With The Haunting, Warzone introduces a nighttime version of the Al Mazrah map, where the environment is infested with demons and other eerie bosses you can confront as part of the Operation Nightmare event.

This Halloween-themed event challenges you to track down and defeat these bosses to unlock exclusive rewards. Here's how you can conquer each boss and earn all the prizes in Operation Nightmare.

Warzone Operation Nightmare Event Start & End Date

The "Operation Nightmare" event in Warzone commenced with The Haunting update on October 17, 2023. This event is slated to continue until November 5, 2023, as evidenced by the in-game menu's countdown, which displays 19 days from the start date.

All Operation Nightmare Bosses and Rewards

Every boss battle in Operation Nightmare rewards you with a distinct calling card, which may not seem like a big deal, but conquering all the bosses will grant you the Bloody Mess weapon blueprint for the BAS-P submachine gun.

The Butcher

In Operation Nightmare, the boss fight features Diablo IV's Butcher in the Al Mazrah map. This boss fight can appear at different locations, and it's marked on your tac-map when the match begins.

To confront the Butcher, you'll need to activate pillars around a ritual site one by one. Zombies will assault you each time you activate a pillar. Once the entire ritual is completed, a portal will materialize.

Step inside and prepare to face the Butcher. He's surrounded by zombies and is quite resilient, so it's essential to have items like munition boxes, armor plates, and self-revives just in case.

operation nightmare the butcher
The Butcher boss fight is quite lengthy, so it's best not to leave it until the last moments of your match. Fortunately, you'll receive numerous gear drops, including armor vests, cash, self-revives, and ammo, which will help you replenish your supplies.

In terms of rewards, defeating the Butcher grants you a MW2 calling card, and it also unlocks the Butcher's meat hook for use in Diablo IV.

Please note: The event tab mentions that the Butcher is also available on Vondel, but as of the time of writing, the boss wasn't visible on the map. It's likely that he will become available when the nighttime version of Vondel is introduced on October 20.

Swamp Creature

The swamp creature can only be encountered on Al Mazrah, specifically in the Mawizeh Marshlands marked on your tac-map. The mission instructs you to locate three egg pods in the swamp to find the Tiara necessary to summon the creature.

However, I found that the creature spawned when I started opening the pods, and the Tiara dropped only after defeating the boss. It's advisable to focus on opening the pods until the creature appears, as there are more than just three.

Compared to many of the other boss encounters, taking on the Swamp Creatures is relatively straightforward. Multiple creatures will spawn, and their preferred mode of attack is to charge directly at you. You'll need to stay alert and agile to dodge their attacks. Whenever you have a moment, unleash a barrage of fire with all you've got.

These Swamp Creatures are quite tough and will require several magazines of ammunition to defeat. It's a good idea to use hip-firing when they get close, as it allows you to move more swiftly. Teaming up with others makes this encounter easier, as the Swamp Creatures won't solely target you, but it's still manageable on your own.

operation nightmare swamp creature
These pods also contain valuable loot. Once you have the Tiara item, you can either sell it or extract it for $100,000. Victory over the creature will reward you with the Swamp Creature calling card.

The Pharaoh

You can find the Pharaoh exclusively on Al Mazrah, and appropriately, this boss lurks at the Oasis point of interest. To summon and confront the Pharaoh, you need to gather skulls by eliminating possessed enemies that appear in the desert ruins. These skulls must be placed in the sarcophagus.

At first, it might seem like you only need five skulls, but there are an additional five on the backside of the sarcophagus. In total, you'll need 10 skulls to initiate the boss fight. Be prepared for a challenging battle. Possessed enemies spawn all around you, and the Pharaoh is both fast and relentless as he chases you through the ruins. This boss soaks up a lot of bullets, and if he catches you, he can execute you. It's recommended to tackle this encounter with a team, and you should stay on the move at all times.

operation nightmare the pharaoh
When you summon the Pharaoh, concentrate all your fire on him. He'll summon green-headed enemies to assist him, so make sure to eliminate them as well. It's advisable to use your best weapon to dispatch the Pharaoh quickly, but I suggest using a shotgun because it allows you to deliver a substantial amount of high-power, high-damage rounds.

The Pharaoh might attempt to flee. If you lose sight of him, search for the red icon above his head. He won't venture far from the tombs. When he rushes at you, be on high alert, as he can execute you with a one-shot finishing move. If he tries to execute your teammates, unleash all your ammunition into him to thwart his efforts.

Defeating this boss will earn you The Pharaoh calling card as a reward.


The UFO boss encounter always takes place southeast of Sawah Village. It remains fixed to this location because when the UFO event commences, the water clears away, revealing the sunken cargo ships on the sea floor, which serves as the battleground. This unique setting can't be replicated elsewhere on the Al Mazrah map.

If the UFO doesn't appear on your tac-map, it means another team has already defeated it. In that case, you should hold on a bit longer, consider tackling a different boss, and return once it has respawned. Alternatively, you can exfil and join another Operation Nightmare lobby to start anew.

The UFO battle comprises three phases. The first phase features a single blue orb hovering over the ocean, which is relatively straightforward. It remains stationary and doesn't shoot at you, so take your time to engage it, ensuring there are no enemy Operators in the vicinity.

operation nightmare ufo
Here's a pro tip to gauge the presence of enemy Operators: look for red bullets heading towards the blue orb. Those bullets are from other Operators, so you can either join their team or eliminate them.

As you damage the blue orb enough, it will split into three orbs, and the ocean will clear to signal the start of the battle. The three blue orbs move around and fire at you. Their attacks can be quite potent, so it's wise to seek cover when they start shooting. For weapons, I recommend employing a sniper rifle or RPG to target the blue orbs. They can be elusive due to their mobility, but when they momentarily pause, a sniper rifle or RPG can make short work of them.

Ghost Train

When dealing with the Ghost Train boss, here are some important tips to keep in mind: The train's starting location is usually consistent at the beginning of the match. Refer to the map for its position.

Be cautious when jumping onto the train because other players will also be making their way to it. Try to aim for the last few cars, as many players tend to board from the middle or the front. Sneaking in from the back can give you an advantage.

operation nightmare ghost train
Your main objective is to retrieve the Ghost Train's heart from the vault situated at the front of the train. Be prepared for confrontations with other enemies and sentry turrets along the way. Keep an eye out for Haunted Boxes, as you may encounter several while progressing.

As you approach the front of the train, you'll hear a heartbeat that grows louder until you reach the final car. To extract the heart, simply interact with the vault in the back of the car. This action not only completes the Ghost Train Boss encounter but also provides you with valuable resources that can be a significant help.

Evil Spirits

The Evil Spirits in Warzone consist of four distinct enemies that players need to track down. These spirits are the Reaper, Ghoul, Specter, and Witch. To find them, players must loot containers within specific Points of Interest (POIs) on the map. However, it requires a bit of luck as you need to visit certain locations for a chance to encounter one of these Evil Spirits.

Here are the locations where players have the opportunity to find these spirits:

  • Reaper: Found in Al-Safwa Quarry by looting containers.

  • Ghoul: Found in Al Mazrah City by looting containers.

  • Specter: Found in Al Bagra Fortress by looting containers.

  • Witch: Found in Al Malik Airport by looting containers.

  • Operation Nightmare Tips

    The boss fights can be tackled in both Battle Royale and DMZ modes, with DMZ being the less chaotic option for taking on these bosses without too many human opponents trying to interfere with your progress.

    If you find that the boss you're seeking has already been defeated, don't worry. The boss will respawn fairly quickly, and its icon will reappear on the map. It's also possible to defeat multiple bosses in a single playthrough.

    The nighttime version of Al Mazrah is quite dark. Equipping night vision goggles or using thermal scopes will greatly enhance your ability to spot enemies, especially the AI opponents hiding in the shadows of DMZ.

    You can also earn additional rewards through The Haunting's Soul Capture event, and you can find a comprehensive guide for unlocking these rewards quickly.

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