Hey everyone! In this post, I will cover the Valorant Episode 2 Act 2, its end date, rewards, changes, and more so bear with me! Don't be confused with the Episode 2 Act 2 name, Riot Games has decided to do it that way for some reason, however, this would usually be called Season 5.

When Does Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 End?

Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 ends in April, 2021.

New Maps

No new maps have been scheduled yet.

Episode 2 Act 2 Battlepass

The new battlepass costs 1000 VP as usual. On the free mode, players will be able to get Prism III Classic pistol skin, Versus // Bind + Icebox card, new buddy, and Dumpster fire spray. The paid version also gets you Prism III Axe melee, new Vandal and Operator skin, VERSUS // Sova + Cyper card and Make Some Noise spray.

On top of that, players will get the Super! Spray and Good job, Paul! Card if they unlock the Epilogue too.

New Agents

A new agent called Astra has been added to the game.

Ranked Play Changes

  • Unless you’re Radiant or Immortal, your rank won’t be reduced at the start of the season. Radiant and Immortals will have theirs reduced by 90% in RR terms but will keep the same position on Leaderboard. Radiants will be demoted to Immortal.

  • In order to get Radiant, you must be top 500 in your region and have a minimum amount of points. Minimum amounts for regions are as follows: LATAM & KR (100 RR), BR (200 RR), NA & APAC (300RR), EU (400RR).

  • Average win / loss of RR will be reduced by 5 but not immediately on start of the season.

  • Ranks won't be displayed on start of the game and during game, only after.

  • At lower ranks you can now queue with players who are more than 3 ranks further.

  • Not a ranked change, but Bind’s teleporter doors are now always open.

Valorant Boosting in Episode 2 Act 2

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