Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be teaching you how to play Brimstone from Valorant. He's one of the OG agents that's still being actively played because he's simply solid as a whole. You can check our Valorant Tier List to see how well is he doing in the meta right now.

Brimstone will probably be your go-to if you want a good Controller Agent that is also pretty easy to play. But you can't just let him handle things for you. You need to know a few things.

Controllers use their skills, such as smoke, abilities that do damage in a certain area, and others, to help their team. Brimstone smokes are some of the best in the game, and they can make it easier and safer for your team to get into a bombsite.

Brimstone is a good Agent for people who are just starting out or who have never played a smoker part before but want to learn. The best thing about his gear is that he can smoke. But if the rest of his skills are used right, they can also be very helpful to the team.

Without further ado, lets start with some facts about Brimstone.

Who is Brimstone, anyway?

Brimstone, Liam Byrne by his real name, is from the United States. He worked as a firefighter for the Boston Fire Department (BFD) and then as a soldier for the Ragged Ravens, a Special Forces team. He worked in both jobs with a close friend he had known since they were kids. He also joined Kent Corporation and worked for their company K-SEC for a long time.

After the events of First Light, the secret VALORANT Protocol was started. Byrne was the first agent to join, and he later became the head and commander of the group, called "Brimstone." In recent years, his job has put him more in the background, but Brimstone has never been interested in working behind a desk, so he makes sure to still be on the pitch from time to time.

Brimstone Abilities

Lets dig into Brimstone's abilities and learn how to use them properly.

Stim Beacon [C]

INSTANTLY toss down a stim beacon. Upon landing, it creates a field that grants players a Combat Stim and a Speed Boost.

  • Cost: 200 credits

  • Duration: 12 seconds

  • Charges: 1

  • Function: Gives a buff of 15% rapid-fire, 15% speed boost, 10% equip speed, 10% reload speed, 10% recovery speed

  • Default Command Key: C

Brimstone throws a Steam Beacon onto the ground. Any team member standing in its range gets important buffs. These buffs include a 15% increase in the rate of fire and movement speed, as well as a 10% increase in the speed of reloading, equipping, and aim recovery. The beacon can't be destroyed. Also, every time a partner gets a kill while the beacon is active, you get an assist.

It's not the most important skill, but it's good to have when you and your team are about to take over a site. Drop the beacon on the ground like a mic drop and run full speed into the spot.

brimstone stim beacon

Stim Beacon Tips

1.Stim Beacons are used when you know a fight is coming and you are standing still in the area. It gives you more control, faster reloading, and more shots per second.

2. People might not think about using this as an attacker, but it can still do a lot of good for your team. Even after you leave the Stim Beacon's area, the Rapid Fire buff will still last for 4 seconds. This can give an edge to entry fraggers like Breach, Phoenix, or Reyna when they attack entry points.

3. Stim Beacon lasts for a total of 12 seconds, but the Rapid Fire stays with you for 4 seconds after the Beacon goes away (or after you leave the area of effect). As long as the Beacon is still on, you can move back into the area of impact to make the Rapid Fire last for another 4 seconds. This way you can dance around the beacon without getting killed.

4. If an enemy walks into your Stim Beacon, they will get Rapid Fire. This means that where you put your Beacon is important. If you're not sure where to put the Beacon, put it just behind where your team is moving. This way, allies can go back and touch it if they need to, and enemies can't use Rapid Fire.

Incendiary [Q]

EQUIP an incendiary grenade launcher. FIRE to launch a grenade that detonates as it comes to a rest on the floor, creating a lingering fire zone that damages players within the zone.

  • Cost: 250 credits

  • Duration: 7 seconds

  • Charges: 1

  • Damage: 60HP per second

  • Function: A grenade that does damage in an area.

  • Default Command Key: Q

brimstone incendiary

Incendiary Tips

1. When you're defending, you can use the Incendiary to slow down or push back the enemy, or even kill them if they're stuck in a choke spot.

2. There's no question that the best time to use his molly is after he plants it. It lets you keep the enemy from taking out the spike while staying safe. His line-ups come into play

3. The Incendiary canister has a slow speed, but its range is amazing. You can easily shoot an Incendiary across the map, as long as you know where to shoot from to make sure it hits where you want it to instead of exploding on a roof.

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Sky Smoke [E]

EQUIP a tactical map. FIRE to set locations where Brimstone's smoke clouds will land. ALT FIRE to confirm, launching long-lasting smoke clouds that block vision in the selected area.

  • Cost: 100 credits

  • Duration: 19 seconds

  • Charges: 3

  • Function: Blocks the vision in a selected area

  • Default Command Key: E

brimstone sky smoke

Sky Smoke Tips

1. Sky Smokes are the smokes that last the longest without stopping. Each one lasts 14 seconds. This is a big part of what makes Brimstone such a powerful agent, along with the fact that it can drop up to three at once.

2. If you are near the edge of a Sky Smoke, you can't see anything. If you're in the middle of the smoke, you're not totally blind, but you are nearsighted, and you can't see anything outside the smoke. This makes Sky Smoke one of the most powerful and long-lasting smokes you can get.

3. Most Brimstone players use their Sky Smokes at the beginning of a round, which is a good idea. The key to this ability, though, is to use it on purpose. Don't just put them down on the first three chokepoints you see. Think about how the team is playing and where your smokes will help the team the most.

4. Don't use more than one Sky Smoke when you only need one. I've seen so many Brimstones put all three smokes in the same place to make sure they've blocked all possible lines of sight. But this is often a waste of time and money. If you can stop a choke with one smoke, don't do it more than once.

5. If you keep your Sky Smokes, you can use them to block off all entrances and exits to a spot to make it safer while you try to plant a spike.

6. Another popular trick is to pretend to push the spike to a different place than where it is actually going. If all three Smokes land at the same place, it's likely that the enemies there will get ready for an attack, whether it comes or not.

7. Given that Sky Smokes can only be placed in a small area on Brimstone's tactical map, you can sometimes tell where an enemy Brimstone is by where its smokes are. If more than one smoke lands on the map at the same time, they must be close to the map's centre.

8. This ability has a wide range, but you can't use it from the other side of the map.Before you can call for smokes, you'll need to be close to an area. When you call them in, you're also very exposed, so make sure to stand somewhere safe when you use Sky Smoke.

9. One charge is free, but you can buy up to three more to use at the same time. If you keep one for a round, you can use it in the next round.

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Orbital Strike [X]

EQUIP a tactical map. FIRE to launch a lingering orbital strike laser at the selected location, dealing high damage-over-time to players caught in the selected area.

  • Cost: 7 points

  • Duration: 3 seconds

  • Damage: 20 HP per tick (6.67 ticks per second)

  • Function: Deals high damage to players caught in that area over time.

  • Default Command Key: X

brimstone orbital strike

Orbital Strike Tips

1. When putting out an Orbital Strike, Brimstone's tactical map is quite a bit bigger (i.e., less closed in) than when putting out Sky Smokes. For example, if you stand in front of Site B, you can see almost all of Haven on the tac map.

2. Orbital Strike does a lot of damage in a short amount of time, specifically around 133 damage per second. This is enough to kill any player who can't leave the area of impact ASAP. But be careful not to use this great power against your own team, because Orbital Strike makes friendly fire very easy.

3. After using the strike, it takes 2 seconds for it to start doing damage, which is enough time for many players to avoid getting hurt or dying. Still, it can be hard to avoid if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time near the middle of the blast.

4. Orbital Strike doesn't pay any attention to roofs at all. It will work the same way indoors as it does outside, so you can use Brimstone's ultimate attack anywhere on the map.

5. Orbital Strike is an amazing skill that can stop both spike plants and spike defuses. If you stay in the blast radius, you will die, so players are forced to give up the plant or detonator and move away. Let the enemy take a site, wait for the plant, then use Orbital Strike and move in for the kill on a team that works well together.

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How To Play With Brimstone

As a manager, Brimstone's job is to make sure that his team is ready to do well. So you want to play as much as possible around your team. You don't have to be either very protective or very offensive. The key for a controller is to know when to be more bold and when to play more defensively.

Brimstone's main strength is that he can block the enemy team's vision. So, you should always smoke out the most important parts of a bombsite before your team moves in. So, it will be easier for your team to get in, and if your enemies want to stop the push, they will have to show themselves.

One of the best ways to find value on the defending side is to play after planting with your ultimate or lineups from your grenade.

When it comes to defence, smokes and grenades will be your best friends. You can molly a certain part of the map or the entrance to the site to stop the enemy's attack or at least slow it down.

Using your smokes to block the enemy team's view of a bombsite when they are trying to get in can also help you and your team a lot. Since it makes the job for the other team a lot harder.

When you play repeat, Smoke Screen is also very useful. You can smoke the area where you think the enemies are, causing them to move through the smoke and show themselves.


Brimstone is especially good on maps like Bind and Haven, and we have made an example of how his line-ups can be used on the map Bind. Bind has many other line-ups, but we picked these two because they were the most convenient.

Since the plant is right on the edge of A site, you can smoke off the view to get in quickly, plant the spike, and then go back to A short. Before you start working, make sure no one is trying to pull a sneaky turn on you. When you hear the enemy going for the defuse, you put your plan into action while they try to figure out which side you're going to peek from. Just jump onto the corner of A Short, look up at the small cloud, put your Health HUD next to the lamp, and fire.

brimstone molly lineup 1
This is a great example for getting to the site through B long. Place the spike in the corner as shown, then go back to the B Teleporter and escape. Get in the left area next to the teleport and wait. This is a great job because you also make sure no one comes from B Long to take a retake.

Look up at the sky, line up your Health HUD with the bottom left part of the sky you can see, and then shoot when you hear the enemy trying to defuse.

brimstone molly lineup 1

Wrapping it up

It's never easy to learn a new Agent, but we hope this helps you get started in the right direction. Brimstone is a great choice for anyone who likes to play with strategy. He is easy to use and doesn't require a lot of work to learn. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and learn a few new tricks. Now go out and show what you can do.

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