Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about Apex Legends’ Season 7, what are the dates related to it, such as the end of each split and other changes that may affect your ranked gameplay.

So, without further ado, let’s go!

When Does Apex Legends Season 7 End?

Apex Legends Season 7 ends on 26th January 2021. However, the first split ends on December 15, 2020.

The first split starts with the new map Olympus, and in the second split, we will play the World’s Edge.

Season 7 Changes

New map Olympus

Console players that are opted in to crossplay will matchmake against all other console players. Everyone in the pool is still sorted by total RP count as usual. This increased player population should help keep matchmaking times short.

For Master and Apex Predator players, playing Ranked matches will earn you RP for your current platform, e.g. if you are a PS4 Apex Predator playing with PC friends, the RP you score count toward your rank only on PS4, even though there are PC players in the matches with you.

Season 6 Recap

A fun fact for readers is how the players ranked in the previous Season 6.

  • 17.76% Bronze

  • 26.23% Silver

  • 36.25% Gold

  • 17.75% Platinum

  • 1.89% Diamond

  • 0.12% Master & Apex Predator

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Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this short summary of Apex Legends Season 7 and that you will get your desired rank this season, if not, our Apex Legends boosting team will gladly help you out. Happy hunting!

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