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Anon (Skill Rating Boost | Rank 3367 to 3515) on 21/07/2019
(Placement Boost | 8 Games) on 20/07/2019
Gawd is a really skilled booster , and he is friendly , i recommend him 😛
joe (Skill Rating Boost | Rank 3816 to 3995) on 20/07/2019
moh is the best 🙂
Anonymous (Skill Rating Boost | Rank 3356 to 3499) on 20/07/2019
Corbby is fast and very reliable. Got my Sr to where I wanted quickly. Great communication from him.
rick (Skill Rating Boost | Rank 2400 to 2700) on 20/07/2019
Mature booster, puts no pressure on you to play something in particular. Really enjoyed playing with him (which is saying a lot considering the ping I had to play with due to living in South East Asia). GG
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How Does The Junkenstein Brawl Work?

This is a four player co-op event that situates the players into using only four of the characters. Players may only use McCree, Soldier: 76, Hanzo and Ana, who are known as “The Gunslinger”, “The Soldier”, “The Archer” and “The Alchemist” respectively. The players must defend the castle gates in Adlersbrunn from Junkenstein, his creations and his allies. The game will automatically end if all players die. The event is a wave-based horde brawl that gets progressively harder as it progresses.

There are three different difficulty levels for this event, named “Easy”, “Normal” and “Hard”. During the brawl, players are given a performance rating, indicated by the stars on the top of the HUD. In Easy, two stars are locked, one is locked in Normal and all stars can be obtained in Hard. The rating is based on the number of Zomnics killed, how many times players die and how much damage is taken by the castle gates. At the top of the screen, a countdown timer shows the time remaining until the final wave. Beneath the timer is an indicator of the gates’ health. Players’ health and ultimate status are displayed in the top-left corner of the screen.

The characters have no changes to the cooldown of their attacks, their attacks or the charge of their Ultimate Abilities. The event also gives fewer experience points than a Quick Match or Competitive Match.

As of the 2017 iteration, a total of four different difficulty levels are introduced, named “Normal”, “Hard”, “Expert” and “Legendary”. The 2017 iteration also introduces an endless mode called “Junkenstein’s Endless” with the same difficulty levels, in which players must face twelve waves of Zomnics and bosses in fixed combinations. Once players successfully reach the twelfth wave, the game is considered victorious, but bonus waves of bosses will continue to spawn. The game will only end when either all players die or the gates are destroyed. Players also have access to an increased roster of heroes, including Torbjörn (The Viking), Zenyatta (The Monk), Genji (The Swordsman) and Widowmaker (The Countess).

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