Hey guys! Whether you’re reading this before or after CoD Vanguard launches, it’s still going to be relevant. Even if you start playing Vanguard at some point in the future, you should still check these tips to be ready for gaming.

Us CoD Vanguard boosters here at Boosting Factory are preparing for the launch day and these are the top 10 things you should pay attention to when starting to play CoD Vanguard.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

1. Check your graphics settings

This one is a no-brainer. You don’t want poor performance, poor visibility, that ugly motion blur, and stuff. You should also check sensitivity, keybinds, and so on. You should screenshot your sensitivity, sprint settings, and keybinds from the previous CoD and just replicate it on Vanguard. Check out our Best Settings for CoD Vanguard guide and set up your settings.

2. Cross-play settings

Check your cross-play settings, I won’t tell you what to do here, this depends on your personal preference. Just make sure to either turn it on or off. Turning it on makes the queues faster and you can hang with your cross-platform friends, however, when you turn it off, you have the “fairest” matches.

3. Utilize the expanded create-a-class

CoD Vanguard brought us the most extensive create-a-class interface so far. They took the Modern Warfare gunsmith and made it more in-depth. You can now have 10 attachments compared to 5 and more additions such as ammo types, weapon perks, kits, mag modifications. Pros and cons now go as high as +3 and minuses up to -3. It really got serious.

4. Consider using the STG44 and M1

You might have noticed that in Season 6 of Warzone we had the STG44 and M1 Garand, which are actually Vanguard weapons. So if you played with them and leveled them up, those will transfer to Vanguard on launch and you will have a fully kitted weapon on the launch.

It would make you and our camo boosting in Vanguard much quicker since you already have the levels and attachments.

5. Have a gun ready

This is more of a gameplay tip. When players are playing a new game and they’re not familiar with the maps yet, they don’t know what to expect and where enemies could come from. This is why you need to have your gun up at all times in order to expect the unexpected. Don’t sprint into areas like a headless chicken because that will get you killed due to the slow speed of getting your gun out after a sprint.

6. Find the map pace for you

Find a map that suits your combat pace, for example, some maps will be terribly slow on a 6v6 and this might not be for you, it may cause frustration and poor performance. Red Star in Vanguard was really slow-paced at 6v6 but it felt much better at 16v16. Those will also be great to level up weapons in Vanguard or camos.

7. Do the boring grinds first

I suggest doing your Launchers and Melee camo or leveling up first. This is because the players will probably not be wearing the anti-flak jacket at the start for example and will not expect people to play Launchers on the launch because that’s not fun right?

True, it’s not fun. But if you’re serious about getting that Diamond for launchers and in the end, Atomic. Try this. Alternatively, we can do those for you, just check out our Vanguard camo boosting service.

8. Play with friends

Not only is it more fun, but the games are often easier due to the matchmaking algorithm being unable to balance out the games, so it kind of “forgets” the matchmaker rules and gives you a more randomized game, which ultimately results in easier games.

9. If you’re a Warzone player, focus on primaries

Since Warzone is getting integrated in December, you want to level up your primary weapons first and not the launchers as I suggested in tip number 7. Since you will be using your rifles, SMGs, snipers, and maybe pistols the most in Warzone. If you have different preferences, of course, use those.

10. If you’re not hardcore, just enjoy the game

Following everything from the first 9 tips could get a little stressful and it’s focused on hardcore players who want to optimize everything to the max. If you’re a casual player, just relax, play a bit of everything, enjoy the game, and don’t bother with the tips above.

Good luck in Vanguard!

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