Mad Maggie was just revealed as a new legend in Apex Legends Season 12 starting on February 8th. Mad Maggie will make her debut as well. We’ve seen Maggie before in Fuse’s lore....

Who is Mad Maggie in Apex Legends?

Maggie comes from planet Salvor just like Fuse. She was actually Fuse’s partner in crime before her home planet was taken by the Syndicate. She was enraged because her planet was now taken by a corporation and Fuse represented them in the Apex Games. During her raging episode, she threw Fuse’s golden grenade at him and blew off his arm.

In her Stories from the Outlands episode called Judgment, Maggie is shown to be taken to trial and sentenced to death by firing squad for multiple terrorist attacks and riot inciting. However, just before she was to be shot, a mysterious man Mr. Silva saved her but she needs to fight in the Apex games.

What abilities does Mad Maggie have?

Warlord's Ire [Passive]: You can temporarily higlight enemies that you've damaged to see where they are, and you move faster with a shotgun.

Riot Drill [Tactical]: You can fire a drill that sticks to the obstacle and burnes enemies through it, whether it's a wall or Gibraltar's dome for example.

Wrecking Ball [Ultimate]: Release a wrecking ball that travels and detonates near enemies, while leaving speed boosting pads behind.

Mad Maggie’s Voice Actor

Mad Maggie’s voice actor is Nicola Kawana known for Judge Judy in Find Me a Maori Bride and Lollie in The Man Who Lost His Head. Nicola Kawana’s acting career goes back to 1998, and video game acting is a novelty for her.

As usual, we will have a Mad Maggie guide as soon as she’s out in the game so you can learn how to play her like a professional Apex Legends booster.

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