Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk about CoD Cold War and the tips that you need to know before you jump into the game. The guide will include settings and in-game tips that will definitely help you find your way in the game.

Without further ado, let's dive onto the first tip!

1. Disable motion blur

For my first tip, I’ll be pretty straight forward, go ahead to the settings and disable the motion blur. If you’ve played CoD Modern Warfare, you’ll know why.

The setting does look nice if the game were a movie, but it’s not, therefore blur will simply hurt your performance.

2. Learn to tap your auto weapons

If you haven’t played Valorant, where tapping your weapon (pressing the fire button intermittently instead of holding it), you might not be used to it and you just spray and pray on your auto weapons.

However, on longer ranges especially, spraying won’t get you far, try tapping your weapon while holding your aim which will also control your recoil much better, you will start killing distanced enemies much better.

3. Airborne and Mantle behavior

This one’s for our console players. Find the Airborne Mantle Behavior and Grounded Mantle Behavior in the controller settings in the settings of the game. Change airborne to manual and grounded to “on second press”.

This will allow you to perform jump shots without pulling your gun away all the time, however, if you want this to happen you will double tap your jump button.

This tip is optional and it could use a little time to get used to it.

4. Pay attention to footsteps

Footsteps in Call of Duty Cold War are waaay better than in Modern Warfare and I’m really glad to see it (hear it lol). Make sure you get yourself a good headset and pay attention!

You will not become as good as our CoD Cold War boosting squad without paying serious attention to footsteps.

5. Novelty in the killstreak system

Unlike other Call of Duty games, killstreaks don’t reset on death here, however, if you manage to do a proper killstreak without dying, you will achieve the killstreak bonuses faster than if you were dying if that makes sense. Definitely weird and I thought you should know this.

6. Aimpunch made casual

They also made the aimpunch more casual and friendly. Aimpunch is when your gun bounces upwards when someone shoots you during your spray. However, if that happens in the Cold War, your cam may shake and stuff but the aim will remain consistent.

7. Lasersights don’t reveal you anymore

Unlike Modern Warfare, the lasersight does not reveal your location anymore, this may get changed but for now it’s like this. One more casual change.

8. Try out the new field microphone

It’s an interesting piece of tech that you can plant on the field and when enemies come into range will highlight them on the map when they start making audio cues.

9. Use the tracker perk properly

Tracker perk has 2 functionalities in Cold War, the first being the traditional one where you can see footsteps of enemies who went nearby, however, the steps have to be really fresh, you can’t see people who passed ages ago anymore.

However, the new functionality is that if you have an enemy in line of sight while using tracker perk, it will reveal his position on the minimap for your whole team! Unless they’re running the counter perks of course.

10. Weapons feel like they’re hitscan

If you don’t know what hitscan is, imagine the weapons are lasers and not bullets. It feels like all weapons don’t have a travel time or long range falloff, they feel like they just hit instantly.

I’d like to mention that we are doing Cold War camo boosting for all of the weapons, so just hit us up if you need some camos boosted.

11. Jumpshots and dropshots

Jumpshotting is back in Cold War. However, unlike older CoDs, when you jump you can’t really jump full distance again until it refreshes for like a second. Therefore, you can’t really spam it anymore.

Dropshotting is not that viable though.

12. Learn the maps

Maps are not really classic Treyarch’s Black Ops maps with 3 lanes. They are more of a mixture between Infinity Ward’s open maps and Treyarch’s 3 lane maps. However, you still need to learn the maps and the best way to do that is by playing the game itself.

13. Learn the recoil

The horizontal recoil in this game is pretty nasty and I suggest you use the attachments to reduce the horizontal recoil, or at least not add onto it. Vertical recoil is fine and easy to manage, but left and right makes it painful.

14. Wallbanging

You can still wall bang in the Cold War, however, there’s no FMJ anymore to boost your wall penetration damage, instead, the wall penetration is divided by weapon classes. LMGs with the highest damage through surfaces, followed by AR and then SMG.

15. Use two primary weapons

So far it turns out that having two primaries is by far better than having a primary and a secondary weapon. For instance an AR and a sniper. It’s also worth noting that shotguns are a secondary weapon in this game, meaning they are nerfed compared to Modern Warfare.

If you need some of these weapons leveled up, we can do it for you easily, just check out our Cold War weapon leveling service and we’ll hook you up in no-time.

16. Crosshair placement

Even though CoD Cold War doesn’t have a super fast time to kill such as Valorant or CS:GO, it’s still fairly fast and you should have your crosshair around head level to be ready to nuke down enemies, do not walk or run with your crosshair up or down.

17. Double tapping slide

You will need to practice this a little but if you jump > queue up a slide but double tapping it > you will queue up a bigger slide than by only single tapping it.

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