Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about leveling up your Apex Legends account. Since the Apex Legends Season 17 change that your account needs to be at least level 50 to play ranked mode, many players found themselves wondering how to level up the fastest in order to unlock ranked play on their smurfs or even main accounts.

Since I’m a professional Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory and it is my job to perform Apex Legends account leveling boosting apart from ranked, I did an experiment to show how can you level up your Apex Legends account the fastest way.

So without further ado, let’s dig in!

How Can You Earn XP in Apex Legends

Below is a table on how can you gain XP in Apex Legends.

Factor XP Earned
Won Match 900 XP
Top 5 Finish 300 XP
Time Survived 3 XP per second survived
Kills 50 XP per kill
Damage Done 0.25 XP per 1 damage point
Revive Ally 25 XP per revive
Respawn Ally 200 XP per respawn
First Kill of the Day 500 XP
Killed Champion 500 XP per kill of the champion squad
Kill Leader 50 XP if the player had been the kill leader in a match at any point
Champion Squad 500 XP if the player was the champion squad going into a match
Playing with Friends +5% XP bonus to Time Survived
Playing with Friends (x2) +10% XP bonus to Time Survived

Survival time is based on the squad as a whole, or the amount of time until the squad wins, dies, or the player quits the game.

There are also XP boosts. XP Boosts can be earned as a reward for a Premium Battle Pass or as a reward for an Event. These give Top 5 and Win XP a 10% bonus. They add up and affect everyone in the player's party (up to 300%). They restart at the beginning of each season.

How Levels Work In Apex Legends

After a certain number of XP is achieved, the player will move up a level. The amount of experience needed goes up as the levels go up. In the table below, you can see how much XP you need to get to the next level and how much more XP you need to get to the next level compared to the last level.

There are a total of 2,000 levels, which are divided into four levels each. When you reach level 500 in one tier, your level resets to level 1 in the next tier until you hit level 500 in tier 4.

apex legends level badges
Level | XP to reach next level
1 100
2 2650
3 3900
4 4750
5 5600
6 6350
7 7100
8 7850
9 8150
10 8600
11 9050
12 9500
13 9950
14 10400
15 10850
16 11300
17 11750
18 12200
19 12350
20 12500
21 12650
22 12800
23 12950
24 13100
25 13250
26 13400
27 13550
28 13700
29 13850
29 13850
30 14000
31 14150
32 14300
33 14450
34 14600
35 14750
36 14900
37 15050
38 15200
39 15350
40 15500
41 15650
42 15800
43 15950
44 16100
45 16250
46 16400
47 16550
48 16700
49 16850
50 17000
51 17150
52 17300
53 17450
54 17600
55 17750
56 17900
57 18000
58+ 18000

When you reach level 500, you move up to the next tier and your level goes back to 1. Tiers 2–4 need a different number of experience points to level up than Tier 1.

Table under shows you how much XP is required per level after you finish Tier 1 level 500 and enter Tier 2 and onwards.

Level | XP to reach next level
1-100 | 18,000
101-200 | 20,000
201-300 | 23,000
301-400 | 28,000
401-500 | 36,000

Rewards For Leveling Up In Apex

Every time a player gains a level, they get a reward. The reward is always 600 Legend Tokens, and some levels also give either an Apex Pack or Metals with the Legend Tokens.

Total of 199 Apex Packs are free for level 1 to 500 Tier 1 players. Each new tier gives a total of 115 Apex Apex Packs. That’s a total of 659 Apex packs!

After a player reaches level 500, Tier 4, which is the current maximum level, they can still earn 600 Legend Tokens for every 18,000 experience.

How Much XP Can You Gain Per Hour In Apex Legends?

I did an experiment and played for multiple hours solo with random players in Trios and found out that I gained an average of 17.500 XP per hour. This number could be lower on your end since I’m a professional player. But it could be higher too, who knows. :)

I also played some other modes such as Deathmatch, Control, and Gun Run and found that I can gain around the same experience per hour which is around 17.500 for me, give or take. Therefore, its worth playing limited time or other game modes if you prefer them over regular Trios, even though, regular Trios will be the best for you since you can practice for ranked play.

Now, to unlock ranked mode in Apex Legends you need to reach level 50. That’s a total of 609.650 XP. If we divide it by 17.500, we get a number of 35 hours of non stop play. Since that’s insane, we’re looking at at least a week of every day grinding 8 hours per day to reach level 50. Ouch.

Fastest Way To Level Up In Apex Legends

Okay now, what’s the fastest way to level up in Apex Legends. I will have to disappoint you and tell you that there’s no magic formula. It’s basically hard work. However, there are some nuances…

1. Play With Friends

Apex Legends is a game that was made to be played with other people. It is, in fact, the best way to enjoy the game. But not only do they help make the experience better, they also help you gain more knowledge.

The game is set up so that it is more fun to play with a friend. If you’re in a premade party, you get a 5% bonus to survival time XP. Even though that doesn't sound like much, it can really add up over time!

But if you really want to get the most XP possible, you'll want to stay alive until the end of the match. A good way to do that in Apex Legends is to learn how to get around on the maps. If a team sticks together, they are more likely to win in the end.

apex legends friends party bonus

2. Get XP Boosts

As said above in the article you can get them via the Premium Battle Pass or during some events. Most of the time you will just get them via the Premium Battle Pass.

apex legends battle pass tab

3. Play your best

Most points are obtained by actually playing well, killing people, winning games, and staying in the match for the whole duration. We have many guides here on our Apex Legends boosting blog that can help you become a better player.

4. Respawning teammates strategy

This could easily get patched, but if you’re reading this definitely give it a try. We established that you get 200 XP per respawn of a teammate. Now, gather a group of 3 (2 friends and you) and play the following composition:

- Loba (To find more Heat Shields to survive outside of the circle)
- Crypto (Uses the drone to revive immediately)
- Pathfinder (Zipline will help you move to the edge of the map asap after crafting respawn beacons)

Step 1 - You drop into different locations and collect crafting materials to maximize the amount gathered.

Step 2 - After you collect 2-3 locations of materials for about 250-300 each player, you meet at the predetermined edge of the map where there’s a crafter to craft Respawn Beacons

Step 3 - Loba and Pathfinder fall off the map and you pick them with a drone and respawn them on your Respawn Beacons until they end. This way you grind 200 XP per respawn.

This way we managed to bring in around 29.500 XP per hour! This is faster than playing Trios but is boring and requires friends to be with you.

apex legends respawn beacons

Buy Apex Account Leveling Boost Here

Since we established it takes about 35 hours, give or take a few hours of actual play time to achieve level 50, it would probably be a good idea to outsource this work to someone else if you don’t have time for it.

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