is seldom won on a lone-wolf basis. That is why it is best to pay attention to your team members if you want to improve your gaming skills and be on the winning side.

    Let’s say, at the start of the game, all your teammates are moving towards site A; it’s best to stick with them to take control of site A. In such a case, wandering as a lone wolf will not only put you at risk but also jeopardize the strategy of your entire team.

    Not only that, it is difficult to tackle the other team alone. Therefore, you won’t even get a chance to showcase your skills or hone them, if you move alone.

    24. Optimize mouse sensitivity

    No, there is no right answer to this. I can’t dictate whether high or low sensitivity will be proper for you. Test things out and then choose a suitable option. Follow the procedure below to do so:

    Step 1: Decide a spot on the wall in the game.

    Step 2: Move around while trying to keep the crosshair at that very spot.

    Step 3: Try this with different sensitivity settings.

    Step 4: Select the sensitivity setting that allows you to remain closest to the spot while moving.

    This simple procedure helps you choose the right sensitivity setting to improve your aim.

    Read more: Valorant Sensitivity - Guide For Optimal Mouse Sens

    25. Shoot enemies while crouching or jumping around the corners

    If you have cover, do not leave it while shooting an enemy. If that is not an option, crouching or jumping can help.

    While you are shooting at the enemies, they will try to do the same. However, if you crouch suddenly or jump around, you can maintain your aim reasonably well while they will be surprised by your sudden movement. That is why I always try to jump while shooting or at least crouch.

    It will provide little extra time to aim and kill the enemy while he/she tries to figure out your movements.

    26. Equip yourself with a knife while running

    valorant knife
    Let’s say your team members have confirmed that all opponents are at site B, and you are stuck at site A. So, how to get to Site B faster?

    Equip yourself with a knife to run faster. It will save you some seconds, which will be useful when eliminating enemies at site B.


    Before you reach the site or the engagement points nearby, ensure you draw out your weapon. Otherwise, you would be a sitting duck.

    27. Try to detect the weakest player in the enemy team

    So, you are still working on your Valorant skills?

    If yes, what if you could face the weakest player of the opponent's team? You would have a better chance, wouldn’t you?

    The best way to detect the weakest player on the opposite team is to play a few rounds against that team. After that, scan the scoreboard, and you will know who is bottom fragging from the opposite team.

    Observe that player's movement, and chances are you will know their preference for a site or section. In the next round, you can catch them cold.

    Sure enough, this is not a foolproof way to find the weakest link, but it works most of the time if you are good at spotting patterns.

    28. Pick a gun according to your responsibility

    Most seasoned teams divide roles among their players. Therefore, after playing with your team for a while, you will know what is expected of you. In that case, picking a gun according to your responsibility can help you amplify your gaming skills.

    Let’s say your job is monitoring B long in Icebox; then opting for a shotgun doesn’t make sense. A Vandal might be a better choice in that case.

    29. Do not forget the spike

    The defenders' job is to not allow attackers to take control of any site and plant the spike. The attackers need to do exactly the opposite. So in whichever team you are, you can’t ignore the spike. As a defender, you must take control of the likely sites to prevent planting. As an attacker, it is your job to plant it no matter what. Because even if you lose after planting the spike, you get extra credits.

    30. Perfect an agent

    After playing around a bit, you will know which agent suits you the best. Once you find out, it is best to know everything you can about it. To do so, stick to the tips below:

    Learn about the abilities of the agent. Watch videos of the agent. Learn which maps are best for that agent. Understand which play style works best with that agent. Once you master these, you will have a distinct advantage when choosing that agent.

    Wrapping it up:

    Well, that was an exhaustive list of tips to improve your Valorant skills, wasn’t it? The truth is that valorant has so many aspects to it that, to truly improve at it, you need to consider all these tips.

    However, if you do not want to go through all of that hard work, simply try our Valorant rank boosting service to swiftly climb through the ranks with the help of professional players. We can get you started, today!

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