Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about the unusual tips that you probably didn’t know in Call of Duty Vanguard. Since I am a professional CoD Vanguard booster here at Boosting Factory and I play the game a lot each day, I tend to find these little tips.

The list will be short and informative rest assured, so without further ado, let’s dig in!

1. Recon planes can stack up

If your squad has a lot of recon planes, and 3 teammates have a recon plane active at the same time, they stack up and give an advanced UAV effect, or in this case, the local informants effect. The minimap will tell you exactly where enemies are in real-time, what direction they’re moving in, basically, it looks like your allies on a map, just they’re a red triangle and not blue.

However, it will not show Ghosted players unless you’re on a 12 kill streak at which point they will show as dots and not triangles. It’s also worth noting that the game won’t let you activate a fourth recon plane while 3 are active since there won’t be an additional effect and it would be a waste to burn it.

2. Dogs and Guard dogs count for launcher streaks

While this might get patched or removed, for now, it works. While grinding gold camos for launchers that can be extremely stressful, believe me I know, I do them all the time for our clients who buy Vanguard camo boosting.

So if you need to grind your launcher camos, dogs count for them and you should be meeting an abundance of them now that people are running them quite a bit, use it while it lasts!

3. Combat Shield doesn’t work on your back

This one will most likely be fixed since back in Modern Warfare it did work like that. Basically, if you equip your Combat Shield as a secondary and wear it on your back, it doesn’t provide protection, bullets just go through it. So expect this to be fixed but while you’re grinding your knife camos, know that it could be a tough time until it’s fixed.

4. New accuracy stat

Vanguard has got a new accuracy stat that previous games didn’t have, you will find it at gunsmith when customizing your class that some attachments have an accuracy stat. What this does is that your shots don’t always end up at the same spot even though you’re shooting precisely there with no movement whatsoever. Your bullets will end up in somewhat a “random” circle that isn’t big but still, a lot of these would miss the head for example. Accuracy stat will lower that random factor and make your bullets go a little more precise.

5. Some Lanterns can be shot

You might notice that you can shoot at some gas Lanterns around the map and they explode, damaging players around them. So that could sometimes be a cool clutch play and it looks really theatrical too.

6. Blowback from launchers can get you killed

If you’re doing your launchers grind and you have for example a car or an ammo box right behind you, shooting will cause some splash damage behind you and detonate the car or the ammo box, resulting in, you guess, dying. On the bright side, you can troll an AFK player by killing both you and him at the same time.

7. Flares show the way of mortar barrages

When a mortal barrage is out, it will also show flares signaling that they’re out and approximately where it will land, that way you know that they’re coming for you, and you should probably move or hide to avoid dying.

8. Some settings

If you notice some stuttering especially during gunfights, try disabling ON-DEMAND TEXTURE STREAMING.

If you’re familiar with slide canceling from Modern Warfare, you can replicate it nearly the same by going to Controller > Gameplay > Automatic Airborne Mantle and set it to PARTIAL. Then open the submenu of it and set GROUNDED MANTLE to OFF and AUTOMATIC GROUNDED MANTLE to OFF as well.

And lastly, a lot of camo challenges are currently bugged and not counting. However, rest assured they will be fixed soon so just relax and do others until they fix it.

Happy hunting!

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