Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about the top tips for CoD Vanguard’s ranked play. While this post with my top tips is for beginners, I believe even the more experienced players could benefit from reading it, to either learn something new or remind themselves of the important stuff.

Since in ranked play you also lose points when losing, this is not merely a question of just playing. You actually need to try hard and win.

I am a professional booster here at Boosting Factory’s CoD Vanguard boosting service. Apart from boosting camos, KD, levels, I now boost Vanguard’s ranked play as well. Bear with me and I hope you like my content!

1. Communication

You probably heard this one so many times. However, I’m still going to talk to you about it for multiple reasons. Communication is extremely important due to the sole fact that a team that has weaker players and communicates will win against a more skilled team with less communication.

Therefore what’s an extremely cheap and efficient way of improving your odds of winning? Talking. That’s right.

Let’s for example take Search & Destroy maps. You need to have a pre-round plan communicated, and using voice chat to do that is the best and simplest way. Also when rotating bomb sites you need to have voice chat communication to do it efficiently. Or when you plant a bomb you need to say I’m planting for X spot or I want to plant for X spot. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t be ashamed of your voice, don’t be afraid to speak up. Communicate!

2. Kill trading

You might have heard of this term before, but let me explain it anyway. The most basic example would be that when you and your teammates go in, an enemy player kills your teammate but you kill the enemy. That’s a 1 for 1 most basic trade.

Why is this useful? Well, it’s important to position yourself somewhere where you can always kill the enemy if he kills your teammate, or the opposite, if you get killed, someone should be able to kill the guy that killed you. Otherwise, you’re just going in solo and that’s not good if you die.

It’s not necessarily bad to die, it’s part of the game, best players die. However, if you’ve made this insurance policy that a teammate can trade the kill if you die, that’s a win-win. Because your best attempt was to kill the enemy, you failed, however, even when you failed, both teams are now down one player.

Trading in a more advanced form would be a bait type of trade. For example, you want to bait out this one player out, maybe even the last player, so you come out as bait while a teammate is positioned well enough to surely pick up that kill and finish the round. So you basically purposely die, but for a greater cause.

3. Gentlemen’s agreement

You will hear this term the higher you climb in ranked. You probably know that many of the weapons, attachments, and perks are not usable in CoD Vanguard ranked, however, the pro players have also decided that even some that are usable shouldn’t be and they mutually agree not to pick those when playing.

For example, a short barrel on the MP40 is banned under a gentlemen’s agreement, but not officially in ranked play. Now you know what GA is when you hear the term and what someone might be referring to.

4. Roles in a team

By roles (positions), I mean as in, what kind of class is each player going to run, and what is he going to do just so you don’t mix it up with skills which would be how good you aim and so on.

A team usually has a main SMG, a flex who runs either an SMG or AR, and the main AR. Then you need to decide who is the player that will most likely be rotating for the new spawn, a player who will most likely be on the objective, and who is your best shooter to actually push and gain map control. I cannot go in-depth here in the pro strategy, I am merely trying to point out that strategies and roles need to be done on a high level.

Of course, in random pub games, you won’t have a deep strategy, but you can still use communication to assign jobs to each player, and you can for example run an AR if everyone else is in your team running an SMG.

5. Using the best possible class

While you can respect the gentlemen’s agreement, unless you play on a Challenger level, it’s not required. Go with what the game gives you and what’s currently meta. Try one of our Top 3 classes for CoD Vanguard ranked play. If the classes mentioned there are currently not the best, Google or YouTube better ones, it’s simple as that.

6. Warm up before ranked play

Going into matches cold is a terrible idea. Start up a private match or a hot lobby, you can turn on a lot of bots with extra health so you can warm up your aim. Warm up and familiarize yourself with the map if you don’t know the map by heart for now. See where you could hide, routes you could take, and so on.

7. Buy CoD Vanguard rank boosting

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Happy hunting!

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