Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about CoD Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and what can you expect. Including the Open Beta release date and so on. Let’s dig in!

Call of Duty Cold War Open Beta Date

Open beta consists of two phases or two weekends as they say it.

The first weekend is exclusively for PS4 and will start on October 8th up to October 12th. It’s available only for users who have preordered Cold War.

On the same weekend, users who did not preorder will be able to also play but only from October 10th through October 12th.

The second weekend will have the game available for PC, PS4, and XBOX. It starts on October 15th and lasts through October 19th. Once again, the 15th and 16th are reserved for people who have preordered the game, and on the 17th users who didn’t preorder can also play.

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer Maps

We are getting Treyarch’s signature map design unfolding in the early 80s. Five maps have been revealed and more will be added later.

  • Satelitte (Angolan desert)

  • Crossroads (Uzbekistan)

  • Miami (USA)

  • Armada (North Atlantic waters)

  • Moscow


This map is based on the Operation Azorian where US and Soviet forces arrive in the middle of the north Atlantic to search for a prototype of a nuclear submarine. The ones who find it first will have an advantage in the Cold War. Players can zipline from ship to ship and command gunboats to win the fight.


A very important route to Afghanistan deep in Uzbekistan where NATO forces are mobilized to attack a large Soviet military convoy consisting of mobile ICBM launchers. MI6 squadrons are ready to fight any Spetsnaz forces in order to secure secret intel from the convoy and supplies for future operations. Players can use tanks to blow up enemies and snowmobiles to flank the enemy forces.


Through hired DGI forces, Perseus ambushed and assaulted a prison transport in Miami’s famed South Beach in order to free a trusted ally. Amid the cover of night amongst vibrant art-deco architecture and neon lights, CIA special forces have been dispatched to eliminate remaining DGI forces and identify clues to Perseus’ whereabouts.


In Moscow, a Spetsnaz squad needs to capture a compromised CIA house in order to capture any remaining operatives and get more intel on future NATO’s plans. The fight escalates to the streets and a backup CIA team arrives as reinforcements.


In the deserts of Angola, an American satellite is grounded, potentially by Perseus. Hired DGI forces are searching for the sensitive intel while NATO’s MI6 squadron has been sent to secure the site and eliminate DGI.

Cold War Multiplayer Modes

Familiar modes such as Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Domination, and Kill Confirmed are available alongside new modes such as VIP Escort, Combined Arms, and Fireteam. And of course the beloved Control mode.

VIP Escort

This is a new 6v6 game mode, teams need to protect or subdue a randomly selected player who becomes a VIP. He only gets a pistol, smoke grenade, and a UAV.

The team protecting the VIP has to escort him to an extraction point while the opposite team needs to kill the VIP before they escape. A non-VIP who dies in the round is out until the next one, but a downed player can defend themselves in the Last Stand or be revived by the teammate.

Combined Arms

Combined arms is a new 12v12 mode that features both infantry and vehicles. It’s a bigger mode where players will be able to use Tanks, Snowmobiles, Helicopters, and Wakerunners for maximum warfare experience.


Fireteam is a new mode that features a total of 40 players, 10 per team where the gameplay is centered around players and the environment together.


To sum it up, the new Cold War multiplayer experience looks amazing and I hope it will be just as good as CoD Modern Warfare.

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Our team of CoD pro players is happily waiting for you. :)

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