Hey guys! Since I’ve already done the 20 kill badge tips guide, it would only be fair to do the 4k damage one as well.

Since I’m a professional player here at Boosting Factory’s Apex Legends boosting team, part of my job is also doing these badges for the customers on any legend. But today, I’m going to try and help you get it yourself, for free!

So without further ado, let’s dig in!

4K Damage Badge Tips

To be fair, the 4000 damage badge, also called Legend’s Wrath IV, btw, is easier than the 20 bomb one for one simple reason. You need to hope that the enemies in the game don’t just kill each other too fast and stop you from getting 20 kills, when for the 4k damage badge, you can still get it even if there are not many players in the game.

1. Play with friends

Playing with friends, just like with the 20 bomb badge is crucial. You won't make this badge with randoms. They won't help you and will just play a regular match while you don't want a regular match.

You need aggression and cooperation from your friends. You want your teammates to help you deal as much damage as possible while they deal with finishing enemies off and killing them since you're not going for kills but damage only. They need to protect you and cover you while letting you deal damage to them.

2. Land hot, or, quite warm

Just like with the 20 bomb badge, you want to land in an area where there are many players, such as a hot zone or the most populated You will usually find at least 2 teams there and that’s where you need to start your game right. Another strategy is to land in the nearest zone to one of those “hot” zones. That way you can actually loot up super fast, and immediately push the hotter zone and pick up damage and kills.

There is no guaranteed way to get good loot, but if you happen to jump on good loot, you need to capitalize that ASAP, push them with full force.

3. Thirst enemies when they're knocked

What I mean by thirst enemies is that you get the damage that you’ve done while the enemy is not knocked, and you get the damage on him when he’s downed as well, so make sure to finish him off with your guns and not finisher. That's extra 100 damage per downed enemy.

4. Keep running after early game passes

So let’s say you got good loot, you grinded up some damage and kills, hopefully, 1000 and more on the very start of the game. What now?

Now is the time to listen up if you hear any more gunfights and run towards them. If you don’t hear any more gunfights, open the map quickly, and from the past experience, try to figure out where more enemies could be. If there is a nearby zone that’s usually populated, run there, if there isn’t, at least don’t run towards the edge of the map but more towards the center.

Once you get to an area where enemies are fighting, preferably more teams, your goal is to join them but not by running towards the middle of it, more to the sides where you can grind damage from the distance and then push towards the center of it as more people die. Just don’t be too far away due to the damage fall-off due to the distance.

5. Use the close to mid range guns

Just like with the 20 bomb guide, the advice here is the same. First of all, use the weapons you’re comfortable with, except long-range weapons, of course. Secondly, if you’re still not getting it, try the super close-range weapons like R99 and Prowler + mid range weapons like Flatline or whatever is meta at the time you’re reading this post.

6. Focus on dealing damage first

What I mean by this is that you need to focus on dealing damage, not killing. For example, assuming you will beat all the squads you face, focus on dealing damage on them instead after you knock down the first guy. Or if they're really weak, just focus on dealing damage to the highest target so you can get the most damage on that squad while your friends finish them off.

4k damage badge pathfinder

7. Switch to long-range later

Once you’re really close to getting that badge and the game is ending soon, you can switch to long-range weapons such as Bocek, Longbow or whatever else. At that time your main priority is to just hit the damage and finish the very last part of the grind while not exposing yourself too much, this can be at 3k damage, maybe 3500, depending on how many players are left, you will need to make an educated decision yourself.

8. Value your life over anything else

You can’t do damage while you’re dead right? But not just that, if your team is busy ressing you and you need to run back for your box, or even worse, gear up from the start, you usually won’t get it. You will lose a lot of time and the run is probably over. Hence why value your life, don’t be greedy for each point of damage, you simply won’t get that 4K damage badge if you get downed or even worse, killed.

9. Focus on enemies, not looting

Most of your loot should be coming from downed enemies, not from looting. You won't make the badge if you spend too much time roaming around and looting.

10. Buy the 4K damage badge and chill out

If it’s still not working out for you or you simply don’t have the time, you could be busy with school, family, or just enjoying the holidays. It’s not a sin to buy the badge. My colleagues or I can do it for you risk-free within a few hours.

Head over to our Apex badge boosting service and pick it up, choose ANY legend, whether that’s Valkyrie, Gibraltar, Revenant or anyone else and relax. You deserve it.

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