Hey everyone! Today I'll talk about the Legacy credits in OW 2. Since legacy credits are confusing many Overwatch 2 players.

  • Can you migrate them from Overwatch 1?

  • How to get legacy credits in Overwatch 2?

  • I will answer these questions and cover legacy credits in great detail in today's post.

    How to get legacy credits in Overwatch 2?

    You can't earn the old legacy credits in Overwatch 2. However, in the first quarter of this year, Blizzard Entertainment announced that Overwatch 2 legacy credits will make a comeback. From season 3 and after, it will be standard for the legacy credits to roll over.

    Earning legacy credits in Overwatch 2 isn't possible, but one can use legacy credits to buy legacy skins and other cosmetics. To earn Overwatch 2 coins (replacement of credits), one must level up and complete the challenges. Players can even participate in events conducted by Blizzard Entertainment throughout the year to earn Overwatch 2 credits.
    <{r> Examples include Overwatch 2 Questwatch Event, which offered numerous tasks to rack up points. With regular credits, it is possible to buy legacy skins.

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    How to get old legacy credits in Overwatch 2?

    Many players created a different account in Overwatch 2, not realizing it would make them lose their old legacy credits. However, there is a solution to get old legacy credits back by merging the account. Follow the procedure below to merge the account.

    Step 1: Log in to the old account

    Login to the old account whose legacy credits you want to merge. You can choose any platform to log in to this account.

    Step 2: Get the QR code

    After the next page loads, a QR code will be on it. Scan the same using your smartphone and follow the instructions.

    Step 3: Get the code from the console

    Following the prompts on the smartphone will help you generate a code on the console. Enter this code in your smartphone to connect an existing one or create a new account.

    Step 4: Confirm when you log in next time

    Whenever you log in to the overwatch account next time, it will ask you to confirm the merger of accounts. Agree to it, and both accounts will be merged.

    Step 5: Repeat the steps on different consoles

    You must repeat these steps for all consoles if you have multiple consoles. However, having multiple accounts on the same gaming platform is not allowed.

    Therefore, such a merger is needed.

    On merging the accounts, not only the legacy credits will be transferred but also many other attributes of the game:

  • Achievements

  • Gameplay options

  • Settings

  • Hero Gallery

  • Stats

  • Skins

  • & more

  • If, after following the above steps, still the old data and legacy credits do not transfer, just wait for some time. Blizzard is fixing the glitches associated with merging accounts and data transfer.

    What can you use legacy credits for in Overwatch 2?

    If you have Overwatch 2 legacy credits that have rolled over from the previous version of the game, you can spend them on cosmetics such as legacy skins. Those are still pretty popular among players.

    How to check the legacy credits balance in Overwatch 2?

    Checking the legacy credit balance is relatively easy.

    Step 1: Click the information icon

    You will notice an information icon beside the OW Coin balance on the top. Click on it.

    Step 2: Check the balance

    Clicking on the information icon displays the legacy credits balance. Using legacy credits in OW2 is equally easy.

    Step 3: Choose the right hero

    Visit the hero gallery & select the hero you want to purchase the cosmetics for.

    Step 4: Select the item with the right symbol

    Any item that has a white currency symbol can be purchased using legacy credits. Instead of saving up the legacy credits, it is best to spend all of them since you cannot earn more. So, do not shy away from buying emotes, victory poses, and skins.

    What has replaced legacy credits in Overwatch 2?

    By now, it would be clear that legacy credits are not the dominant currency in Overwatch 2. So, what is it?

    I will answer that question below.

    1. Battle Pass

    Battle pass replaced the legacy credits a year back. It offers players the chance to unlock heroes and cosmetics. Every player will get a free battle pass at the start of the season, which won't require them to rely on loot boxes to unlock characters or cosmetics. Apart from the free battle pass, players can also purchase the Premium battle pass, which in most cases costs 1000 OW2 coins, equivalent to $10.

    The players who continue on the free track can unlock cosmetics by playing more games and competing in weekly and daily challenges, which help them earn XP(Grouping boosts the XP earnings by 20%).

    The availability of heroes (Read this post to discover the best heroes) and cosmetics varies in different battle passes. For example, in season 2 of OW2, the free track offered 20 cosmetic rewards compared to 80 in the premium one. Similarly, many heroes were available to players of the free track at a much later level. (Check our post on how to unlock heroes when using a free battle pass) Many cosmetic resources aren't available to the free track players at all.

    Therefore, instead of the legacy credits, Blizzard Entertainment is trying to monetize the game through the paid battle pass.

    2. Overwatch coins

    overwatch shop
    The battle pass usually lets you know what resources you will unlock and at what level they will be unlocked. Apart from those resources, you can buy more in the item shop within the game. For that, you would need Overwatch2 coins.

    Overwatch 2 coins are the in-game currency. These coins have replaced legacy credits for transactions. Even if you want to buy a battle pass, you need these coins.

    The good news is that there are two ways to earn them.

    Method 1: Participate in challenges

    The weekly challenges in Overwatch 2 can help you earn Overwatch coins. The game offers around 11 different challenges each week. These challenges get you 5000 Battle Pass XP each when you complete them. Complete at least 4 weekly challenges each week to earn these coins. The first 4 challenges get you 30 coins, whereas completing 8 gets you additional 20 coins, followed by another 10 coins when you complete all 11.

    Thus, the total number of coins you can earn weekly is 60.

    The problem is most items in the item shop cost at least 1000 coins, making this a laborious process.

    Method 2: Purchase them

    The in-game store(covered below) also lets you purchase these coins. The minimum denomination is $ 4.99, and the highest is $ 100. Thus the closest substitute for legacy credits that you will find in Overwatch 2 are the Overwatch coins.

    3. Item shop

    The Item shop in Overwatch 2 offers cosmetics, hero bundles, etc. However, the items are rotated every week. Blizzard rotates the bundles every Tuesday. It is common to find event-specific items in the shop as well.

    The dominant currency in item shops is the overwatch coins. However, if you have legacy credits, certain items can also be bought with them.

    Largely, these are the three ways Blizzard has monetized overwatch 2.

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    Overwatch 2 Legacy Credits FAQ

    Can you get Overwatch 2 Credits for free?

    You can get up to 1500 overwatch credits using the basic overwatch 2 season battle pass.

    Should I spend my legacy Credits?

    Yes, it makes perfect sense to spend legacy credits because you won't be able to earn any more of them. As for what you should spend them on, cosmetics are a good choice.

    Can you buy legendary skins with Credits Overwatch 2?

    Yes, you can buy legendary skins using legacy credits. Not only that, even event skins can be bought using legacy credits in Overwatch 2.

    Should I keep my legacy Credits Overwatch 2?

    There is no point in keeping legacy credits in Overwatch 2 since you cannot earn more. So, buying the digital resources in the game makes perfect sense. Examples include skins, cosmetics for the heroes you have access to.

    Can you do anything with Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2?

    The usage of legacy credits is limited in Overwatch 2 because the dominant currency is Overwatch coins. Only a few skins and cosmetics can be bought with legacy credits, whereas Overwatch coins have no such restrictions.

    Will legacy Credits go away in Overwatch 2?

    Blizzard Entertainment hasn't disclosed any plans to completely do away with legacy credits. Dominantly, Overwatch 2 promotes the use of Overwatch coins and items shop for buying digital resources, with the functionality of legacy credits being limited.

    Wrapping it up

    If, up until now, you were wondering how to get legacy credits in Overwatch 2, you cannot earn more of them, but by merging your old accounts, you can get old credits in your new account. The guide above highlights how to do all this and more in Overwatch 2.

    I would, however, suggest that instead of worrying about the legacy credits, use our Overwatch 2 rank boosting services, where you can earn much more coins and buy whatever you want while enjoying the perks of having a higher rank.

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