Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about the CoD Warzone meta for the Season 1 in Warzone Pacific. I will be discussing what makes a good weapon in Warzone, and what are my predictions, that is, which weapons should you level up ASAP so you can play them in Warzone Season 1 Pacific.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Weapon Difference Vanguard vs Warzone

If you played Cold War or Modern Warfare, you know that weapons don’t really transfer equally to Warzone. That is, they may be insanely good or bad in multiplayer, but then the opposite in Warzone. Vanguard lead designer said that this year they designed weapons for Vanguard with Warzone in mind. It remains to be seen.

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Warzone Pacific Season 1 Best Guns


While everyone is running towards STG and MP40, I believe Automaton is the underdog. Laser pointer, high rate of fire, high magazine capacity, and easily controlled recoil it simply destroys. Considering Warzone is mid to long range engagements mostly, Automaton does well in those.


This one also might be surprising, but to me it resembles the AMAX from Modern Warfare quite a bit. Similar mag size, damage and recoil. The mag size isn’t really good but if you can work with it, that is, if you’re precise enough, the gun is very rewarding due to extremely high damage, just like the Bar.


This one is a bit more suitable for close quarters, considering it’s an SMG. The Tommy is very mobile, manageable recoil, and decent mag size, however, not that great on longer range. Therefore, if Season 1 turns out to be not that many close quarters, it won’t do well, but if it turns out to be more close quarters, this gun is going to shred.


This one doesn’t have as high rate of fire like MG42 but still the second highest rate of fire in Vanguard right now. Recoil is manageable and relatively mobile. If we do get an LMG meta, this one is going to be the best.

Runner ups

I would also like to mention Volk, has decent fire rate, damage, and range, but lacks long range engagement and simply isn’t as good as the others. Could work if paired with a sniper to cover long range engagements.

PPSH has faster fire rate than Cold War PPSH and decent mag size, however, not as good as the others. Owen gun is also a good mention, similar to Milano, slower fire rate, controllable recoil but slower fire rate. Depends on the meta.

Wild cards

These weapons could be insane but also terrible, so I’d like to mention them. The Bren is the first one, I’m mentioning it because it could possibly be good due to the BMG rounds. They increase damage, and paired with Oak and Shield model 2B barrel, this increases damage and penetration which results in 3 shot kills against full armor targets. This could be insane, but could be bad due to the low fire rate obviously.

Similar thing with the Bar, 3-4 shots for a full armored target. If those BMG rounds work out that is, because your fire rate and recoil are not good with these two.

SVT-40 is the first sniper that I mention, I don’t see snipers as good as they were but SVT-40 could do the job. With Kovalevskaya barrel and vital proficiency it could work. Or it might not. We’ll see how it plays out.

That’s it guys. Definitely level up the first four I mentioned, and if you have time switch to Runner ups and wild cards. See you in Season 1 Pacific. We will be doing Warzone win boosting and Warzone KD boosting so give us a shout when you need some wins or KD boosting.

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