What is the best SMG in warzone? Warzone 2 offers numerous weapon choices. One of the most effective categories of weapons in Warzone 2 is SMGs or Submachine guns. Due to better control, they have become popular among players. The problem is there are numerous SMGs available in this category.

The question arises: What is the best SMG in Warzone? Since I'm a professional Warzone 2 rank booster, I believe I can give a good answer.

The post below not only answers that but also covers some worthy runner-ups so that the next time you search for a suitable weapon, you know which one to pick.

What are the criteria for a good SMG in Warzone 2?

Now that you know the SMGs, it is time to understand the metrics that matter when choosing an SMG.

1. Kill time

KKill time or Time to Kill (TTK) is measured in seconds and lets players know how soon the SMG can penetrate through the armor and health and deplete them to kill the enemy. Always choose an SMG that can deplete the enemy armor and health fast.

2. Mobility

Time it takes to aim your weapon determines its mobility. Aim quickly and you can eliminate the enemy quickly. If the SMG is slow in this regard, you are at a disadvantage.

On the flip side, if the mobility of your SMG is low, the enemy can eliminate your character before you get a chance to inflict significant damage on the enemy.

3. Handling

Handling refers to 2 different aspects when it comes to SMGs and other guns in warzone 2. First is the speed at which you can switch from another weapon to that SMG. Second is the time it takes to reload the weapon.

Always choose an SMG with good handling so that you aren’t at a disadvantage compared to the competitors.

4. Recoil

Low recoil results in better aim and therefore more damage to the enemy. SMGs with medium recoil can be handled better with practice but always avoid SMGs with high recoil.

5. Damage

This metric is pretty straightforward. It refers to the damage a single gunshot can cause when it hits the target. Of course, an SMG with the highest damage is a good choice if all other things are equal.

Consider these parameters while choosing an SMG, and you shouldn’t have a problem selecting the right one.

What is the best SMG in Warzone?

iso 45
ISO 45 is arguably the best SMG in Warzone 2. It was introduced in Season 4. There are quite a few reasons why it stands out. Some of these include:

  • It has a rapid firing rate allowing you to take down enemies quickly.

  • The rapid firing rate (896 rpm) also makes it an excellent choice for snipers as a support weapon.

  • Excellent accuracy does not disappoint, either.

  • In some aspects, it might seem similar to the Lachmann sub. However, superlative damage, higher fire rate, and higher accuracy certainly make it a better choice. It is suitable for Battle Royale as well as the multiplayer mode.

    What are worthy runner-ups?

    Now that you know the best SMG, it is time to look at some runner-ups.

    1. Lachmann Sub

    lachmann sub
    There are no surprises here, as even in the above section, I mentioned that Lachmann SMG is comparable to the ISO 45. This SMG is an excellent option for close-range combat. Not only that, the low recoil of this SMG is another reason to go for it. The low recoil also makes it a good choice for long-range combat.

    At 800 RPM, the firing rate is only slightly lower compared to the best SMG (ISO 45) in the game. It is one of the closest runner-ups to the ISO 45.

    Not to mention that Lachmann has an amazing Gamma Power blueprint that you can achieve if you get a Vondel nuke detonated. And we can help you with that via our Warzone 2 nuke boosting service.

    2. Vaznev-9K

    Vaznev-9k offers a fire rate of 779 RPM, which makes it pretty decent. The aspect in which this SMG shines is that it has almost no recoil. Therefore, it performs well in long-range combat. However, the high firing rate makes it a good choice for medium and close-range combat.

    In season 4 of the game, some TTK changes made it less effective, but once you get the hang of this gun, you can dominate your competitors. Thus, this one won't disappoint you when looking for an SMG with little to no recoil.

    3. FSS Hurricane

    fss hurricane
    Hurricane is undoubtedly true to its name due to a velocity of 680 m/s. Not only that, the accuracy that it offers makes it a good mid to long-range combat weapon. There is, however, a downside, due to which it didn’t feature higher up in the list.

    The downside is handling and mobility. The handling is a problem because of the high recoil. The high recoil also means that if you want to extract maximum performance from this gun, you probably have to factor that in, and it is possible only through practice. So, the more you use this gun, the better the performance you can extract from it.

    Thus, it is a mixed package but nevertheless a worthy SMG.

    4. MX9

    MX9 has an average fire rate of 741 rpm. The bullet velocity is 300 m/s. It isn’t top of the line in any one aspect. The only aspect in which it shines is the ADS time at 220 ms. That means this gun comes in handy when you want to hit and dash.

    Magazine capacity of 25 further limits its use. It’s best to go with this gun when the player count is low, as there would be no need to reload it repeatedly. It is an average SMG and therefore belongs to the middle of the list.

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    5. PDSW 528

    pdsw 528
    PDSW 528 has a fire rate of 909 RPM, making it fast and perfect for close-range combat. A bullet velocity of 680 m/s also makes it suitable for medium-range combat. Another advantage is the 50 ammo count, ideal for taking down opponents. The recoil is limited, making it easy to handle.

    However, PDSW 528 isn’t without its downsides. For example, the ADS time is 260 ms which is a bit higher. Apart from that, the damage it can cause is slightly higher than average.

    All in all, it is a good option if you want a slightly above-average SMG.

    6. VEL 46

    vel 46
    How about an SMG with a fire rate of 952 rpm?

    It is the gun with one of the highest fire rates in Warzone 2. Such a high fire rate can devastate any opponent in close combat.

    You might be wondering why it is so down on the list?

    The reason is the medium bullet velocity of 540 ms and near average ADS time of 217 ms. Due to these, this SMG doesn’t fare well in long-range combat. Additional features include lightweight mobility. The mix-and-match specifications of this SMG mean that the pick rate is also on the lower side. No wonder it is near the bottom of our list of alternatives.

    7. BAS-P

    BAS-P is similar to most other SMGs in terms of specifications. If it were not for the recoil, it would be higher up on this list. The mobility and the handling aren’t anything to write home about either. If you just looked at the specifications, you would wonder why it is so down on this list, but consider the recoil and handling, and it becomes understandable.

    For example, the fire rate of 870 rpm and bullet velocity of 540 m/s make it pretty decent. ADS time of 210 ms certainly makes it a good choice, but the ammo count is only 30, which is another downside.

    The downsides of this SMG certainly make it average at best.

    8. Fennec 45

    fennec 45
    Fennec 45 has a fire rate of 1091 rpm. How about that?

    No wonder it’s TTK is the best among other SMGs as well. However, with an ammo count of 30 and such a high fire rate, you will likely empty the entire magazine to kill just a single opponent. It means that the gun is only suitable for solo matches, as you are at a disadvantage in any other game mode.

    The range is another problem of this SMG, which means it is suitable only for close-range combat. The recoil further deteriorates its performance which is another reason to avoid it if possible.

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    What is the best speed SMG in a warzone?

    Fennec 45 is the fastest SMG when it comes to fire rate. It offers a fire rate of 1091 rpm.

    Can you eliminate an enemy with a better SMG in warzone?

    Yes, you can. A better SMG in the hands of a player who can’t aim right or handle the gun properly is useless. Ultimately, the player's skills determine whether the gun is used effectively or not.

    What is the strongest weapon in Warzone?

    Cronen squall is the weapon with the highest damage in a warzone. Not only that, it has easy-to-handle recoil. Besides, it also offers excellent damage range, making it effective for combat in various situations.


    Undoubtedly ISO 45 is the best SMG in warzone. However, that doesn’t mean the other SMGs are of no use. Many of them are worthy runner-ups. Follow the guide above, and it will be easy to choose the best SMG.

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