Hey everyone! Today I’m going to summarize everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 11, such as what are the new additions, changes, buffs, nerfs, start & end date, and more.

Without further ado, let’s go.

When Does Apex Legends Season 11 Start?

Apex Legends Season 11 starts on November 2nd, 2021.

When Does Apex Legends Season 11 End?

Apex Legends Season 11 will end in early February 2022. 3 months from the start. The first split should last until mid-December 2021 and will be played on the new map Storm Front, while the second split will be played on World’s Edge.

What are the new legends in Season 11?

In Season 11, a new legend Ash is being added. Click on Ash to find out about her abilities, story, and more.

What’s the new map in Season 11?

A new map called Storm Front is being added, it’s the largest one so far. A new mechanic called Grav Cannons is on the map to help you rotate faster.

Not only that but three types of wildlife are being added on the map that you need to defeat in order to get them to drop loot. The three types are Spiders, Prowlers, and Flyers.

What are the new weapons in Season 11?

A new weapon called C.A.R. is coming in. It’s an SMG that uses both Light and Heavy ammo, the first of a kind in Apex Legends.

What other changes are in Season 11?

Wattson is getting buffed. They improved the reliability of her tactical and ultimate, her hitbox has been slightly increased though. Various buffs to her abilities such as damage, debuff duration on her tactical, buffs to her ultimate and so on. You can check full patch notes for this.

Ranked play now gives you extra RP per kill if you kill a player of a higher tier. For example, if a Plat player kills a Diamond player, that kill counts as 12 instead of 10 RP. You can also now max out RP from kills at 7 kills, up from 6 kills. You will still need to win the game to get maximum points.

Ranked arenas now have 2 splits as well. The second split will require only 5 placement matches while the first split of the season requires 10.


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Good luck in Season 11!

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