Apex Legends is an action-packed game that has a steep learning curve. Unlike most other games, beginners need more time to cope. To help you, I will cover 15 beginner's mistakes all Apex Legends players should avoid.

I'm a professional Apex Legends booster here at Boosting Factory and I'm going to tell you what exactly to avoid when starting Apex Legends. Lets start with tip #1!

1. Getting lured by high-risk zones

Where do you get most of the loot in Apex Legends?

The answer is in high-risk zones like supply ships, where the care packages fall, and so on. Most beginner players rush to these zones to find rare loot. The problem is while you are dashing to those zones to get the loot, other players are waiting, hidden, to prey on you.

Instead of falling into the lure of such rare loot, use it as bait to eliminate other squads. One can even lure an enemy by dropping an item in these zones as bait.

2. Ignoring the training mode

When playing Apex Legends, we can't wait for the action to begin. In this excitement, most new players often skip the training. This can be a big mistake.

The brief training mode familiarizes you with various weapons and other items in the game. Not to speak of the firing and aiming practice it offers. That is why it is best to go through the training, albeit with the friendly fire off, to make things realistic. It will help you shorten the learning curve and better tackle your opponents in the real game.

3. Not carrying enough ammo

Once you land, there is a mad rush to pick up weapons and ammo. In this rush, many new players often pick the wrong ammo. Similarly, you miss out on picking up enough ammo. Both of these can prove fatal for your character in the game.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of ammunition you pick. For example, if you pick light rounds for R-99, you will utilize them quickly compared to G7-Scout, which offers single fire. Similarly, much more ammo is needed when you have automatic weapons.

Keep all these things in mind and decide the type and amount of ammo you need.

Picking the right ammo type is easy, but unfortunately, only a bit of experience will help you understand how much ammo you need throughout the game.

4. Not choosing grenades

Do you think grenades aren't useful?

If so, think again. Grenades are the best way to flush out players from their hiding spots. They can come in handy in the dying moments of the game. Not only that, but using the grenades at the right spot can hamper the routes for your opponents. Not picking up grenades is a mistake, and you should at least have a couple of them in your inventory.

apex legends grenades

5. Choosing Wraith most of the time

Arguably, Wraith is the most popular legend in Apex Legends. Most beginners are likely to choose her as their character. However, it would be a mistake because Wraith is prone to damage and is comparatively slower. Better to choose Gibraltar or Lifeline as a beginner because they're easier to play.

You can also check our Apex Legends Tier List where we regularly update the best Apex characters.

6. Not paying attention to the doors

Doors can be used to block enemies as well as detect them. Simple ways to use doors to your advantage include:

  • Open doors allow you to fire through them and attack enemies.

  • If the door is open, it indicates other players might be present.

  • The door opening sound is another indicator of someone in the vicinity.

  • When an enemy is behind you, closing the door offers you a few extra seconds of protection.

Use the doors right, and you have a small advantage over the enemy.

7. Staying in an area for more than 30 seconds

Most beginners don't understand that waiting is a death knell. Beginners often fill up the inventory and decide to wait nearby.

Do not make this mistake! Most experienced squads will continue to forage for better resources. If they indeed grab better resources, they can decimate your squad with better skills and better resources.

For beginners and experienced players, it is best to keep moving and not stay in a single place for more than 30 seconds. Doing so reduces the probability of being surprised by the enemy and increases the chances of finding better loot.

8. Spending a lot of time deciding on weapons

For beginners, each new gun is like a toy to play with. That is why most beginners spend so much time trying out and deciding on guns. Seasoned players can handle most weapons and therefore choose their weapon quickly. Instead of being distracted while choosing weapons, go with what you have and continue foraging for better resources.

Other players and squads love distracted players since they are easy to eliminate. It is better to not spend more than 5 seconds selecting the weapon of use. Beginners should ideally stick to mid-range weapons along with short-range secondary weapons.

Create your arsenal with whatever you can find. Don't go dedicatedly scouting for weapons for a long-time.

apex legends weapons

9. Ignoring squad members

Lack of surrounding awareness is another mistake that beginner players make. Squads come in threes. Even though, throughout the game, the squad members can get killed, always assume that when you witness a player, the rest of the squad will be around. Therefore, until you know where they are, it's best not to disclose your position by moving out or attacking the player.

Also, always be aware of what's at your 6 o'clock position to ensure you don't get attacked from behind. It will help you locate the squad members and be aware of your surroundings.

10. Not paying attention to tiny details

For beginner players, locating where the shot comes from is difficult. The difficulty in locating snipers is even higher. However, all these problems can be solved by paying more attention to the tiny details.

Apex Legends is designed so that either the players or the packages will move around. Other than that, everything is usually stationary. If you witness anything moving, no matter how small, assume that those are the enemies moving. Therefore, the best way to avoid being surprised is to suspect anything that moves.

11. Ignoring the noise

Noise is your biggest clue when playing Apex Legends. Sadly, most beginner players don't pay much attention to it. Some sounds that can help you in the game include:

The sound of four footsteps is a clue. The sound of three footsteps belongs to your squad. The extra one is of the enemy.

Sounds of doors closing or opening.

Similarly, any other noise can also alert you to the presence of the enemy. Such situational awareness can help beginner players tackle even intermediate-level players.

12. Not paying attention to squad trails

What will you do if you see a squad trail heading to your drop site?

Option 1: Continue and try to eliminate the squad

Option 2: Change the drop site. Beginner-level players should pay attention to such squad trails and switch to a different drop site, albeit nearby. It is very difficult to compete with intermediate-level squads who might have better situational awareness than you.

13. Playing in a squad that has the higher skill level

So, are you a beginner-level player?

If yes, the general tendency among players is to form a squad with more experienced friends. But this is a mistake!

Apex Legends matches the entire squad with another one, having the same skill as the highest-ranked player in the first squad. This means if you play with more experienced friends, you will compete against stronger competitors. Rather than playing with more experienced friends, it is better to play solo to learn the ropes of the game.

14. Rushing into action

The recent season of Apex Legends has reduced the time it takes to enter a match. However, it is still significant. No wonder players try to get some action right away when they land at the drop site.

However, this can be a mistake, especially for beginners. Chances are, one squad might have landed before you and already collected powerful weapons. If you confront them right away, the situation can prove fatal for you.

The best approach is to land in a secluded area and focus on picking up the weapons quickly. Any player who does this right can build an arsenal within a minute. Therefore, instead of picking up a weapon and, right away, attacking players in the vicinity, it is better to delay it by a minute or so and build your arsenal.

apex legends pathfinder

15. Not using downtime to heal

Anyone low on health will try to move away from the battle scene, irrespective of their skill level. The mistake that beginner players make is chasing the running enemy. Intermediate-level players use the hiding time to heal themselves. If you do not utilize the downtime for the same purpose, chasing the other players won't do you much good.

With their replenished health, they can turn the tables on you and eliminate you from the game. Always use the downtime to heal yourself and collect more ammo rather than chase enemies.

Wrapping it up

Avoid these simple mistakes when you start playing Apex Legends. As your rank increases, the game becomes more entertaining. However, if you want to increase your rank rapidly, you can check out our Apex Legends rank boosting service. You can book the division you desire & we can help you reach that rank with ease.

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