Hey guys! Today I’m going to give you some tips on how to get a 20 kill badge (Legend’s Wake) in Apex Legends. The popular 20 bomb badge is one of the hardest badges in Apex Legends for a simple reason - it requires you to kill 20 enemies in a single match which is far from an easy task even for highly skilled players.

I’m a professional Apex Legends booster and I do 20 kill badges for my clients regularly, in this guide, I’ll try to teach you to do the same.

Without further ado, let’s go!

1. Play with friends

This is an extremely hard badge to complete and playing with randoms is going to make it exponentially harder for multiple reasons. First of all, they’re going to be picking up your kills, it’s hard to find 20 players on the map to kill them, let alone have some of them stolen from you.

They will also wander around and won’t synergize with you, they might not listen to your calls, they might not load out good enough for the rushing style of gameplay that you do when getting the 20 kill badge.

However, when playing with friends that know what you’re going for, you can actually use them to help you break down enemy shields and distract them from attacking you. A good loadout that friends could use is Wingman and Peacekeeper, this is because they provide controlled damage more or less, from distance you know exactly how much will Wingman do and are you allowed to shoot one more time or not.

And from close distance, you’re able to just dance around the enemy in their face, while breaking the shield and once again knowing that if you fire again - he might die, and that’s not what you want.

Therefore, friends chip away and distract the enemies and give you that little boost while you finish them off. Sounds easy?

2. Use close to mid range high DPS weapons

The loadout is super important. You don’t want Snipers or a Bocek here. You also don't want marksman guns either. What you do want is that quick close to mid range DPS. My go-to is double R-99. Yes, you heard me right.

Double R-99 allows you to dish out insane amounts of damage at close range on already chipped enemies and finish them super fast. Unless you’re uncomfortable with double 99, try R-99 + Eva / Mastiff / R-301 / Prowler / Flatline. However, I’d make sure R-99 is at least one of your weapons whenever going for the 20 bomb badge.

In case R-99 is not meta during the time you're reading this article, that's cool, just try another combination.

3. Land in high populated areas

People usually gravitate towards the center of the map and that's where the most populated areas are, depending on which map you’re playing this will differ. You can either land in the highest populated area right away, or the one nearby if you see that a team is going there, because it’s essential to pick up those 3 kills on the start and then rotate to the populated area nearby IMMEDIATELY and finish off what’s left, hopefully getting another 3 kills so you have 6 in total.

If you didn’t manage to pick up at least 6 kills with at least 24 people left in the match, you’re probably not going to make it from my personal experience. This is the borderline case, the more people alive and more kills you have is obviously a more ideal scenario.

4. Never stop moving

Let’s say that you picked up those kills and you’re still on the clock. It’s now mid-game already and people are dying randomly around the map, you don’t hear gunshots, you’re glancing over the number of people left and have no clue what to do. This tends to happen, I feel you.

This is why you can never stop moving, you need to keep running and checking the zones, hoping you hear something. High mobility legends like Pathfinder, Valkyrie and Octane are great for the 20 bomb badges or at least to have them in your team for mobility.

5. You must not die

It’s absolutely crucial not to die at any point yourself, this is your primary goal, survive. If you die, you can’t kill enemies, therefore, killing comes after survival in the priority list. If you die, and the teammates respawn you, that run is pretty much over, I wouldn’t count on it.

20 kill badge meme

6. Steal kills in late game

In the late game, there will obviously be the best players alive and you’re going to need to play a little smarter, especially with them camped up and stuff. If the situation is tough, try to third party two enemy teams, however, if you see that one or more are knocked, do not finish them off, try to focus on the other team, kill them, and then finish the first team that had knocked players, that way you get their kills and you actually get all 6 kills in the best scenario. This doesn’t always happen but I got lucky with it countless times for the 20 kill badge.

7. Play aggresively

Playing aggressively is important to get the 20 kill badge, but you also need to play smart. Rushing blindly into battles can often get you killed. Instead, try to use your surroundings to your advantage. Use cover to protect yourself, take high ground positions, and try to flank your enemies. Try to anticipate where your enemies will be moving and use this knowledge to your advantage. And, don't forget to communicate with your team and coordinate your attacks.

8. Disengaging is OK too

Disengaging from a fight can be a smart move, especially if you find yourself in a bad situation. If you're taking too much damage or are outnumbered, try to retreat and reposition yourself. This can give you a better chance of survival and help you get more kills. Keep in mind that if you do disengage, your opponents might try to chase you down, so be prepared for that and have an escape plan.

9. Kill the weaker enemies first

When you encounter a squad, it's usually best to focus on the weaker enemies first. This can help you take them down quickly and reduce the number of opponents you have to face. You can then use your numbers advantage to take down the stronger enemies. Look for opportunities to catch enemies off guard or separate them from their squadmates. If you can take down one or two enemies quickly, the rest of the squad might panic and make mistakes, which you can then use to your advantage.

10. Buy the 20 kill badge

Getting the 20 bomb badge can be extremely tough, you know it, I know it too. Even if you’re good it can take dozens if not hundreds of attempts, and many people simply don’t have the time for it.

This is why we can do it for you here at Boosting Factory. We are a team of professional Apex Legends players that can help you get any badge, 20 kill badges included. The 20 bomb is one of our most popular badges. Head over to our Apex badge boosting page and get it there today, risk and hassle-free.

Thank you for reading and I hope you get it yourself! If not, we’ll gladly give you a helping hand.

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