Blizzard is currently preparing to release Doomfist, the 25th Overwatch hero, some of our Overwatch boosting team members are curious who could be the next one. As expected, not much is being said. Let's see what we know so far.

New Overwatch Hero Launch

Blizzard has a tradition of launching new heroes every 4 months, there's a clear pattern here. Ana was launched in July 2016 and Sombra followed in November 2016. Orisa arrived in March 2017 and Doomfist is coming in late July, same year.

If we follow the pattern, next hero will be here in November 2017. Blizzard's teasers could come in September or October.

Candidates For The Next Overwatch Hero

We have three names lined up. Bria, Ivon and Hammond. Hammond has already been teased in Overwatch lore. He was also released during the Horizon Lunar Colony launch, this is, of course, all speculation. Hammond's description is that he's a creature somewhat smaller than Winston. Apparently, people running the Lijiang Interstellar are looking for the creature.

Bria and Ivon were supposedly leaked by one of Blizzard's employees a couple of months ago. If speculations are true, Bria is the youngest Overwatch character. She is a young girl having a punk character and using gadgets to utilize her abilities. Ivon is apparently an old man with a tablet which should be his main source of abilities. He also carries a suppression pistol. We will update this post as soon as more info surfaces. Stay in touch!

UPDATE: The next Overwatch hero was Hammond, called The Wrecking Ball.

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