Hey guys! In Act 2, Valorant got a new mode for players to play called Deathmatch. I’m sure you’re all very familiar with what Deathmatch is and it won’t need much introduction.

However, Deathmatch in Valorant is an amazing game mode and not just because it’s fun, it should be an absolute essential for every player out there and below I’ll explain why.

Without further ado, let's dig in!

How Does Deathmatch Work in Valorant?

  • 10 players free-for-all

  • First to 30 kills wins, or when 6 minutes expire

  • No abilities can be used

  • Random agent selected

  • Any weapon you want, heavy armor automatic

  • Healing only through health packs dead players drop

  • Radar on minimap periodically revealing enemy positions

  • Each game awards 500 XP regardless of performance

1. Practice weapons you don’t usually play

You’ve always wanted to try Operator but you don’t get to play it often enough on real matches to actually practice? Now is the time, grab that Operator, don’t look back at your score, and just get good at it.

The everlasting Vandal vs Phantom dilemma? It’s time to try both in Deathmatch and see what suits you better, one-tap in the head with Vandal or faster fire-rate and more forgiving Phantom? Find your playstyle in Deathmatch and start dominating ranked games.

Any weapon that you might be interested in, for example, Odin can be pretty viable in ranked games too, give it a shot.

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2. Deathmatch is an ideal warmup mode

Even though Valorant has an amazing practice mode where you can shake the cold hands and warmup for ranked games, the warmup routine just got even better.

In deathmatch, you actually play vs real people, and they’re often quite good. The real thing simply doesn’t match the practice range. Since Deathmatch was introduced, my colleagues and I from the Valorant boosting squad are regularly playing a couple of deathmatches before hopping into ranked.

Doctor’s orders: Take at least 2 deathmatch games before jumping into ranked games.

3. Just have fun

This may sound a bit of a cliche, but after a long session of ranked games, where you’re quite burnt out, just hop into some deathmatches, practice while having fun. No stakes.

Wouldn’t hurt to catch up with that lower or higher ranked friend than you are and play some games with him, it will be good overall for your health and therefore, progress in ranked next time you hit it.

Wrapping the Deathmatch guide up

I hope you enjoyed my little commentary on the deathmatch in Valorant! I would like to take a minute of your time and show you how you can get that rank you always wanted.

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Good luck!

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