Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk to you about the Call of Duty Vanguard’s 4 new progression systems. What are the similarities and differences to Cold War and Modern Warfare. A lot will seem familiar, however, bear with me.

This short and informative guide will prepare you for what’s coming on November 5th with the launch of CoD Vanguard.

Account Leveling in Vanguard

This system is going to repeat what we’ve seen back in the Cold War. You will start Vanguard as Enlisted rank level 1 and will be able to level up to 55. Through this elementary leveling process, you will unlock all the weapons etc. When you hit 55, you never go below that even with a seasonal reset, as you may already probably know.

When you reach 55, the seasonal prestige system will start just like we’ve seen in CW. Each season will feature new prestige levels and so on. Here at Boosting Factory, we can level up your CoD Vanguard account easily with our CoD Vanguard leveling service.

Weapon Leveling in Vanguard

Apart from account leveling, you are probably familiar with weapon levels as well. It is known that we will once again be leveling up weapons to unlock attachments and levels primary weapons up to level 70, while secondaries up to level 60, with an exception of Machine Pistol which goes up to 61, huh.

Just like with account leveling, we can help you level up your weapons in Vanguard with our Vanguard weapon leveling service.

Operator Leveling in Vanguard

So, this is something new that we haven’t seen before. There will be 12 operators with the launch of Vanguard. However, it turns out we can level them up to unlock new skins, some kind of Gold attire (maybe an analog of a gold camo for weapons), weapon XP for specific weapons, and more. And if you use a favorite weapon of that Operator, presumably written in-game, you will get a bonus weapon and Operator XP.

Clans in Vanguard

Clans are making a comeback by replacing Regiments. You can invite friends to a clan and when you play together, you earn Clan XP. You can create a custom emblem for your Clan and a unique clan tag. You can also compete with other clans on a global scale.

Connection with previous CoD titles and Warzone

This game will also connect with previous games such as Modern Warfare, Cold War, and Warzone, or to be precise, Warzone Pacific. CoD Vanguard’s Season 1 starts on December 2nd for Vanguard owners and December 3rd for non-Vanguard owners.

This means that Warzone will get its new map Caldera on December 2nd, and all games will be connected once again. You will be able to play any of these games to level up your account, operators, weapons, or clan.

That’s it and thanks for reading my guide. I hope you are prepared for all the content in Vanguard like we are. Don’t forget to check out our CoD Vanguard boosting services. Have fun!

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