Hey everyone! Today I’ll speak about leveling in Call of Duty Vanguard, how it works, what are the XP requirements, and what’s the fastest way to level up.

Since I am a professional CoD Vanguard booster working here at the Boosting Factory, Vanguard account leveling orders are a frequent thing I do for my clients, therefore, knowing how to level up an account as soon as possible is crucial

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

How Does Leveling Work in CoD Vanguard?

Similar to CoD Black Ops Cold War, you start your journey at level 1 and you’re able to level up to level 55 which is the maximum level before your start your Prestige journey.

Once you reach 55 in your military / enlisted levels, you become prestige 1 level 1. This may be weird to people who didn’t play Modern Warfare or Cold War, however, don’t worry, your initial 55 levels did not reset, as a matter of fact they will never reset in Vanguard.

The Prestige ranks have 50 levels each, meaning that when you reach level 50 in Prestige 1, you become Prestige 2, level 50 where you can level up to Prestige 3, level 100 and so on. The game adds up a few prestige ranks every season with new cosmetic rewards.

There are a lot of levels and experience required, level 1 to level 2 in military ranks (Prestige 0) takes only 4815 experience, while level 54 to level 55 takes about 50000 experience. Prestige levels require around 25000 XP and they’re fixed, meaning that each level requires the same amount, however, if a season has 100-150 levels, that amount gets really hefty.

Vanguard Leveling Tips

Now that you know how leveling works and what are the requirements per level, let’s dig in to how to actually level up fast in Vanguard.

1. Use Double XP Tokens

This is a no-brainer, however, just in case you’re not aware or forgot, use those double XP tokens, whether they’re for account leveling or weapon leveling. However, make sure not to waste them in case you’re in for a game or two before you head out. Once you pop them they have an expiration time and wasting them for a few games is a terrible idea.

2. Do your challenges

There are plenty of career challenges in the game that you can find in the menu under CHALLENGES tab. They will start with increments of 500 XP per challenge completed but then they will increase to a couple of thousand, and those really add up.

However, if the challenge is too tricky, just leave it! Yes, you might be able to get it eventually, however, if your goal is to level up as fast as possible, then wasting time on a particular challenge is a bad idea. If you don’t mind a bit slower leveling up, then sure, go ahead.

3. Bonus XP for kills

What I mean by this is that unlike for weapon levels, kills like headshots, double kills, triple kills, bloodthirsties, mercilesses, 10 kill streaks and so on, offer bonus XP, therefore if you’re on a streak for example, don’t just rush in like a headless chicken because you’re playing solely to level up, remember that a streak will give you more XP and you should do your best when playing.

It doesn’t hurt to become a better player while leveling up, does it?

4. Change up your Operators

Vanguard has an addition where you can actually level up your operators to unlock further cosmetics for them. But not only that, they also have challenges that give you XP. Therefore, when you max out one operator, select another and keep leveling them up parallel to leveling up your account.

And if you ever get bored of leveling up your Operators, we can do it for you via our Vanguard operator leveling service. Just pick your desired Operators and we’ll level them up for you in no-time.

5. Do Camo challenges

Oh, the infamous camos. There is a ton of them for each weapon and many are also very straightforward, starting with just kill a bunch of people and ending up with kill a bunch of people while using this gun and this scope. Just an example.

In our Vanguard gold camo guide you can get some tips how to do them efficiently. Once again, if you can’t handle the hardest ones, don’t force them and waste time just to unlock Gold if your goal is to level up your account. Just rotate weapons and do all of the easy ones in order to maximize XP.

And if you’re stuck with unlocking gold on your weapons, well, we can help with that too. Check out our Vanguard camo boosting service, customize your cart, checkout, and we’ll help you out.

6. Play the right maps

It’s common knowledge to play smaller maps like Das Haus and Shipment for maximum XP, whether you’re leveling up your Vanguard weapons or account. You can pick up the maximum Xp there if you’re able to kill people efficiently.

7. Play the objective

Don’t just run around and kill people, do the objective if there is one as well. Defuse the bomb, capture the flag, whatever you’re playing, participate with the objectives because it also grants extra XP!

8. Playstation players have it best

Due to the partnership between Sony and Activision, Playstation players have bonuses like +5 Tier Skips with Battle Pass bundle, +2 Custom loadout slots, combat packs for each season for PS Plus, monthly double XP events, and +25% weapon XP when playing with friends.

Those are some amazing benefits and I personally believe it’s unfair, but that’s life. If you own an XBOX consider switching to Playstation in the future.

9. Buy Vanguard account leveling

When everything is said and done, leveling up your Vanguard account still takes a lot of time. Not everyone has the time or wishes to go through the grind. This is why we started our CoD Vanguard leveling boosting service.

Simply customize your current and desired level, purchase, and we handle the rest for you. Completely risk-free. Chill out while we do the boring stuff for you.

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