Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about CoD Vanguard ranked placements, more specifically, how to win as many placements as possible. Since you only get 5 games per season (unless they change that number), it’s important that you perform well during these 5 games since that could move you up or down significantly.

I’m a professional CoD Vanguard booster here at Boosting Factory and I’ve been doing a lot of ranked placement boosts for my clients lately, therefore, I made a list for myself as well on how to perform well since we are required to win a certain number of games and cannot screw it up.

Without further ado, let’s start!

1. Read about the game

Let’s start with something light. In order to perform well, you must read about the game just like you need to play. Latest patch notes? Your favorite weapon nerfed? Something else changed? You need to be up to date in order to have an edge.

And it’s not just patch notes and news, reading guides, tip posts, and more. For example, our CoD Vanguard best ranked classes post will help you pick the best class out there with no extra effort by someone who does this for their living. All the content on our blog is also free. So dig in!

2. Play only the best classes

This is a follow-up on the tip above. As you probably know, in ranked you cannot pick all weapons, attachments, and so on in order for the game to have a level playing field for everyone. But, everything is also unlocked for you regardless of your level. Therefore, there are zero reasons to pick anything else but the best classes that you can find in a post above, or via other YouTubers.

3. Avoid Playing During Late Nights and Weekends

During nights, you are probably more tired than during the day, so are your teammates. Many players can’t catch a break during the day so the only time they have to play is during the night, but the problem is, they couldn’t catch a break because they were busy, and now they’re tired. You don’t want to be tired during your ranked placements, nor do you want your teammates tired.

Regarding weekends, similar story. Many players cannot play during the week, they catch a break during weekends and play. We call those casual players. If you are one, that’s completely fine, however, casual players may not be as competitive as players who play all week are. You might often hear those guys saying “It’s just a game” or something to that feeling. Which is, again, true. However, many of us simply want to play as competitive and best as we can, therefore, we’d prefer similar teammates in our games.

4. Be Nice And Supportive

Okay, now onto the human aspect. Okay, let’s say your team are a bunch of dirty casuals and are playing like sh*t. You can allow the tilt to overtake you, or you can calm down and be nice. Yeah I know it sucks, you just want to tell that kid to f*ck off and that he’s sh*t at CoD. Been there. But you know what works better? Calming down, being nice. Maybe telling them to do something else and play with the team?

If your team is fighting while you’re calm, try stopping the fight so it doesn’t ruin the match, but be nice, supportive, don’t blame, don’t judge. If you engage in their trolling and arguing, you basically feed them and just make it worse. And if at the end of the game you still want to tell them things, do it then, just don’t do it mid-game.

5. Play with friends

Playing with someone you know and trust makes it a lot better and you probably know it by now. It doesn’t even have to be someone you know, maybe he did great in the last game. Invite him! Maybe he even becomes your friend. In the worst case, you just have better placement games. It’s a win-win. Be nice, make friends.

6. Don't Play Tilted And Take Breaks

Another no-brainer but definitely worth reminding of. Had a bad day at school or work? Don’t play! At least not placement games, we just talked about it few tips above.

Lost first two games? Tilted? Sucks. Take a breath. Take a walk. Drink something, eat something, come back in 20 minutes and try again. Don’t just rage queue for more games and ruin more.

7. Performance in the game COUNTS

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but performance in the actual game counts towards your SR gained or lost. Kills, deaths, objectives. Play your best even if the game is going against you, you will minimize your lost points if you happen to lose the game. Do not give up and perform the best in every game.

8. Hire us for placements

Do you want to make sure these placements go right? We got you. Our CoD Vanguard ranked placements boosting service is here for that exact reason. You can hire me or one of my colleagues and we’ll help you with them.

If you don’t have time, sure, we can do them for you by logging into your account, and we’ll win at least 3 games, and usually 4 or 5. But in the worst case, 3. Or if you want to play with us, that’s cool too, just activate play with boosters service and we’ll queue up the same day. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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