Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about camos in CoD Vanguard. Gold camos on their weapons, and ultimately Diamond, and Atomic are amazing weapon skins that most CoD players want on their weapons, naturally.

However, they tend to be really grindy, first, you need to level up your weapon to max level, and then grind a bunch of camos, to be precise, 100 of them to achieve gold. And then you need to repeat the process for more weapons to unlock Diamond, and after you’ve got all Diamond, you get Atomic.

This will be a beginner guide on what to do in general, not class-specific. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

1. Total eliminations

This is the challenge you will have on most if not all weapons when grinding gold. It’s really straightforward and simple, you literally need to kill people while using the weapon.

2. Total headshots

Once again, very straightforward, however, a bit trickier. You will need to force yourself to aim at the head and not the body, which is what you should be doing anyway! What I do when doing this challenge is I play Hardcore mode. Or maybe even Blitz if you prefer that one.

3. Total Multi-Kills (Double Kills)

For this one, Blitz is the way to go. Doesn’t matter which weapon you’re doing, just play Blitz. This one is also a bit easier than in Cold War and Modern Warfare because the time between double kills is longer so you have more time to chain them.

4. 5 Killstreaks

This one gets tougher. Ideally play with a team that calls out enemies, or play with a team that runs 3 recon planes because when 3 are active at once, it turns into an advanced recon plane and tells you exactly where enemies are and where they’re going in real-time.

Domination is a good mode for this challenge because the games last longer which means you can do more 5 killstreaks per game and spawns are very predictable.

5. Total longshots

These depend on which class you are doing since it's a different range for each class from which a shot has to be made.

  • Snipers: 52 meters

  • AR, LMG, Marksman: 38 meters

  • SMG: 30 meters

  • Pistols: 20 meters

  • Shotguns: 12 meters

To do this one properly, you need to learn the spots for good longshots on each map, find it, stick to it and grind your longshots.

6. Point blank kills & Hipfire kills

The opposite of longshots, here you need to be in the enemy’s face to grind that gold camo challenge. Probably up to 4-5 meters at most. I grind these in the lobby queue in Das Haus map, it’s very tight and if you’re running around you’re essentially point-blank nonstop. If you don’t like that one, just play smaller maps.

For Hipfires, you can combine them together essentially, point blank with no ADS, and kill two flies with one stone.

7. One shot kills

I play Das Haus, Shipment, and Hardcore for these ones.

8. 10 Attachment kills

This one is similar to total eliminations, once you can equip 10 attachments, just equip it and do it parallel with the other challenges.

9. Weapon specific challenges

These 8 ones were the general challenges that most weapons have, when you get into those higher weapon levels, the challenges get more specific depending on the weapon. For example, ADS kills with a certain setup where you need to basically equip some attachments and aim down sight while killing. Then you get headshots with a certain setup and you need to repeat the process.

Then you might have moving kills with a certain setup where you need to be moving while killing an enemy. Longshots with a certain setup, and kills without taking any damage. As you can see, various weird challenges that will be similar to general ones but with a twist.

10. Buy Vanguard camo boosting

If you don’t have time to do all these because trust me it takes 3-4 weeks for an Atomic camo if you’re a good player and play 8 hours a day. That’s a lot!

In that case, you can just visit our Vanguard camo boosting service. We can get you gold, diamonds, atomic, zombie camos, anything! We hire only professional CoD players who will do these tedious and challenging camo grind for you while you relax and do something else.

Happy hunting!

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