Hey everyone! I am aware most of you are probably grinding your CoD Vanguard weapon levels as we speak. It is truly a tiresome and long process to level up enough to start grinding camos in Vanguard, and unlock all attachments to utilize your weapon to the max.

First I will tell you about the XP required for weapons, then I’ll explain how XP works, and finally what to do. I’m a professional CoD Vanguard booster here at Boosting Factory and I do this daily. So bear with me and I’ll help you level up your weapons fast as well.

How does weapon XP work in Vanguard?

Unlike regular account XP, weapon XP works a little differently. You can get regular XP for pretty much everything, streaks, medals, objectives, kills, wins, losses, you name it. However, weapon XP is only awarded for kills by using a particular weapon. Therefore, you need to kill people, that’s it.

Primary weapons can level up to level 70, while secondaries up to 60. Melee and launchers do not have levels, therefore the only levelable secondary are pistols.

Primary Weapons XP
Weapon Levels XP per level Total XP
1-10 625 6250
10-20 1250 18750
20-30 1875 37500
30-60 2500 112500
60-68 3750 138750
68-69 5000 143750
69-70 6250 150000

Secondary Weapon XP
Weapon Levels XP per level Total XP
1-10 625 6250
10-20 1250 18750
20-30 1875 37500
30-60 2500 112500

Now that you know the weapon XP required, let’s dig in on how to actually level up fast.

How to level up weapons fast in Vanguard?

There are various modes and maps in CoD Vanguard that yield different XP numbers per kill. Before the nerf, Champion’s Hill was a great choice because it yielded 500 XP per kill but now it's severely nerfed to 200 XP per kill which makes it less than ideal.

Some people mention Zombies but the problem with Zombies is that you simply can’t make big enough trains of Zombies and each one yields about 16 XP per kill, which once again makes it less ideal.

So what I do when I’m leveling up weapons for my clients is that I play a small map such as Das Haus, or I go for Blitz mode and play it there. That’s currently yielding the most XP.

Once Shipment is out that will surely change and I will play Shipment for leveling up weapons in Vanguard. When it comes to grinding camos I need to play some other modes too since they feature some different challenges like Longshots.

XP per kill
SND 150 136 136
FFA 136 124 124
TDM 136 124 124
DOM 109 99 99
PATROL 107 97 97
HP 104 95 95
kc 101 92 92

In the table above, you see the weapon XP you get per kill (November 15th, 2021 update). Now, if you’re too lazy to do these since they really take quite a bit let me tell you about our weapon leveling services.

Buy Vanguard weapon leveling

I understand that weapon leveling takes a lot of time especially after the latest nerfs. Not everyone wants to grind their weapons, either due to lack of time or simply not enjoying the process. We don’t ask.

This is why we started our CoD Vanguard weapon leveling service where you can buy weapon leveling for any of the weapons you need and we’ll get them done for you ASAP. There is no risk and you’re in safe hands. Give us a shout today!

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