Hey everyone! Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map has gotten a new update. In this update, a new location has been added with The Old Ways event and it features a little bit of PvE action and great loot.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

What is Bloodhound’s Trials?

Bloodhound’s trials came with The Old Ways event to Apex Legends. It’s a physical location that players can enter and complete the Bloodhound’s Trials in order to obtain loot.

This event is dedicated to Bloodhound and her lore. If you play as Bloodhound there are even more interactions inside that help you learn more about the lore, you will find them yourself. :)

How Does It Work?

When you trigger the challenge on the dashboard, similar to how Mirage Voyage works, a challenge will start and beasts called Prowlers will start coming out of the holes in the walls, they’re fairly easy to kill but it gets overwhelming if you don’t manage it well, or you’re getting 3rd partied.

They come in 3 waves, called rounds, each round is harder and rewards you with better loot. You can trigger each round on the dashboard since it’s not automatic.

Each wave will reward you with better loot, the first wave gives you 3 blue items and some common items, the second wave gives you 3 purple items, and the third wave will give you 3 legendary items.

The problem is, anyone can enter the location any time, which means squads will be fighting between each other, and possibly even Prowlers if the event has been triggered.

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Bloodhound’s Trials Location

The location is left of the Skyhook. It can be approached from the top by diving, or from the sides on foot. Refer to the image below for the location.

bloodhound's trials location

Bloodhound’s Trials Tips

1. Do not dive there as the first landing spot if you notice many teams are coming in, you may come out on top as a winner, but many times you will just die immediately since it’s luck based whether you find a weapon or not and whether someone randomly kills you.

2. Loot one building in Skyhook or partially in Drill Site and rotate to the Trials, this way you might even catch a team during the event and finish them off, and get a second or third wave of the event for the best loot.

3. When fighting Prowlers, stand in the middle by the rope, shoot them while they’re coming to you, and then leave grenades, arc stars or termites on the floor while you climb with the rope. You can keep shooting from the rope, you should have killed most of them by now so just drop below and finish the rest off.

4. If a team third parties you just when Prowlers are coming, use the rope to escape the first and let them get jumped by Prowlers, you can also shoot them from the top and jump down when they’ve taken some damage.

5. If you’re rotating from a nearby zone and hear people inside, wait for them to trigger the event and then come in when you hear they’re firing and possibly taking damage to finish them off.

Wrapping the guide up…

Thank you for reading my Bloodhound’s Trials guide! I hope you enjoyed it.

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