Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about various mistakes and settings that you should correct now in order to optimize your gameplay and get that edge that professional CoD Vanguard boosters like me get.

This guide won’t be long and will be beneficial to both new and experienced players.

Without further ado let’s go!

1. Improve your visibility by turning off junk

So the game when you launch it feels very cinematic-ish, meaning that it looks cool and like a movie, however, that’s not what you want when playing competitive CoD. You need to get rid of the blur and stuff.

Head to Settings > Graphics > Gameplay and turn off World Motion Blur and Weapon Motion Blur.

2. Change your minimap

The circular minimap that you start with originally, is once again, more aesthetic, however, it lessens the coverage that you actually see, which is just not good. Therefore, you need to change your minimap to square instead of circle.

Go to Settings > Interface > Minimap shape: Square. Now you will see more info on your minimap. Second thing you can do in the Interface is to activate minimap rotation to ON, however, this is a personal preference.

3. Slide cancelling adjustment

Slide cancelling feels a bit clunky in CoD Vanguard unlike in CoD Warzone. However, you can fix it easily by going to Settings > Keyboard & Mouse > Gameplay > Automatic Airborne Mantle to partial and under show more, both options should be off.

If you don’t utilize slide cancelling already you should, it’s a technique that allows you to chain Tactical Sprints with slides to move faster.

To do it on PC you will need to change your keybind for Left CTRL to “Change stance / slide”. Then the combo is as follows: Double tap your shift to sprint, hold the Left CTRL to slide while sprinting > as soon as the slide begins press Left CTRL again to return to a standing position.

On consoles it’s as follows: Double tap the left analogue stick to sprint, hold Circle/B to start sliding, as soon as you start sliding, press circle/B again to crouch, press X/A to return to a standing position.

3.a. Further slide cancelling adjustments

Now, you may notice that the camera shakes and your crosshair bobs when you do this and gives you trouble focusing and killing people. So we’re going to fix that.

Settings > Interface > Crosshair bobbing > Off. Also go to Settings > Graphics > Gameplay > Camera Movement to 50%. This way everything will be a lot more steady and clean for shooting.

4. Sharpen your screen

Now one more setting that will sharpen your screen and make it look a lot more clean and suitable for competitive play. You need to go to Settings > Graphics > Quality > FIDELITYFX CAS to OFF. I’ve no idea if this is available on consoles, but if it is, turn it off and you will see the difference.

It could drop your FPS by 1-2 but it’s definitely worth it!

5. Depth of field setting

This setting will also make the screen clearer for you, once again, less cinematic but you don’t want that when playing CoD Vanguard at a high level. Go to Graphics > Quality > Depth of Field to OFF.

That’s all folks. Your game should now look much clearer and more like my screen or one of our CoD Vanguard boosters. Also don’t forget to check out our Vanguard boosting services such as Camo boosting and weapon leveling where we can grind your weapons for you, risk-free, while you chill and wait for the service to complete! Get in touch, we don’t bite. :)

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